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Send gifts to Kandy in Sri Lanka

Kandy flower and gift delivery

What is the delivery fee to Kandy?

Delivery fees always depend on the distance and the product type. Generally Kapruka charges between Rs 300 and Rs 500 as delivery fees to Kandy. We hand deliver all products through our own well trained delivery agents. We need our customers to be happy. Therefore, we really care about the service we provide.

Top 06 best selling gifts for delivery in Kandy

Fresh Flowers – From Rs. 700 onward

Send Flowers to KandySend Flowers to KandySend Flowers to Kandy

Everybody loves flowers simply because of their natural beauty. Flowers are suitable for any occasion. If it is hard for you to select the perfect gift for someone, just offer some flowers. They always match the moment. We already have  suggested a variety of beautiful arrangements so that you can easily make your choice. We try to make things easier because we know that time matters a lot for you. Additionally, We also provide the option to customize the flower bouquets as you want, because we respect your creativity. There are several Flower Shops in Kandy. It is really admirable to see places where they attempt to spread positive vibes. Yet, do they assure you the quality and the standards  which we really care about? We promise you to deliver the best products and we have proved the quality of our service for over a decade.

5 Star Hotel Cakes
– From Rs. 1800 onward

Send heavenly Cakes to KandySend heavenly Cakes to KandySend heavenly Cakes to Kandy

Cakes have the ability to make any moment, a celebration. Kapruka cakes are always famous for their fine quality and the divine taste. We have introduced cakes to celebrate every moment of your life. We have also partnered with 5 Star Hotels like Mahaweli Reach Hotel in Kandy to offer you the best cakes in Sri Lanka. The promising taste and the perfect finishing can enlighten the emotions you need to deliver. You will never be able to substitute the lovable feelings you create by offering a good cake.

Clothing – From Rs 1200 onward

Online Cloth ShopOnline Cloth ShopOnline Cloth Shop

Online cloth shopping is now very popular in Sri Lanka. You don’t have to waste your time in traffic or in queues now. We understand how you feel when you don’t find a suitable dress even after trying several cloth shops because in the end, you will be exhausted just for nothing. Though there are a lot of cloth shops in Kandy, people tend to do online shopping mainly because of the convenience and the updated fashion trends. We as Kapruka, assist you to experience this benefit by making your life so easy and comfortable. You need not worry about the cloth sizes as well because we have mentioned the measuring scale together with the clothes we offer.

Kids Toys – From Rs 700 onward

Send Kids' Toys to KandySend Kids' Toys to KandySend Kids' Toys to Kandy

Most of the Kids Toys we offer are hard to find in Kandy area. That’s the main reason for most of our lovely customers to send toys to their kids in Kandy. You just have to click the button and we will deliver the products to the doorstep of the little one you admire the most. Even if you are unable to personally visit and celebrate the best days of your kids, never let them feel that they are isolated. Show them your love and they will never forget it.

Hand Bags – From Rs 1200 onward

Send Beautiful Hand Bags to KandySend Beautiful Hand Bags to KandySend Beautiful Hand Bags to Kandy


As we have mentioned earlier, Kapruka is always updating with fashion and trends. Therefore, most of the time we suggest classy products before anybody else. The popularity of this category itself shows how much our beloved customers are happy about our service. Hand Bags are always handy when offered as a gift and it is really a good choice if you need to impress a woman.

Anniversary Gifts – From Rs 1400 onward

Anniversary GiftsAnniversary GiftsAnniversary Gifts


This is the most popular product variety that is delivered to Kandy. It is so beautiful to see how people are connected with feelings. We have a wide range of Anniversary gifts that can make your Beloved come closer to you emotionally though you are physically apart. Love is all about the little things you do for each other. Life is too short. Therefore, celebrate every moment before it is too late.

Sending your Love to beautiful Kandy is just a click away!

Send Gifts to your Loved Ones in Kandy

Do you miss your Loved Ones? Are you struggling between time and relationships? It always hurt us when we feel responsible for not being able to be with our dearest people when they really need us. We all know that our busy schedules restrict our personal relationships. So, we end up having so many excuses for not being there, for the people we care. You know what? Words cannot always express feelings because actions are more valued than words. So, if the words are accompanied by a little bit of action, your value will be magnified. With your busy life schedules may be you hardly have time to respond to your own words. Perhaps, long distance may have deprived you from maintaining your relationships. We understand your unspoken pain. Now you need not worry! We have the perfect solution for you.  It is always nice to see the unity in people. That’s why we introduce you this amazing platform; that makes your life so easy. Send a gift to your loved ones and witness how fascinating your life becomes when you realize that their happiness is all because of you.

