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Lotus Tower, the Skyscraper of Sri Lanka.

Colombo Skyline will never be the same again…

Lotus Tower or Nelum Kuluna, the current tallest self-supported tower in South Asia is a stepping stone in Sri Lankan History. The beautiful architecture together with the epic technology definitely pave the way to be a major attraction in Sri Lanka. This was proudly opened to the public on 16th of September 2019 and is a combination of dedication and commitment of 07 years. This glorifying tower which is 350 meters high, is located at waterfront of the Beira Lake and has a beautiful view of the Colombo city. The outstanding technology facilitates the visitors to get an unique experience. The area which is mostly spoken about is the Tower House which resembles the Lotus. The colors of the petals change periodically creating a vivid scenery that will glorify this amazing structure in a lively atmosphere

This Skyscraper consists of nine levels which are mainly for radio/television transmissions, dining rooms, event halls, a lounge for around 250 guests, a reception hall for around 280 guests, a revolving restaurant where up to 200 guests can accommodate, 08 Luxury rooms, an outdoor observation deck etc. The revolving restaurant takes around 90 minutes to complete one circle and interestingly guests will not have the same view throughout their stay. The Outdoor observation deck is also fascinating because it reveals the magnificent sight of the Colombo City at a height of around 245 meters.  The main spotlight of this structure is the Antenna Mast which has a length of around 90 meters. This heavy steel structure can accommodate 20 television broadcasting companies, 50 FM broadcasters and telecom operators.

This amazing tower is special not only because of its height, but also because of the technology and the facilities incorporated together. The uniqueness and the purity of the Lotus flower is symbolized by this beautiful structure which also is a precious jewel for the whole country. This is a promising attraction place for both locals and foreigners solely because of its uniqueness. This charming sight in the middle of a busy area is just perfect to make everything peaceful.

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Dulith Herath’s take on entrepreneurship

Every successful entrepreneur has a unique story detailing their success. In the case of Dulith Herath, it took him 14 years of 18-hour days to finally end up with his company being valued at 100 million USD. Mind you, throughout these 14 years, the growth was purely organic. No investors and no borrowings. Needless to say, we were most intrigued about his input on the topic of entrepreneurship.

Where did your drive to become an entrepreneur come from?

I think it goes back to my childhood. Even in school, my idea of role play was to be a leader. I recall how I would distribute ID tags to my friends, and they would assume the role of my employees. My strengths always seemed to lean more towards getting my classmates together so we could learn in groups.

 Is there a story behind the Kapruka name?

Literally translated from Sinhala to English, the word describes a wishing tree. Additionally, I wanted a name that easily rolls off the tongue, one that you cannot misspell. The name also does not limit me to one particular industry, it has even given me the freedom to trade services.

“I am also lobbying for entrepreneurship to be taught in schools. If we can learn about history, I don’t see why entrepreneurship is not part of the curriculum.”

Can you recall some defining moments in your career?

The first would have to be my initial orders that ranged from around 2 to 3 a week. Then I remember making my first million dollars. Eventually that turned into 10 million dollars and we kept growing. After Kapruka reached its peak, I appointed a new CEO to take lead of the business so that I could spend time on developing new ventures.

What other ventures are you currently occupied with?

One is called the Global Shop; this allows people to order from Amazon and Ebay with relative ease. Then have Grasshoppers. This is a business that facilitates the deliveries of other ecommerce websites and social media sellers in Sri Lanka. Java Lounge is also another one of my ventures in the local 3 café space.

 Do you think entrepreneurs have an abundance of opportunities in Sri Lanka?

In most developed companies, their economies are driven by it startups, for instance, Japan was completely developed by thousands of entrepreneurs. Sri Lanka on the other hand is a blank sheet, ready to be painted by all the unique ideas that entrepreneurs bring to the table. Having said, I believe that there are plenty of opportunities in Sri Lanka.

 In your view, what role should the government play in supporting entrepreneurs?

Governments do not need to intervene with the establishment of entrepreneurs. Personally, I prefer if they left me alone to do what I want to do. If you really want to establish yourself, you wouldn’t wait for the government to come and support you.

