Never forget to carry a piece of home when you go to work

“The Joy Maker”

The alarm clock rings and it is another day,

After my cup of tea, I am on my way,

Yes, it is December and everyone is on holiday,

But here I am leaving my family.

All I want to do is to make you proud,

Yes, I work night and day to make sure your delighted,

My job is to create happiness in every neighborhood,

Thank you for loving me even when I’m beyond.

Thank you for the motivation and the patience,

Thank you for tolerating the long hours and silence,

Yes, I might forget to eat, I might be living in somnolence,

The hours are drawing near and I will be back in your presence.

It was truly beautiful to see how our loved ones understood our sacrifice. All this is for our Kapruka,We are a family, One family unbroken, entwined with love and unconditional dedication. Hold on we will come home soon but today we choose to make someone else smile.

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Kapruka clinched the SLT ZERO ONE AWARD FOR DIGITAL EXCELLENCE IN MARKETING IN THE MOST COMPETITIVE RETAIL SECTOR, beating top Brand campaigns crafted by award winning agencies at possibly half the cost. But why did we win this title? It is a very simple fact, no agency or any organization can live, breathe, eat, sleep and dream your brand, no one understands the true meaning and value of your organization but yourself.

Kapruka is an organization dedicated to making people happy, it’s not just another organization, each day our employees walk in through the gates of Kapruka thinking of the different people they are going delight, our goal is to put a smile on the faces of our customers.This year’s Valentines Campaign was no different, our talented marketing team led by Suresh Eranda wanted a simple and creative campaign that was relevant for everyone, who has won and lost this incredible battle called “LOVE”. Kapruka is a relatable brand with a reputation for opening the eyes of our customers and allowing them to see the bigger picture, it’s often tear jerking where we address matters often left ignored, but that is our recipe for being so close to our ever growing customer base.

This campaign had many obstacles, but we as a company was able to pull off a record-breaking growth rate in Kapruka’s history and more importantly were able to receive many valuable feedback from customers, celebrities, and most stakeholders who are connected to our business. This was a great campaign for us as an organization and also set the tone in believing how much we can achieve through using digital media effectively.

Social media collaborators and content creators like Wasthi and FTT played a huge part in making our campaign so successful. Firstly, Kapruka repositioned the perception of a “Gift” by creating an impactful advert and aggressive marketing campaign together with FTT with the tag “හැම ආදර කතාවකම මතක හිටන තෑග්ගක් තියනවා” line depicting how every memory is bound to a gift encouraging our customers to purchase our product to create a unique memory this Valentines’.“Wasthi” moved away from their usual type of videos and created a video for Valentines’ called “නුරාවනි “, where product placement was used successfully as the bouquet used in this video resulted in being the highest selling item. “Nurawani” was #1 trending in YouTube and became viral in multiple social media platforms.


Kapruka was able to show that marriage does not mean it is the end of a love story, however many couples feel the affection and romance declining especially after having children. Kapruka created a marketing campaign that would rekindle this love that’s been hidden and forgotten by showing old memories and arousing lost memories of how a tiny gesture of love, ended up making a person extremely happy and how they should redo this or continue this habit.Kapruka produced a commercial which highlights how important to sustain a healthy marriage life through this occasion by gifting, which has no age barrier from the millennial to Gen X.

Kapruka was able to recognise that No one feels more upset, left-out and bitter during valentine’s than the loners, Kapruka included this segment as well. A social experiment was conducted where participants were asked questions about their first love and many people answered that their first love is their parents. Then Kapruka altered the common perception of Valentines only being for lovers into a day that celebrates love in general, love which is of many different forms which could be parental, friendship or a simple gesture of showing appreciation to a person who means a great deal to an individual.

Kapruka being proactive and tackling all the sudden market threats successfully was able to penetrate into the rural markets with most sales coming from the outskirts of the country even as far as Jaffna and the marketing campaign focusing on the parents created a tremendous social uproar as it was able to melt anybody’s heart.




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Is Halal Important in Sri Lanka?

Is Halal Important in Sri Lanka?

