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The More We Grow, The More You Connect

Kapruka is all about reconnecting with loved ones. Established in 2003, Kapruka is Sri Lanka’s largest e-commerce destination. The Founder & Chairman of Kapruka – Mr. Dulith Herath who believes in unconventional innovative approaches, is the Key figure behind its exponential growth. Enriched in more than 125,000 products categories together with more than 30 online services and more than 1300 solid partnerships with renowned Brand Names, Kapruka follows a distinct path to provide quality products for its customers. Together with a loyal and skilled  workforce, Kapruka passes unorthodox milestones by growing step by step. The exemplary idea of sending gifts is now expanded for many areas. The emergence of Grasshoppers, Kapruka Global Shop, Kapruka Cross Border exports and Java Lounge are the latest achievements of Kapruka’s success story. Every step that is moving forward proves how much Kapruka relies on diversification without adhering to one single concept.


Grasshoppers is Kapruka’s unique delivery fulfillment arm which is also a chosen partner of many local and global businesses. This is an ideal platform for upcoming trades because it puts forward a convenient process for any vendor to tie up online with Grasshoppers. Vendors get the opportunity to maintain their own profiles and once an order is placed by a customer, Grasshoppers will pick and deliver Products Island wide. For more information, click here to visit the website.

Kapruka Global Shop

Kapruka Global Shop provides a value added service to clients who order goods on global e-commerce sites. This in fact is a mediator who makes online shopping via international sites more secured, reliable and convenient than placing orders directly. Together with an easy payment plan, Kapruka Global Shop provides solutions for barriers and insecurities faced by Sri Lankans when placing orders through foreign e-commerce platforms. For more information, click here to visit the site.

Kapruka Cross Border Exports.

Kapruka Cross Border Exports focuses on selling local products in International e-commerce platforms. 100% Sri Lankan products are promoted for the outside world with this concept. This gives the opportunity for local producers to showcase products that are highly unique to Sri Lanka in the international market.

Java Lounge

Hail to all coffee lovers out there! Kapruka’s diversification is clearly brought forward from this amazing concept. Java Lounge Colombo is one of the oldest coffee houses in Sri Lanka. It is well known for emphasizing on serving quality coffee all the time. For more information, click here to visit the website.





Achievements are simply a motivation to grow bigger. The following are some recent awards Kapruka received and click here to find more.

 Dulith Herath was recognized as a “YAKADA MINIHA” of Sri Lanka, in a campaign launched by the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development called “PANNARAYA”





In 2018, the Founder & Chairman of Kapruka, Mr. Dulith Herath has won the Asia Pacific Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award. He has won the same award in 2013 as well.






In 2017, the Founder & Chairman of Kapruka, Mr. Dulith Herath has won the Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year award.






In 2017, (Pvt). Ltd. has won the National Business Excellence Awards.





Kapruka’s Best Commercials

We deliver not only products, but also your deeply rooted emotions towards loved ones. In a world where most of us blame technology for creating a distance between people, we as Kapruka use technology as a tool to connect with people. Our commercials are very popular among any age group because apart from reducing the distance between people, we also attempt to reduce the generation gap. Click here to find more commercials!

Press Articles

“No More Excuses! E commerce is a DO or DIE for Lankan Businesses” – Dulith Herath

Team Events and Career Life at Kapruka 

Satisfaction directly matters for the quality of work. At Kapruka, we strongly believe in team work rather than working individually. It also leads us to work as one family. We believe in unity of employees because the more we are together, the more we are strong. Before we promote the importance of sending gifts and spreading love around, we practice it inside our own work environment. Therefore, we know how it really feels.



These are just a few moments that we have captured to show the bond of Kapruka family. If you are interested in joining this amazing team, go ahead! Click here to apply for the latest opportunities. We love to have you with us.

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Lotus Tower, the Skyscraper of Sri Lanka.

Colombo Skyline will never be the same again…

Lotus Tower or Nelum Kuluna, the current tallest self-supported tower in South Asia is a stepping stone in Sri Lankan History. The beautiful architecture together with the epic technology definitely pave the way to be a major attraction in Sri Lanka. This was proudly opened to the public on 16th of September 2019 and is a combination of dedication and commitment of 07 years. This glorifying tower which is 350 meters high, is located at waterfront of the Beira Lake and has a beautiful view of the Colombo city. The outstanding technology facilitates the visitors to get an unique experience. The area which is mostly spoken about is the Tower House which resembles the Lotus. The colors of the petals change periodically creating a vivid scenery that will glorify this amazing structure in a lively atmosphere

This Skyscraper consists of nine levels which are mainly for radio/television transmissions, dining rooms, event halls, a lounge for around 250 guests, a reception hall for around 280 guests, a revolving restaurant where up to 200 guests can accommodate, 08 Luxury rooms, an outdoor observation deck etc. The revolving restaurant takes around 90 minutes to complete one circle and interestingly guests will not have the same view throughout their stay. The Outdoor observation deck is also fascinating because it reveals the magnificent sight of the Colombo City at a height of around 245 meters.  The main spotlight of this structure is the Antenna Mast which has a length of around 90 meters. This heavy steel structure can accommodate 20 television broadcasting companies, 50 FM broadcasters and telecom operators.