Do you believe that there are social issues which hinder the establishment of entrepreneurs?

For the most part, Sri Lanka is rural. In other words, there are so many rough gems around that need to be polished so that their ideas can be brought out into the light. What these individuals lack is the necessary soft skills. I believe that this is where the government should come in, help these individuals in developing their people, presentation and communication skills. I am also lobbying for entrepreneurship to be taught in schools. If we can learn about history, I don’t see why entrepreneurship is not part of the curriculum.

What are some instances in which a venture can fail?

If you think about it, setting up your own business is like jumping off a mountain and figuring out how to fly on the way down. If you crash, it is most likely because a pilot project was not conducted; it is important to remember to take baby steps. Even though this is the opposite of what most people say, you need to know when to give up as well. What I mean by this is, if you know that a venture is failing, have the courage. to give it up and start over with a fresh idea.

Do you have plans to expand internationally?

Kapruka is very stable at the moment so I do not have plans of taking it to other countries. However, Kapruka has led to the development of Grasshoppers, the wheels of ecommerce. The challenge isn’t to deliver a product to Rajagiriya, rather, it lies in delivering something to a rural village in Ratnapura. My next goal is to take the Grasshoppers network to other developing countries where rural deliveries are difficult to do.

 What would you want the next generation of entrepreneurs to know?

Improve your soft skills. A lot of young entrepreneurs have great ideas. but they cannot look eye to eye with a person. This is because they are too shy about being vocal regarding their ideas. Vulnerable people like this are at risk of falling into the hands of the wrong investor who may take them for granted. You might know how to walk the walk. but you must how to talk the talk as well.

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Send Gifts to Negombo

Want to send gifts to Negombo? With Kapruka, it is just a piece of cake now…

What is the delivery fee to Negombo?

Delivering a product is basically the most important part of sending a gift. All products are not having similar features. The state of the product (whether it is fragile or not) directly affects the quality of delivery . Therefore, Kapruka delivery team gives priority for the products accordingly. As a matter of fact, the delivery fee depends on the product and the distance. Approximately it is between Rs. 475 and Rs. 975 and can slightly vary due to valid reasons.

Top 05 Gifts sent to Negombo

Sending a gift is one of the best ways to make someone feel special. This is the exact reason why Kapruka is popular among people. We always provide trendy ways to celebrate special moments and ultimately it helps to strengthen your relationships. Negombo is a beautiful city where you can find people who genuinely love and care. For that reason, we witnessed a wide variety of gifts sent to Negombo. Among all, below are the most popular.

1) Cakes

There is no need to explain the popularity of Kapruka cakes because they are the symbol of perfection. The most interesting fact about Kapruka cakes is that they are aimed at a big audience. Kapruka cakes are created focusing on different occasions. We already know about Anniversary, Birthday and General Cakes. Interestingly, a new category was born recently targeting Hen and Bachelor Parties as well. Since Kapruka cakes update according to the interests of our customers, the popularity never dies.

2) Fruit/ Vegetable Baskets

This is a healthy gift and when considering the contemporary trends, Fruit/ Vegetable baskets are considered to be chic and worthy. Kapruka provides extra attention towards the quality of the products because we know it is extremely important to deliver them in good quality. This is a very good choice irrespective of any occasion and it can always add colors to any moment.

3) Flowers

Offering flowers is an undying trend. We introduce various flower arrangements for different occasions. This category is frequently updating because it is fast moving and trendy. We also provide the opportunity for the customers to customize the arrangements according to their wish because we believe in their creativity.

4) Chocolates

This is a sweet gift for your loved ones. A chocolate is a secret way of expressing how much a person mean to someone. We have a wide variety of chocolates that suit your taste buds and this category is mostly popular among the youth.

5) Fashion Items

Fashion is always updating. Receiving trendy items as gifts gives the best feeling ever. For that reason, we have partnered with the best brands to offer you the greatest fashion items. Moreover, we have made it easy for you to select items by providing necessary details like sizes and colors.

Why we do this?

Because we want people to connect and maintain relationships –We will never let your relationships fall apart due to long distance or busy life schedules. With e-commerce, the whole world is a global village now. We suggest new ideas for you to manage your life easily.

