Lankan Logistics Groundbreaker ‘Grasshoppers’ Joins Forces with Aavishkaar Frontier Fund for Major Equity Investment

As Sri Lanka positions itself into the heartbeat of the global e-Commerce landscape, the new ventures play a mammoth role in setting the tone. Among the few successful businesses that have grown up very fast to claim the majority market share is Grasshoppers pvt. ltd. – a highly successful home-grown enterprise that managed to evolve into a leader in the local logistics services sector, through clever use of digital and cyber technologies. Taking a decisive step to speed up the company’s growth to reach its full potential, Grasshoppers founders Dulith Herath (the innovator behind Sri Lanka’s leading e-commerce player and Dr. Harsha Liyanage (founder of Sarvodaya Fusion promoting IT Education to grassroots across Sri Lanka), recently joined forces with the renowned Aavishkaar Frontier Fund. The move is expected to facilitate exponential business growth of Grasshoppers combined with a great social impact; that is to enable business aspirations of local SMEs and youth in grassroots communities all across Sri Lanka.


Q: What is the story & vision behind Grasshoppers?

A: Our story is fascinating; it all started just a year ago, in a conversation in a car drive, where both-founders met while heading to a ecommerce conference held at University of Cambridge, UK. Grasshoppers Pvt Ltd, set out to deliver Sri Lanka’s most innovative logistics solutions by using technology (i.e. Web tools and Mobile Apps) to its true potential. At a time when technology defines life style of every consumer regardless where they live in rural Sri Lanka or in urban cities, the unavailability of logistic solutions to last mile is the key barrier. The co-founders Dulith Herath and Dr. Harsha Liyanage, both share the vision and passion to combine technology and social empowerment to ‘connect the dis-connected’. Thereby facilitating the aspiring youth to run businesses in a novel way. This is the premise of Grasshoppers.


Q: What does this new partnership with Aavishkaar Frontier Fund mean?

A: The market opportunity in front of Grasshoppers is very large. It needs rapid response, hence demands resources for growth that includes capital as well as experience. The partnership with Aavishkaar means that Grasshoppers has the right kind of support to make the strategic, operational and financial decisions to ensure this kind of growth, right now. It’s a partnership that allows the business to take risks and leaps at the right time. Further the impact focus of the fund is closely aligned to the long term goal of the unique business model of Grasshoppers, creating synergy between them.


Q: Why Aavishkaar Frontier Fund?

A: Aavishkaar is exactly the kind of partner that Grasshoppers needed. They are well known as a global pioneer in an entrepreneurship-based approach to development through venture capital investments in businesses working with the low income population in underserved markets. Aavishkaar began with a focus on early-stage enterprises operating in India, and with the Frontier Fund, it is now working with enterprises in South and Southeast Asia. They have a serious interest in Sri Lanka. The Grasshoppers’ investment is the fifth investment from its Frontier Fund and its second investment in Sri Lanka. Last year, the fund invested in Ma’s Tropical Foods, a well-known food solutions brand from Sri Lanka. Aavishkaar Frontier Fund invests in enterprises in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Indonesia. So far, Aavishkaar has made more than 58 investments in India & these geographies and currently manages assets of over US$ 200 million.


Q: In addition to the obvious benefits such as business growth, what other benefits can we expect to see out of this partnership, especially in relation to Sri Lanka?

A: The business model of Grasshoppers is very unique. That allows local communities to be part of it, and reap the benefits of the company’s growth. While this investment will enable Grasshoppers to meet its goal of creating an island-wide distribution Hub network, it will also present extremely valuable income opportunities for local communities participating in the business model. It’s certainly a move that benefits beyond the circle of company shareholders.


Q: Why did Aavishkaar chose to work with Grasshoppers amidst many new and promising logistics operations coming up throughout Asia?