This amazing tower is special not only because of its height, but also because of the technology and the facilities incorporated together. The uniqueness and the purity of the Lotus flower is symbolized by this beautiful structure which also is a precious jewel for the whole country. This is a promising attraction place for both locals and foreigners solely because of its uniqueness. This charming sight in the middle of a busy area is just perfect to make everything peaceful.

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Send Gifts to Negombo

Want to send gifts to Negombo? With Kapruka, it is just a piece of cake now…

What is the delivery fee to Negombo?

Delivering a product is basically the most important part of sending a gift. All products are not having similar features. The state of the product (whether it is fragile or not) directly affects the quality of delivery . Therefore, Kapruka delivery team gives priority for the products accordingly. As a matter of fact, the delivery fee depends on the product and the distance. Approximately it is between Rs. 475 and Rs. 975 and can slightly vary due to valid reasons.

Top 05 Gifts sent to Negombo

Sending a gift is one of the best ways to make someone feel special. This is the exact reason why Kapruka is popular among people. We always provide trendy ways to celebrate special moments and ultimately it helps to strengthen your relationships. Negombo is a beautiful city where you can find people who genuinely love and care. For that reason, we witnessed a wide variety of gifts sent to Negombo. Among all, below are the most popular.

1) Cakes

There is no need to explain the popularity of Kapruka cakes because they are the symbol of perfection. The most interesting fact about Kapruka cakes is that they are aimed at a big audience. Kapruka cakes are created focusing on different occasions. We already know about Anniversary, Birthday and General Cakes. Interestingly, a new category was born recently targeting Hen and Bachelor Parties as well. Since Kapruka cakes update according to the interests of our customers, the popularity never dies.

2) Fruit/ Vegetable Baskets

This is a healthy gift and when considering the contemporary trends, Fruit/ Vegetable baskets are considered to be chic and worthy. Kapruka provides extra attention towards the quality of the products because we know it is extremely important to deliver them in good quality. This is a very good choice irrespective of any occasion and it can always add colors to any moment.

3) Flowers

Offering flowers is an undying trend. We introduce various flower arrangements for different occasions. This category is frequently updating because it is fast moving and trendy. We also provide the opportunity for the customers to customize the arrangements according to their wish because we believe in their creativity.

4) Chocolates


This is a sweet gift for your loved ones. A chocolate is a secret way of expressing how much a person mean to someone. We have a wide variety of chocolates that suit your taste buds and this category is mostly popular among the youth.

5) Fashion Items

Fashion is always updating. Receiving trendy items as gifts gives the best feeling ever. For that reason, we have partnered with the best brands to offer you the greatest fashion items. Moreover, we have made it easy for you to select items by providing necessary details like sizes and colors.

Why we do this?

Because we want people to connect and maintain relationships –We will never let your relationships fall apart due to long distance or busy life schedules. With e-commerce, the whole world is a global village now. We suggest new ideas for you to manage your life easily.

Because it is not a conventional method – Clichéd  methods do not bring out genuine pleasure because they are too conventional. Kapruka always introduce new ideas to deviate from monotony.

Because everybody loves surprises – Surprises are the best remedies for a cheerful life. We never know the psychological conditions of our loved ones. Yet, if we take a few minutes to make a person realize how much he/she mean to us, it will help to end depression and anxieties. It is just your genuine thought that matters.

Because life is so easy when everything is reachable – Because of your tight schedules, we introduce smart ways to make your life easy. Now almost everybody is familiar with the concept of E-Commerce. Therefore, there is no need to worry about buying necessary items you need. Everything will be at your doorstep just in time.

Because we love to see everybody celebrating their  moments – Earning money is important, but at the same time spending money is the most vital part. If you do not spend money to enjoy your moments, what is the use of all your efforts? At the end of the day, it is always nice to have beautiful memories that you can talk about.

Kapruka delivers products not only in Negombo, but also island-wide.  Let your loved ones feel your affection towards them. Life is too short for worries and anxieties. So make your life easy by this interesting platform and witness the beauty of your relationships.


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Top Selling Birthday cakes at Kapruka.

Spread your love with the Symbol of Celebration on the special day of your loved ones!