Because it is not a conventional method – Clichéd  methods do not bring out genuine pleasure because they are too conventional. Kapruka always introduce new ideas to deviate from monotony.

Because everybody loves surprises – Surprises are the best remedies for a cheerful life. We never know the psychological conditions of our loved ones. Yet, if we take a few minutes to make a person realize how much he/she mean to us, it will help to end depression and anxieties. It is just your genuine thought that matters.

Because life is so easy when everything is reachable – Because of your tight schedules, we introduce smart ways to make your life easy. Now almost everybody is familiar with the concept of E-Commerce. Therefore, there is no need to worry about buying necessary items you need. Everything will be at your doorstep just in time.

Because we love to see everybody celebrating their  moments – Earning money is important, but at the same time spending money is the most vital part. If you do not spend money to enjoy your moments, what is the use of all your efforts? At the end of the day, it is always nice to have beautiful memories that you can talk about.

Kapruka delivers products not only in Negombo, but also island-wide.  Let your loved ones feel your affection towards them. Life is too short for worries and anxieties. So make your life easy by this interesting platform and witness the beauty of your relationships.

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Kapruka Ladies Day Out 2019


This is an awesome day spent with fun and laughter. Kapruka Ladies are born to enjoy their moments irrespective of their seniority or positions. That’s why they create space for themselves to enjoy in cheerful ways and they never forget to add some essence of adventure and excitement which make them exceptionally unique.

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Naughty cake for a Hen’s Parties in Sri Lanka

Naughty cakes…

Greedy Lover


Naughty Girl


Passionate Lust


Baby Stripper


The Fantasy


Dark Lady

Top 5 reasons why you should celebrate Hen Parties


1) because it is the trend now – Earlier Hen parties were popular in western countries and gradually this trend expanded to eastern countries like Sri Lanka, India etc. New trends are always fun because they have a curious amusement hidden.
2) because it is the best celebration before marriage (or may be in your whole life) – Hopefully you will be married only once in your lifetime 😉 So you definitely should celebrate your carefree life which has less commitments. You will never get that feeling after.
3) because it is always joyous to have some wicked humor in a celebration – What we enjoy differs with our age. Youth is a very interesting group which has a curious and a creative mind. The most funny jokes may surely have some mischievous sense of humor which is hilarious.
4) because life is too short to be serious – life is not always a competition because it is sometimes a celebration. Once you start enjoying your special moments in life you will realise how beautiful the life is.
5) because Kapruka suggests you the best ways to enjoy your life – we as Kapruka, always try to make your life convenient and fun. We show you how life should be enjoyed and we always give priority to your interests.

Looking for some mischievous cakes to add a little bit of unexpected fun and surprise?  You can always make your occasions overflow with some wicked humor. This is specially introduced naughty cakes from for Hen parties and bachelor parties.


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Grasshoppers is the logistics industry disruptor that Sri Lanka needs.

Interview with Kapruka and Grasshopper founder—ecommerce pioneer, Dulith Herath


All over the world, the logistics industry is facing a new era of unprecedented change;  and like all change, this brings both risk and opportunity. Constantly evolving technology, new market entrants, new customer expectations, volatile realities and new cooperative business models; across the globe, these challenges were answered by a visionary brands like Amazon and Zipline; for Sri Lanka, the answers came from the logistics groundbreaker ‘Grasshoppers’ that is responsible for opening up some of the best possible futures in the industry. Joining in for an exclusive interview, Grasshopper’s founder Dulith Herath opened up the conversation saying that for logistics “digitisation and customer expectations evolve so fast, that the industry is in no position to be complacent to these massive shifts.” He added that new technologies and new market behaviours are enabling efficiency optimisations and new operating models that were previously impossible, and that Grasshoppers taps right into these opportunities. 