Kandy; the heart of Sri Lanka is unique for its beauty and also for the traditional significance. Kandy area covers many other suburbs like Katugasthota, Peradeniya, Pallekele etc. If your loved ones are from Kandy, you are very lucky because they are always nice, gentle and simply amazing. Show your affection to remind them how much they mean to you. We have a vast variety of choices that can make anyone special.


Unique challenges in delivering gifts to Kandy?

We love challenges because they always give us space to stand out from the crowd by providing a memorable service. Our biggest challenge is to deliver items to far away cities. As most Kapruka gifts are fresh products, its important to have the proper delivery logistics in place to assure the freshness. Therefore, we give a separate training to our workforce to minimize the negative effects of those challenges.

It is beautiful to see how people balance their family lives together with the busy life schedules they have. Most of the people blame technology for deviating them from each other. Yet, we can also use technology to come closer. We have to move on with the present advancements because that’s the beauty in life. At the same time we need to be tricky enough to adapt to the situation. Everything is beautiful if our perspectives are positive. See how people make things work just by being smart! We as Kapruka always find ways to bring you closer and closer by making your relationships stronger. So make use of it!

Quick intro on Kapruka’s general services to Kandy

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Looking to Send Gifts to Jaffna?

Kapruka Gift Delivery Service is trusted since year 2003 in sending gifts to Jaffna in Sri Lanka.

Top selling gift categories to Jaffna are below:

  • Cakes from Rs 1800 – Rs 7000

    For every celebration, a cake is a must. When a loved one is not around during special days, it would be so beautiful to show that you miss him/her. A charming cake together with a customized note is just perfect to make someone happy. We have a wide variety of cakes for every occasion and you have a lot of amazing choices that suit your intentions.

  • Flowers from Rs 1500 – Rs 5500

    Flowers always create positive vibes because they are so refreshing and calming to see. Sending flowers suits any occasion like Birthdays, Valentine, Christmas, New Year, Mother’s/Farther’s days or even for funerals. Flowers would simply show how much someone mean to you and it would be an ideal gift to renew or even reinforce a relationship. We have offered you a beautiful range of flowers and they correspond with any kind of relationship you have with anyone special.

    Fruit baskets from Rs 1500 – Rs 6000

    Fruit Baskets are always special if you want to celebrate anything in style. This category is very popular during New year and Christmas seasons but this is never a bad choice for any other event. Fruits are always healthy and you need not worry about one’s well being when you decide gifting a Fruit Basket. We reassure to deliver quality products, so that you need not feel anxious about the condition when delivering to distant areas. The popularity of this category itself shows how satisfied our customers are about our service. In our website, we have proposed you some trendy fruit baskets which are chic and classy.

Did you know that E-commerce brings long distance relationships closer?

We all know that Internet has made the whole world a Global Village and e-commerce is one of its fantastic outcomes as it helps to re-build and strengthen relationships filled with deeply rooted feelings and emotions. During earlier decades, maintaining close relationships with friends, family or relatives from far away cities like Jaffna was just a dream. Now we have this beautiful platform- “” which solves this “long distance” issue and more importantly it always adds more colors to the feelings and emotions embedded in every relationship.

According to statistical data, we have observed that people all around Sri Lanka send special gifts to their loved ones in Jaffna. You may think that delivering presents to far away places would hinder the quality of it. No!  we assure you to deliver the presents in a good state. That’s why we have become the Sri Lanka’s Largest online Shop. We would never be able to maintain this place if not for the quality and the service we offer.

Delivery charges to Jaffna:

Delivery charges always depend on the distance and the type of the product you order. It is approximately between Rs. 600 and Rs. 2000. For example, if you order a fresh product like a cake from a 5 star hotel, the delivery charge would be around Rs. 2000. The main reason behind it is that most of the products start their journey from Colombo and we have to appoint a dedicated person to handle your order with care because ultimately what is more important is to deliver the products in a good condition.

Gift delivery zone in Jaffna:

Jaffna Gift Delivery

All areas in Jaffna are covered by Kapruka Gift Delivery Service. We have daily shuttles from Colombo to Jaffna so as to deliver your items fresh and unharmed. We are regularly dedicated to give more value for your feelings and relationships because we appreciate the love, peace and harmony spread around.

Kapruka is all about spreading love. Perhaps you might think that sending a message or calling to wish can fill the “long distance gap”. Yet did you think how special a person would feel if he/she received a gift specifically sent for him/her?  This is deeply felt by the ones who are far away partly isolated by ones’ community. If you think honestly, you will understand that your words alone cannot fill the gap because these communication methods are so common nowadays. Even Social media tried to solve this issue by reminding special days like Birthdays. Yet, everybody now knows that nobody would remember those days unless Social Media reminds them. As a result, the value of this genuine act has faded away. We try to recover this fracture by moving one step forward.  Love is the best remedy used to strengthen relationships and we as Kapruka appreciate your effort.

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