A cake is simply an emotion filled with love, joy and happiness that can make the birthday of your beloved one, extra special and memorable. Cakes have no age limit. Kids, youth and also adults love cakes alike. The best-selling Birthday cakes at show the deep affection of our customers who want to make the birthdays of their loved ones unique and joyful. We have introduced a lot of beautiful and creative birthday cakes and some of them have received extra focus of attention. Let’s further discuss the specialty of these Top Selling Cakes and how they have become exceptional.

Category of Kids

Kids are always special because their emotions are genuine and pure. What they feel during their special days will certainly define them when they grow older. That’s why our lovely parents try to make them feel special by surprising them with this symbol of celebration.

Fabulous Minnie Mouse Cake

This delightful cake is definitely a sweet little surprise for Minnie Mouse lovers. It is fresh and eye appealing with a perfect finishing. The heavenly taste can certainly make your little one feel special and loved. It weighs 7.6 lbs. and is beautifully shaped adopting the key colors of Mickey and Minnie Mouse cartoon. This certainly has the possibility to bring a sweet little smile on your little one’s face creating this memorable day cheerful and remarkable.


My Little Panda Ribbon Cake

“My Little Panda Ribbon Cake” is specifically created to make your kid’s special day overload with cuteness and joy. The eye catching colors and the beautiful structure (which weighs 7 lbs.) together with the perfect blend of ingredients make this cake ideal from both inside and out.  The exceptional creativity and the careful packaging make it extra special and attractive.

Batman Skyline City

This delicious birthday cake is especially made for your little one who is dreaming to be a Super Hero.  The spectacular color combination is simply perfect and the taste is divine. This cake weighs 2.8 lbs. and often suits for celebrations with small gatherings. Most of the parents love this cake because it is a perfect portrayal of the taste of their kids.

Ninja Turtle

This is a beautiful cake that can make your little one’s birthday fun and crazy. Specially made for Ninja Turtle lovers and can certainly make your kid and the gathering smile with joy. No doubt, this cake will make your little one’s birthday unforgettable. The delectable taste can surely amplify the perfection of your kid’s special day. This cake (which weighs 3.9 lbs.) is among the best-selling cakes mainly because of the fun embedded in it.


Puppy cake is simply cute and has a nice finishing. It is very popular among the kids as the colors and the structure is simple and attractive. It weighs 5.1 lbs. and is among the first few choices of the parents who want their little one’s birthday to be an impeccable day.

Category of Youth/ Adults

Everybody likes surprises. For youth and adults, these unexpected celebrations mean a lot. With the busy life schedules, people have deviated from each other and small gestures like sending a cake on their birthdays can definitely bring them close. We have mastered the art of spreading love and affection of the youth and adults by making their loved ones feel special on their birthdays.

Dark Chocolate Heart Cake

This cake is most suitable for youth and can be used to celebrate birthdays or any other special day like Valentine’s days, Anniversary etc. It weighs 2.7 lbs. and has a simple structure with heart shaped decorations on the top. This cake has become a major focus of attention among the youth for its decency, simplicity and for the incomparable heavenly taste.

Kapruka Strawberry And White Chocolate Gateau

This cake can be used to impress anyone without any age restrictions. The main reason for this cake to be so popular is that it can be used for any occasion and for anyone. Yet, this is mostly ordered to celebrate birthdays of adults, siblings, co-workers and also of friends. This cake is a mix of strawberry and white chocolate which is a perfect combination that gives a divine taste. This cake which weighs 3.2 lbs. is a delicious vanilla sponge based gateau, decorated with white chocolate and strawberry. It is simply perfect for its right blend of premium ingredients and also for its good looking structure.

Neapolitan Cake

Neapolitan Cake is frequently purchased to celebrate birthdays of one’s parents or grandparents. However, there aren’t any age limitations for it. This is a very simple cake that suits any special occasion. Nowadays, most of the people tend to select less complicated cakes and it is the main reason for this cake to be so popular. It weighs 6.2 lbs. and is guaranteed a promising taste with the  combination of three layers; coffee, chocolate and strawberry ribbon cake.

Let Me Love You Chocolate Cake

This is very popular among the youth and can also be used to celebrate special occasions other than birthdays like Anniversaries or Valentines days etc. It is a chocolate sponge cake which weighs 3 lbs. and is loved by the majority. This cake is a symbol of perfection for anyone who need to unfold one’s intense feelings together with a sweet surprise.

Kapruka cakes are always special and perfect. We are specialized in offering the best and we certainly appreciate the love and affection you spread around. Perhaps you may not be with your loved ones on their special days or maybe you want to make them feel super special in your presence. Anyway, you can show how much they mean to you with some simple gestures. We are not just delivering your orders. We deliver your deeply rooted feelings and emotions as well. We assist you to strengthen your bonds without letting them fade away due to your competitive and busy lives. Sending a cake on one’s birthday has more value than just calling and wishing him/her a Happy Birthday. That special feeling will be on their hearts forever. We love to see this unity among people and that is why we are always on top.


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