“Small and medium brick and mortar retailers x local logistics entrepreneurs, is our magic mix”

According to Herath, Grasshoppers currently delivers an approximated 5,000 parcels a day—a phenomenal 350% growth within a year. He speculates the number to be 25,000 a day by October 2021 considering the continuing increase in online retail within the island. He shared that the majority of these deliveries come through small and medium operations that use e-commerce as a secondary selling portal. “These are small and medium retailers; and I think they’re doing the right thing. We all know that brick-and-mortar retail, as we know it, will die in the next twenty to thirty years; and when that happens, these brands can transition gradually into the digital realm. We’re quite excited about being a part of that journey with them; and foresee the major role that Grasshoppers will have to play when this completely digitised retail industry takes root in Sri Lanka.


But, that’s not all. Grasshoppers has another big reason for their remarkable success. “We work with local logistics entrepreneurs through our area hubs, and on the road. These entrepreneurs work in collaboration with us, as independent professionals, and this relationship has worked really well. The sense of empowerment that  our logistics entrepreneurs have is what sets Grasshoppers delivery and service apart from the rest,” Herath adds.


Bringing traceability, transparency and reliability to cross border e-commerce for the consumers in Sri Lanka

Herath turns the conversation to one of the greatest woes of Sri Lankan consumers who purchase from online retailers overseas; “After an ecommerce product passes through the Sri Lankan border and comes under the local postal service, it is no longer traceable. This is something that holds back many consumers. But Grasshoppers can change this situation and give radical accessibility to any international retailer shipping to Sri Lanka, no matter where they are from in the world,” says Herath. “We can give traceability at a cost that is almost identical to that of the postal service here. Currently, there are over 15,000 packages that the SL postal service delivers daily, but this operation is not profitable to anyone as it is handled as regular post. Grasshoppers can bridge this gap and play a big role as a cross border logistics provider for markets in Sri Lanka.


Reliable, systemised and automated middle-mile logistics for businesses in Sri Lanka

One of Grasshoppers’ most interesting B2B propositions is its proposition to bridge the retailer or the first-mile logistics provider, with the delivery point. Herath says that large corporations, especially FMCG companies, with traditional operational models can benefit from this set-up because Grasshoppers is a reliable and systemised entity with islandwide reach that they can partner with. “And, it’s not just reliability or systematic traceability we offer; collaborating with Grasshoppers is also an opportunity for traditional companies to build automation into their operations. See, the world is changing, and workforces are changing rapidly. The young workforces demand companies to automate systems and work more transparently; this is a great way to bring that into your company logistics,” clarifies Herath.


Heralding in change with radical partnerships from around the world

For Grasshoppers, the disruption that they bring into Sri Lankan logistics is not limited to seeing the future through the perspective of their own brand expansion alone. The company is interested in being an active influencer in the direction of change that the Lankan logistics sector will undergo as it embraces global tides. “We’re not looking at changing the logistics sector alone; the global partnerships we are about to bring to Sri Lanka are the kinds that will really drive a big shift in the way we approach logistics here. For example, our latest collaboration is with Zipline—a real groundbreaker in terms of using drone technology to create speed and precision to deliver things that really matter—like blood to save a life. We will be working with Zipline in Sri Lanka within the next seventy days to start delivering emergency packages around the island using drones. The donation of a blood donor in Jaffna can reach the emergency unit of the hospital in Colombo within an hour. Isn’t that remarkable?,” Herath says. Here, Grasshoppers will be the local partnership for Zipline, delivering not only blood, but even extremely urgent packages around the country at unprecedented speeds, through drone technology.


This is the future. This is where logistics will evolve in the next ten years without a doubt; but, instead of waiting for these shifts to hit us in the face, we’re heralding in the transformation. This means that by the time it is the norm for a consumer to have a drone deliver their package quickly, transparently and at a minimal cost, Grasshoppers would already be there. It’s the logistics disruptor that Sri Lanka needs,” concluded Herath. 


Grasshoppers is an award winning logistics operation, and is part of the Kapruka business group that pioneered the e-commerce in Sri Lanka. For more information on Grasshoppers reach 

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Most popular online delivery cities of

Top Sri Lankan Cities for E-commerce

See Kapruka’s top list of delivery cities in Sri Lanka. Kapruka’s core service level has always been based on it’s high success of delivery. If you are interested in joining as a Kapruka delivery hub, feel free to contact us.

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