A: Because Grasshoppers is different, and is genuinely set out to deliver something that makes lives easier in this era of Internet and ecommerce. Aavishkaar’s team with extensive regional experience in the sector, found what Grasshoppers have presented in terms of technology and service offering, to be revolutionary, with even more room to grow and innovate. Grasshoppers has developed a proprietary technology stack that facilitates interactions within its logistics supply chain and provides features like traceability of goods through its network, to their clients. This has gained traction with different segments of customers including leading e-commerce players, corporates and SME customers. Through the customized product offerings, the model has the potential to meet a gamut of logistics service requirements in the country. Aavishkaar understands this potential and is keen to be part of it.

“ has grown leaps and bounds in the e-commerce boom in Sri Lanka. But I am keen to share the resources and in-depth knowledge of running a full-blown fulfilment hub that we have gained along the way. I see e-commerce as a goldmine and Grasshoppers as the mining tool that we give to all entrepreneurs. We hope this tool enables more people to join the e-commerce revolution as we have taken away a major barrier for startups, that of timely delivery of the product.” – Dulith Herath, founder of Kapruka / co-founder of Grasshoppers


“Grasshoppers has tremendous potential for scaling up its business with the combination of excellent management team with a track-record of building successful businesses, approach of developing curated technology offering for the market, lean growth model and focus on promotion of entrepreneurship in the hinterland of Sri Lanka. We have seen disruptive innovations in the logistics sector by tech-enabled players in other markets and are very bullish on the success of Grasshoppers in Sri Lanka.”

Sanchayan Chakraborty, Partner at Aavishkaar Frontier Fund

“We have always been inspired by the ability of technology to make human lives simple and happy. Grasshoppers is a result of that inspiration, and the company has now reached an exciting time in its evolution where the growth needed to be fuelled at the right speed to make Grasshoppers services available to every Sri Lankan living in any corner of the country. This is what we are doing with one of the most influential venture funders of the region- Aavishkaar, and it is great to have them on board with us for this all-important chapter of the business.” – Dr. Harsha Liyanage, co-founder of Grasshoppers

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Send gifts to Australia from Sri Lanka

Over 300,000 Sri Lankan’s live today in Australia. It’s one of the prime destination for Sri Lankan expats.

These expats in Australia sends gifts to Sri Lankan often via online gift delivery services. Also in addition, Sri Lankans wants to send gifts to Australia as well. For this Kapruka Australia Delivery is a popular option amount locals.

Some popular gift categories

  • Cakes
  • Flowers
  • Soft Toys
  • Fruit Baskets
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Restaurant Food

Delivery method:
Above kapruka delivery service is currently available only in Melbourne Australia. Rest of the country will be covered shortly including Sydney and Perth.


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Kapruka Founder – Dulith Herath receives prestigious Eisenhower Fellowship

What is the Eisenhower Fellowship?

The Eisenhower Fellowship is one of the most prestigious fellowship experiences which connects a global network of dynamic change agents committed to creating a world more peaceful, prosperous and just.

George de Lama serves as the President of the Eisenhower Foundation while Retired General Colin Powell serves as its Chairman.

Eisenhower alumni include presidents, prime ministers, humanitarian Leaders and Nobel Laureates.

Also, If you did not know already- this is what e-commerce is:

Electronic commerce is a platform to sell products online (Eg: EBay, Amazon).

At its core, e-commerce refers to the purchase and sale of goods and/or services via electronic channels such as the Internet. E-commerce was first introduced in the 1960s via an electronic data interchange on value-added networks.


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Birthday gift for boyfriend in Sri Lanka

So, above topic is a pretty regular one we get at Kapruka. We receive at least 100+ calls a day specifically asking what’s available for a boyfriend in Sri Lanka.

Finding a gift for a girl friend is fairly simple and straight forward. There are many options. Including international gift sites such as 1800Flowers International

However, for a boyfriend, we offer below categories of gifts

There are unique items on global sites including ideas on Pinterest for boy friends.

Hameedia Gift Hamper

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Cotton Weavers Men`s Handloom Shirt -HS0115

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Kids Toys in Sri Lanka.

Where do we can buy kids toys in sri lanka?