I always wondered what the word “Halal” means, it appears at the back of packaging and especially at restaurants.When i researched on the true meaning of “Halal” i was surprised that it meant ‘permissible’ in Arabic where as per Islamic principles, the term Halal takes a specific, well-defined meaning where individuals who choose to adhere to Islamic law are expected to be concerned with the permissibility, or Halal aspect, of any human activity they wish to indulge in. This was indeed news to me as i always believed that Halal was only related to food and the sourcing of meat and was not very conscious of its important in Sri Lanka.

Coming back to my initial question “Is Halal Important?” YES INDEED! It is very important here in Sri Lanka as well, because we are living in a multi ethnic, multi religious country where we respect each other or else we should respect each other. Owing this reason, it is very important to accommodate information and details regarding Halal Certification and Halal Compliance for our Muslim friends.

Kapruka has a unique service where food items from Halal Certified Sri Lankan restaurants can be ordered and sent to love ones or just enjoyed by yourself.We offer food from;

Eastern Wok

which is the 1st Halal Restaurant in Sri Lanka which was started in 1992. They offer an array of Eastern dishes ranging from noodles to sizzling lobsters with an average cost of around Rs 3000 for 2 people.
Order on Eastern Wok

Mango Tree

A Halal certified Indian restobar famous for its North Indian Cuisine.LKR 3000 for two peopel (approx.)
Order Mango Tree

Indian Summer

Indian Summer has something to appeal to any palate and anyone being Halal certified as well offering a wide range of Authentic North Indian dishes. LKR 3500 for two people (approx.)
Order on Indian Summer

Urban Kitchen

Urban Kitchen offers 233 choices inspired by Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, Thai, European and Middle Eastern cuisines.LKR 3500 for two people (approx.)
Order on Urban Kitchen

Manhattan Fish Market

At the Manhattan Fish Market, our guests are served with lip-smacking American-style seafood.LKR 4500 for two people(approx.)
Order on Manhattan Fish Market
In conclusion it is important to be inclusive and we at Kapruka understand that perfectly. If you are feeling hungry or you want to surprise someone with a yummy meal, Kapruka got you covered.

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“Wingardium Leviosa”

“Wingardium Leviosa”

“Curiosity killed the cat” that’s the famous saying, however my curiosity helped me discover a really amazing table ornament, a levitating globe. The first thought that ran through my mind was “Will it actually levitate?”so i took a stroll down to stores and got hold of this ornament.

It looked normal, nicely packed, i removed all the packaging and plugged it in.Since this item uses an electromagnet the globe kept on annoyingly getting stuck to the base, after a few failed attempts, i figured out how to work the magic,it should be held in a certain way until your hand feels a unique pull where you feel that the globe is stable and it is floating then you let go and “WOW!” it honestly floats.

If you also like to own this unique ornament order on Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe

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Sri Lanka’s very first e-commerce fulfillment center


Kapruka being the pioneer in e-commerce in Sri Lanka for the last decade is keen to invest in building a fulfilment center specifically designed for e-commerce. In this 30,000SQ+ center we plan to have special racks and simple robotic systems to facilitate the storage, packing and shipping for 100nds of high end brands in Sri Lanka who wants to use Kapruka as it’s e-commerce partner.

In addition to local market, Kapruka also plans to use this center to pack and ship products to and for the USA market. Globally recognized brands such as Dhilma, Dankoutuwa, Spa Ceylon, etc. will be sold on via Kapruka. The fulfilment of these cross border e-commerce packages will be handled though this center.

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Sri Lanka’s E-com Icon Dulith Herath Honoured with ‘Asia Pacific Retail Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award

Sri Lanka’s E-com Icon Dulith Herath Honoured with ‘Asia Pacific Retail Entrepreneur of the Year’ Award

Enterprise Asia recognises Herath’s work and exemplary practices in the local online retail sector with a prestigious regional award to celebrate outstanding entrepreneurship.

