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“Online phone shopping in Sri Lanka”

Online phone shopping in Sri Lanka may not be very popular, but there are many advantages to doing it. Whenever you need a new phone, instead of taking hours off from work and then walking or taking a bus or a taxi to a place that sells phones, you can do all of this from the comfort of your home.

There are many advantages to online shopping for phones in Sri Lanka, as opposed to buying phones from regular shops and here are some of them:

1.Less time spent looking for a phone

One of the greatest things about online phone shopping in Sri Lanka is that you can do the research and order the phone from home, while sipping coffee and enjoying the comfort of your bed. Usually, when you are looking for a new phone, you first have to study the market, to see which new models were launched recently and how much they cost and so on.

This means that you have to wait until you get a day off from work or go search for a new phone after you finish working for the day. Either way, purchasing a phone takes days, especially if you live away from the city and you need a whole day to browse for a new model.

Online phone shopping in Sri Lanka allows you to stop worrying about having to take days off from work in order to go look for a phone. has all the newest models, the newest colors and the cheapest phones on the market and you don’t have to travel a huge distance to take a look at them. Everything is done online, you only need a tablet, a phone, or any kind of device that is connected to the internet, and you can check out their products.

2.Easier to order

If you found the phone you were looking for, now all you have to do is order it. This does not mean that you have to go out and purchase it. You can use the same device you used to browse the website to order the phone. No more going out to buy the phone, no more worrying about having cash and risking being mugged on the street. Now all you have to do is send your information through a special order form on the website and you will get the phone in no time!

Your credit card is safe because the payment processing software comes has enhanced security measures so nobody will be able to steal your card information. It takes five minutes to complete the information and your phone will be on its way!

3.Variety in products

    If you are looking for a specific phone, such as a Samsung or an LG, it would take you days to find it in traditional stores. You would have to take a bus or drive towards all the electronic stores, visit all of them and inquire about that model and so on. Not only does that cost a lot of money (transport or gas), it also wastes a lot of your time and you may even come to the conclusion that that particular model is too expensive or that you don’t like it anymore.


On you can find a variety of smartphones from Samsung to LGs and more. All you have to do is browse through it or use the search bar and you will see the model you are looking for in no time.

At the same time, each phone on the website comes with lots of details about the specifications and with information about the technical side of it. You can learn about a phone’s camera, battery and other functions from its page on the website. You can even compare these details with those of another phone and decide for yourself which one is better and everything is at your fingertips!


Online phone shopping in Sri Lanka has never been easier with the help of You have all the information you need at your fingertips, you no longer have to travel to find the phone you have always dreamed of and once you decide which phone will be the one, all you have to do is order it and you will have it in no time! Online phone shopping in Sri Lanka truly makes your life easier.

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Online Shopping For Children Toys

With the online retail industry rapidly becoming the fastest growing sector in Sri Lanka, it is important to find out the increased inclination of customers and the reasons behind the trend of online shopping. In this article, we find out the latest trends in online shopping for children’s toys in Sri Lanka, where more and more customers are seen inclined towards safer and better quality toys and games.


According to the latest statistics, around 2.5 million users in Sri Lanka regularly access the internet from their mobile phones. The convenience that it offers with the simple click of a few buttons is what makes today’s e-commerce industry most attractive to millennials and internet users at large.

Although the majority of online purchases are electronic items, online shopping for children’s toys is growing fast. Kapruka, one of Sri Lanka’s largest online ecommerce stores offers a variety of toys and games for children, including electronic toys, dolls, games and video games. The availability of good quality toys available at affordable rates has led to an increase in the demand for toys and games throughout the year and across the country.

Toys and games ignite a child’s imagination and inspire them to think and create. Therefore, consumers looking for good quality educational and electronic toys, soft toys, sport items and games at great prices, regularly turn to e-commerce stores that offer them a convenient and stress-free shopping experience.

Online toy stores in Sri Lanka offer a wide range of educational toys that are not readily available at brick and mortar toy stores. Whether customers are looking for birthday presents or toys for newborns or toddlers, they can easily find better quality toys online and at the right price.


Children love dressing up as pilots, teachers, lawyers or doctors. No matter what profession your child is interested in, you can find all the accessories you need to introduce your child to their favorite profession. Sri Lanka’s largest ecommerce site, Kapruka, has a wide variety of educational toys, electronic toys, soft toys, games and sports items.


The ecommerce industry in Sri Lanka has greatly benefited from this rapid technological innovation within online shopping platforms. Not only that, the steady growth in online sales has also breathed new life into physical toy stores across the country by selling their products online. In addition to that, consumers are not spending more on online purchases, including toys and games. The ecommerce industry in Sri Lanka is relentlessly striving to be provide it’s customers more convenient and smooth shopping experience online.