Over the past years, toys have become the focus of a massive industry,as a result, toys are commonly available to be purchased from supermarkets,toys shops and as well in case of in sri lanka, even in the small boutiques in the pavements.

But eventually we are in an era where everything is online.From the time we wake up and until the time we end the day and go to sleep,we are using various types of online services.In the most developed countries,online shopping  is a day to day activity.But in sri lanka the adaptive rate is bit lower.However online shopping is more fun than waiting at a queue in a supermarket.

There are many well known worldwide online shopping sites that are much famous in sri lanka like Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba etc. where can purchase almost anything you want.

But specially in sri lanka the well known a 100% sri lankan brand is are other sites like Takas,Wow,Daraz etc.

Kapruka,is a good place to find kids toys.There are toys from Sri Lanka and other countries like Dubai,China,Japan and USA as well.There is a fine collection of toys that suites each and every age limit.


Baby Toys

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Rattle Toy - Infant Toys - Baby Rattle Shaker - Hand Hold Baby Toys With Sounds

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Happy Bath - Children Bath Toy Set - Floating Toys

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MBA Group Study on Dulith Herath

Dulith Herath is Sri Lanka’s largest e-commerce organization. With over 15000 products and over 30 types of distinct services Kapruka has set the bar for e-commerce footprint of Sri Lanka. Kapruka primary goal to provide a world class service to Sri Lankan’s who shop online. Kapruka was formed in 2003 and it’s principals were set by a single entrepreneur. Since then growth of Kapruka has been exponential with global presence and work force over 400 skilled employees in Sri Lanka. Kapruka has established solid partnerships with over 300 renowned brand names and it offers quintessentially Sri Lankan products of the highest quality. The extensive range of gift ideas combined with its impeccable professional standards has created a satisfied and loyal customer base. It is innovations inspired by the company’s spirit of creativity and passion that has resulted in its unprecedented success. Kapruka remains ambitious and committed towards finding original ways of connecting Sri Lankans across the world.
Today, Kapruka is 400 people, handling more than 500 orders a day and over one billion rupees a year. It’s a cash cow, Dulith explains honestly, pulling up the numbers, and it works.

The Global Shop is the second chapter of Kapruka’s operations, one that’s propelled Kapruka into the limelight in Sri Lanka. In one sense, it’s totally disruptive innovation – a seemingly simple idea that nobody thought, cared or capitalized about until Dulith arrived and made it work, flipping over a sizeable part of the retail economy on its head in the process

his latest venture Grasshoppers, which is an ecosystem of self-employed drivers that help SME’s do e-commerce delivery. Several parties, including UN organisations, have expressed interest in exploring opportunities to introduce Grasshoppers to their respective countries due to the unique way it connects SME’s in developing countries to e-trade/e-commerce. According to Dulith, Grasshoppers helps to overcome the three main barriers to e-commerce faced by SME’s (import and export barriers, payment gateways/ alternative payment options, and door-step delivery).

Dulith Herath was originally from what he terms a very poor family. He is descended from a grandfather who was a hunter. His father was an entrepreneur who started his own construction company and worked 18 hours a day to run the business and support his small family. His mother was a housewife looking after the family and home. Dulith Herath is very proud about the fact that within the time period of 3 generations he was able to turn the family fortunes around from what terms “Veddha to Luxury”.

Dulith Herath asserts that he was curious from childhood and liked to dismantle toy cars to find out how they worked. This was at a time when computer technology was entering households. This combination led to his childhood passion for technology and was a driving force in his thirst to invent and interest in Artificial intelligence. As a child of eight he built an interactive robot that was able to shoot fireworks as well.

As a young boy, Dulith Herath had high aspirations and requested his father to send him to Royal College. He admits quite openly that he was able to gain entrance to Royal College through political connection fostered by father through a chance meeting in a petrol shed. It seems his ability to utilize his prospects and turn them into opportunities in business has been a skill learned from watching his father.