As Sri Lanka struggles to continue the economic boom of its immediate post-conflict years, the country is beginning to realize that the state and the big industries alone cannot pull the weight of this growing economy. With this, new recognition is being directed towards entrepreneurs who drive new business ideas, link in new markets with local talent and make significant contribution to the economy through their own work. In fact, the government is even preparing to release its first innovation and start-up policy echoing this keen interest to recognize entrepreneurship in the island. It is in this exciting economic environment that the recent recognition for Sri Lanka’s e-com pioneer Dulith Herath came. The award presented by Enterprise Asia celebrated Herath’s enormous influence upon the local online retail sector by starting Sri Lanka’s first e-com site The award also credited his recent work to reinvent the e-com sector through projects like ‘Grasshoppers’ that provide convenient last mile delivery solutions that are essential for pushing the growth of online retail. This marks the second time that Herath was awarded by Enterprise Asia within the last four years, signifying the continuity of his entrepreneurial excellence.

Enterprise Asia is the Asian continent’s leading non-governmental organization for entrepreneurship. It strives to create global economic equality, by encouraging entrepreneurship in Asia as a mean to drive sustainable and progressive socio economic development. Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards have conducted its regional award programmer annually since 2007 to discover and celebrate distinguished entrepreneurs in the region. The award is a highly competitive one and includes on-site reviews and judges’ visits to business locations to grasp unbiased realities of each entrepreneur’s work. Unlike most awards, the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award looks to recognize the uniqueness of the businesses instead of the sheer size or volume of work which effectively encourages entrepreneurship and start-ups to strive towards award-winning excellence. For these reasons, the award has become a highly respected and coveted one in the business realm.

Enterprise Asia recognized three key aspects in Dulith Herath’s work with his most recent Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award—successfully benchmarking against best practices, continuing past and current efforts in entrepreneurship and winning public attention that reciprocates the influence of his work. Herath’s first brainchild was the pioneer in Sri Lanka’s e-commerce sector, introducing the convenience of online retail and its exponential opportunities for business, to the island. The immensely successful grew with the wave of digital commerce in the past decade and went on to diversify itself to handle all aspects of online retail from logistics to sourcing high-quality products and content. Herath conceptualised’s most recent major undertaking with ‘Grasshoppers’ last-mile delivery system, in a way that encourages entrepreneurship among other Sri Lankans from across the island, pushing forward the principles of a collaborative economy in a big way. This initiative to share and create opportunities to encourage entrepreneurship among others while setting exemplary practices and thinking as an entrepreneur himself, were particularly admired by Enterprise Asia, and was among the major reasons to recognize Herath’s work for the second time through the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award in 2018.

Over the years, the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award has gathered a membership of powerful alumni of over 1200 top business founders and entrepreneurs from the region. This network of business powerhouses now form a strong voice for entrepreneurs, inspiring the younger generations and aspiring young businessmen and women to strive towards greater innovation, fair practices and out-of-the-box thinking. For Sri Lanka, a local business leader being recognized by an international award of this calibre marks the beginnings of a healthy start-up and entrepreneurship culture complete with inspiring icons and personalities at the helm: a very necessary dynamic for the economic growth that Sri Lanka is aiming for in the next five years.


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Father’s day in Sri Lanka.

Father, who does everything expecting nothing but happiness for the children.

Children are everything to a father. Father’s love is limitless and incomparable to anything in the world. Father’s love is the most purest and precious.

Father’s Day is commemorated worldwide as the special day to recognize the contributions and sacrifices that fathers make to the lives of their children.

Whilst countries across the world celebrate Father’s Day on a variety of dates, Sri Lanka celebrates Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June every year, along with the US.

So this year, on the 17th of June, show your dads how much you appreciate what they do for you and how much you love them.

Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re looking for a grand gesture to honor your hero, your role model, and your source of strength login to

Reccomended Video On Father’s Day

නිම් නැති පිය සෙනෙහස..


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Right now, we use 20-25% of revenue on a daily basis because we can’t accept debit cards and customers can’t pay with bank accounts. I see great potential in JustPay to fill this said. In any e-commerce business, payment methods play a crucial part. Even though cash on delivery is the most popular option in developing countries such as Sri Lanka, direct bank payment should at least be the next best option. Credit card and other mature options come later, and at a higher price to online businesses like Kapruka.


Over 30% of e-commerce checkout journeys do not get past the payment page. This is an industry norm in the region. It’s due to payment barriers. This is why we also promote cash on delivery to secure these orders.