More and more retails stores across the country are investing in digital technologies and trying their best to enhance in-store experience making it a convenient one-stop-shopping experience for their customers. Due to this, consumers are not able to purchase their favorite products online using their mobile phones.

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Cargills Food City Online Shopping.

Kapruka Dot Com, has introduced a new approach of shopping across the country in response to demanding and emerging trends to facilitate greater convenience to customers.

Kapruka also pays close attention to what its customers expect and want from its online shopping experience. It is the only motive to kapruka, joining hands with Cargills Food City to outspread the customer experience with Kapruka Dot Com.

Of course it is a trend in other countries to purchase the daily essential groceries online.And there many online sites like Amazon Grocery,MySupermarket , Costco Wholesale etc. to buy the groceries.


Cargills Food City

Sri Lanka’s largest modern retailer. Its pioneer venture into modern trade in 1983 was a unique innovation of the company’s trading legacy.Cargills Food City has It is also the only retailer to be ranked among the top ten national brands in the country.been rated the 10th most valuable brand in Sri Lanka according to the Brand Finance Index ratings of 2016 with an AA+ rating.

Cargills Food City continued offering products of a higher value for the lowest prices.Today the Cargills retail operation is scattered throughout the island and caters to the local consumers through Cargills Food City supermarkets.

Cargills Food City features over 10,000 products for the lowest price.





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Online Clothes Shopping in Sri Lanka

Online clothes shopping is one of the easiest ways in which you can buy clothes. It is easy, fast and generally much cheaper than regular shopping that requires a lot of time and money. Why should you shop online for clothes in Sri Lanka though?

Here are some reasons why:

  1. More clothes and designs

Usually, when it comes to shopping clothes in Sri Lanka, the designs and the models you find in regular stores are limited. If you want something special, you have to customize it and wait for weeks until they will be done and you can wear the dress or the clothes you’ve always dreamed of. This problem is taken care of if you buy from This online store from Sri Lanka sells exquisite designs when it comes to clothes, colorful and rather cheap clothing items that you will have a very hard time finding it in your local store.

Some of the items you will see here are sarees, hampers, shoes of all kinds and more. Moreover, also sells electronics and other very useful items.

All you have to do is browse the website and you will find what you are looking for in no time!


  1. Much less hassle

Whenever you go clothes shopping, you have to decide on a day when you will be free so there will be enough time to go and look around for that special dress. You need money for the transport, time to spend looking and trying on clothes and then more time to get back home.

All of this can take up to a day or even more! With the help of online clothes shopping, all of these are in the past.


If you want to purchase a piece of clothing in Sri Lanka, all you have to do is go to and browse through the many items they have there. You no longer have to pay for transport to the store, as everything is done online and all you need to do is have an internet connection. You also don’t need to give up many things you had scheduled to go shopping. You can browse the website after you come home from work, during your lunch break or while watching TV. Online clothes shopping in Sri Lanka has never been easier! No more money spent on taxis and transport in general and no more giving up a whole day to find a dress or some clothing items you need.

  1. Handmade items

One of the greatest advantages of shopping online at is the fact that all the items are handmade and only the most precious and exquisite materials are used so that the final product is beautiful and unique. Online clothes shopping in Sri Lanka will bring you the most beautiful and silky smooth items you have ever seen. The materials that we use to create these materials are carefully chosen and only used by skilled craftsmen and women to deliver the items you see on the website.



  1. Quick shipping

Last but not the least, the quick shipping is another great advantage of online clothes shopping in Sri Lanka. All you have to do is order your products and then wait for them to arrive.

The transport is usually paid by you, but look at the bright side: you don’t have to spend extra time and money to purchase these items! Simply order them using a credit card at your disposal and then wait a few days until the package with the goods arrives on your doorstep!

All of this is easy, less time consuming and the feeling that you have when you see that package on your doorstep cannot be matched!

If you feel that the size is too big or too small for your body or if you simply changed your mind about the clothing item, all you have to do is send it back to the company and voila, you can purchase another one!

These are only some of the advantages of online clothes shopping in Sri Lanka. In short, if you choose to purchase items from websites such as, you will save a lot of money and time and you will have many more designs and colors to choose from.


What are you waiting for? Start saving right now! 


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“Online Furniture Shopping in Sri Lanka”.

Are there any trustworthy sites in Sri Lanka to buy furniture online?
Are the products in good quality?
How much will it cost to buy online?

Yes of course,there are good trustworthy sites to buy household furniture online.Even can deliver to your doorstep within 24 hours.At the same time you can even make it Cash On Delivery.

The products are branded and in fine quality.

No hidden charges.Prices are reasonable and lower than market price

Kapruka made it easier to buy the quality products exactly at the time you need it.

Simply log into the and select from the fine range of products,from pressure cooker to executive operator chair.


Kapruka provides furniture,household items from your bedroom to office room.


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