Attending Royal College gave him access to a good education and association with like-minded boys who were tech savvy geeks. At around the age of 13-15 years, Dulith Herath initiated and managed a ‘Whiz kid club’ at Royal College and developed his skill for coding first using the resources at the school computer lab. He was so enthusiastic that he cut class to spend time in computer lab. He was President of the Royal College Computer Society continuously for eight years in a row.

Requiring a computer of his own, his resourcefulness came into play again as he convinced his uncle to contribute to buying him a personal computer when his parents couldn’t afford to buy one on their own for him.

He started earning young through selling software and assembling and selling computers to his friends. He was resourceful enough to become self-sufficient as a teen and able to almost afford a car by the time he was doing the G.C.E. O/L’ exam. At this point his room was a mini science lab with 8 computers for his coding work.

However he was ignoring studies due to his extra-curricular activities. His Father cautioned him and encouraged him to do better in studies. Taking the advice to heart, Dulith Herath refocussed attention on his studies and improving grades to be ranked 7th in the Island for the G.C.E. A/L’s exam, even though he failed one of his 4 subjects.

Having performed well at G.C.E. A/L exam he had the opportunity to study overseas at the University of Kentucky. His parents again came through for him and supported in sending him to the USA to study Artificial Intelligence as he wanted. Dulith Herath worked 4 jobs while studying there and persevered academically as well.

It can be observed that Dulith Herath has a knack to identify a gap in the market and find a practical solution for it. This is first showcased by the incident of him developing a Sinhala font independent email system which allowed sending an email as an image so that the cumbersome function of installing Sinhala fonts each time became redundant at the time – he was able to patent this invention in Sri Lanka and believes this to be his first successful project.

Seeing that searching for exact locations on a virtual map would be useful, he next went on to develop which hosted digital map of Sri Lanka providing an early Google-


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Lanka Clear selects the best banking tools in 2017

Dulith Herath - Sri Lanka

Dulith Herath – Sri Lanka

Final Judging Session of LankaPay Technnovation Awards 2017 was held on 10th and 12th June 2017 at Kingsbridge Boardroom, Kingsbury Hotel Colombo, where the shortlisted banks made their presentations to an eminent independent panel of judges.

The panel of judges was chaired by Mr. Wasantha Deshapriya, Secretary to the Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure and the other members of the panel of judges were Mr. Asite D. B. Talwatte – Past President, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and former Country managing Partner of E&Y;; Mr. Rajeeva Bandaranaike – Chief Executive Officer, Colombo Stock Exchange; Mr. Lasantha Wickremasinghe – President, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and Partner – BR De Silva; Mr. Manil Jayasinghe – Partner E&Y; and Mr. Dulith Herath – Founder and Chairman of

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Online astrology services in Sri Lanka

Astrology is a part of Sri Lanka’s heritage and life style for decades. Sri Lanka’s Buddhism has been a part of this science for decades too. However, there are quite limited number of online astrology services in Sri Lanka. Even though you find 100nds of astrologers in Sri Lanka, only a handful of them offer the full verity of services. There are online horoscope reading services providers like Kapruka who offer these services on the internet.

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Teddy Bears in Sri Lanka

Teddy Bears

Soft toy market in Sri Lanka is mostly based on imports. There are selected factories that produce soft toys and teddy bears, but they are quite limited.

Importing of these products are based on custom tariffs in Sri Lanka monitored by the port authority.

There are online delivery services like Kapruka that sells lots of teddies and soft toys

Also similar products are directly purchased in Sri lanka via popular global e-commerce sites like

Giant Peaches Teddy Bear

See Price

Teddy Bear Cake

See Price

Buttercup Teddy

See Price

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Top sites to shop for Electronics in Sri Lanka

Kapruka Sri LankaSri Lanka’s online market is booming but with only few players such as The market size is over 2 million.

Also it’s common Sri Lankan’s order directly from Amazon and Ebay and hope to get the items directly via registered normal post.

There are some local e-c0mmerce champions such as Dulith Herath who runs Sri Lanka’s top E-commerce Site who sets the bar for local sales online.




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