Yes, of course! In fact, I was going after LankaClear personally, encouraging them to build this solution for the sake of the e-commerce industry.


Kapruka has always been a technology company more than an e-commerce retailer. We are also keen to integrate this to Grasshoppers – a sister company of Kapruka – which connects with over 450 small e-commerce websites in Sri Lanka. I believe the Kapruka-JustPay partnership will have a large and rapid impact on Sri Lanka’s e-com-memo ecosystem.



Cash will recede from the e-commerce space very fast. COD or ‘cash on delivery’ is something we want to change to ‘card on delivery‘, where the delivery reps [grasshoppers] will carry a mobile that also accepts cards or QR of JustPay partners at the customer’s doorstep.

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“New Year Nakath 2018”

Sinhala and Tamil New Year ( Aluth Awurudda ), a most awaiting and one of the most important festival celebrated by not only Sinhalese people, but by most of the Sri Lankans.

It is generally celebrated on 13th April or 14th April and traditionally begins at the sighting of the new moon.

According to Sinhalese astrology, New Year begins when the sun moves from Meena Rashiya (the house of Pisces) to Mesha Rashiya (the house of Aries). It also marks the end of the harvest season and of spring.

By celebrating, people believe that they have engaged in a new beginning to their lives, they hope with the new beginning they will achieve prosperity, success and happiness to their lives, their families and to the country.

Celebrating is not like throwing a party at the house, invite everyone and have fun. It is much more important and precious, ritual/ custom that every Sinhalese obeys most and give importance in their lives.

For this have to be ready to follow valuable Traditional Sri Lankan Rituals which inherited from ancient ancestors which is transferred from family to family, generation to generation.



  • The new moon can be seen on Sunday the 18th of March and on Friday the 20th of April

“It is believed that by looking at the Moon for the last year and pay the gratitude for the past year. Also when all other rituals are over the last ritual is to look at the new moon that rise up and welcome the moon to the new year”



  • Bathing for old year falls on Thursday the 12th of April

“This ritual is followed to symbolize that people are ready to be blessed and worthy and fresh to receive the blessings given to their lives in New Year”



  • New Year will dawn at 8.13 am on Saturday the 14th of April

“This is the auspicious time that sun moves from Meena Rashiya to Mesha Rashiya. That is the exact precious moment considered as the dawn of the New Year”



  • Punya Kalaya begins on Saturday the 14th of April at 1.49 am and ends on Saturday the 14th of April at 2.37PM

“This time period is reserved to follow up all the religious customs and let the people know and feel the importance of the religion to their lives and how much meaning that could added to life”



  • Preparing meals for the New Year should begin at 10.40 am on Saturday the 14th of April.

“It is believed that this is the first meal to cook from the harvest collected from the paddy fields and make the wishes, that they will be offered prosperity throughout the year.”



  • The tradition of trading and consuming the first meal of the New Year is to be done at 11.53 am on Saturday the 14th of April

“At the table, kiribath, bananas, sweets like aggala, kavum, thalaguli, aasmi, kokis, aluwa and many other delicacies become the centrepiece. Families sit around the table and share the kiribath, as the head of the family offers it to all members. By following this custom people get to realize how important is the “FAMILY”. “



  • Anointing the head with oil is set for Monday the 16th of April at 10.16 am

“Anointing the holy oil purifies one’s mind as well as the body; families conduct this ceremony at their homes or go to temples where the priest anoints oil on the devotees’ heads and bless them. The patriarch of the family or the chief of the temple stands upon leaves, roots and flowers and anoints the oil while chanting shloka or gatha. During this ritual one is blessed from head to toe. “



  • Leaving for work in the New Year is set for 6.03am on Thursday the 19th of April


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There are a multitude of different advertising channels a business can practice to market the business, product, or service.

Awareness is the key factor for an e-commerce business to grow bigger. However building the appropriate awareness is not an easy task.

Always it’s a belief and the purpose of Kapruka, a commercial is to convey an impression to audience and build awareness.

Kapruka commercials deliver the precise notion of the business and create the impression on the viewer. The best out of the best commercials of, on E-commerce.

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