Naughty cake for a Hen’s Parties in Sri Lanka

Greedy Lover


Naughty Girl


Passionate Lust


Baby Stripper


The Fantasy


Dark Lady

Top 5 reasons why you should celebrate Hen Parties

1) because it is the trend now – Earlier Hen parties were popular in western countries and gradually this trend expanded to eastern countries like Sri Lanka, India etc. New trends are always fun because they have a curious amusement hidden.
2) because it is the best celebration before marriage (or may be in your whole life) – Hopefully you will be married only once in your lifetime 😉 So you definitely should celebrate your carefree life which has less commitments. You will never get that feeling after.
3) because it is always joyous to have some wicked humor in a celebration – What we enjoy differs with our age. Youth is a very interesting group which has a curious and a creative mind. The most funny jokes may surely have some mischievous sense of humor which is hilarious.
4) because life is too short to be serious – life is not always a competition because it is sometimes a celebration. Once you start enjoying your special moments in life you will realise how beautiful the life is.
5) because Kapruka suggests you the best ways to enjoy your life – we as Kapruka, always try to make your life convenient and fun. We show you how life should be enjoyed and we always give priority to your interests.

Looking for some mischievous cakes to add a little bit of unexpected fun and surprise?  You can always make your occasions overflow with some wicked humor. This is specially introduced naughty cakes from for Hen parties and bachelor parties.

Let`s Talk About Sex

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8 Piece Naughty Chocolate Box(Java )

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The Widow`s Guide To Sex And Dating

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Vitamin C Tablets in Sri Lanka

Vitamin C tablets in Sri Lanka are a popular search item online during these Covid infected times. Although not scientifically linked to preventing Covid in particular, its immunity-boosting characteristics are well known. This together with Zinc acts as a double formula to build immunity by boosting the antibodies.

Can get plenty of Vitamin C from oranges

What is Vitamin C?

We all know it is an essential nutrient that plays several roles in our bodies. Of course, as written in medical journals it is a potent antioxidant.  Moreover, this means it can neutralize unstable compounds in your body called free radicals. Also, it can help prevent or reverse cellular damage caused by these compounds. Additionally, the Daily Value (DV) for vitamin C is 90 mg per day. Correspondingly, it’s pretty easy to meet your vitamin C needs through your diet as long as you eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. For example, a single medium orange provides 77% of the DV. In like manner, practically we don’t have the time to eat oranges daily in Sri Lanka. Also, Oranges are expensive in Sri Lanka as they are imported.

There are many ways to get Vitamin C naturally

How does it affect immunity?

In medical parlance, it is written that Vitamin C affects your immune health in several ways.

  • Its antioxidant activity can decrease inflammation, which may help improve your immune function.
  • It also keeps your skin healthy by boosting collagen production. This help the skin serves as a functional barrier to keep harmful compounds from entering your body.
  • It promotes wound healing
  • In addition, Vitamin C promotes the growth and spread of lymphocytes. This is a type of immune cell that increases your circulating antibodies, proteins that can attack foreign or harmful substances in your blood. I am no expert on this but this is what I have read and come to understand.

Vitamin C and COVID-19

Presently, there is a lot going for Vitamin C in the marketplace. People have got used to ordering online loads of such tablets. This may be due to a point of thought that it helps in curbing the Covid virus.  

  • In an article published in the Chinese Journal of Infection Diseases, the Shanghai Medical Association endorsed the use of high dose vitamin C. Here it is said that it was used as a treatment for hospitalized people with COVID-19. Additionally, if you want to read more about you can Google this.
  • Also, the said journal states that doses that are magnitudes higher than the DV are recommended to be given through IV to improve lung function. Likewise, this may help keep a patient off of mechanical ventilation or life support. Notably, Chinese researchers have also registered a clinical trial to further study the effectiveness of IV vitamin C in hospitalized people with COVID-19.

However, it’s important to note that vitamin C is not yet a standard part of the treatment plan for COVID-19 because the evidence is still lacking.

Choosing a Vitamin C supplement

If you do choose to take it as a supplement, it’s important to choose one that’s high quality. Also, you must take the correct dose.

  • While supplements are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they aren’t held to the same safety standards as pharmaceuticals. Thus, it’s important to purchase supplements from reputable companies.
  • Additionally, the Upper Limit (UL) for supplemental vitamin C — the amount most people can consume daily without negative effects — is 2,000 mg
  • Most vitamin C supplements provide a daily dose of anywhere from 250–1,000 mg. By all means, it can be easy to exceed the UL if you’re not careful. In particular, be sure to read the packaging and take only the recommended dose to avoid complications.

If you have any concerns about taking such supplements, you should consult your healthcare provider before adding them to your routine.

What do I take for daily immune care?

CIMUNE Vitamin C 500mg Tablets- 200 Tablets

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Well! if you want a medication that is simple to take, we suggest Vitamin C tablets. For one thing, you can easily order the tables from Kapruka. Here, what you get is a brand called Cimune orange flavoured tablets that are chewable. In particular, Cimune tablets are manufactured in India by Zydus Healthcare Limited. Notably, Zedus Healthcare ( is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India with a global reach. Following are some of the benefits of taking Vitamin C tablets.

  • Helps to protect from Infections including Viral Infections
  • Acts as a powerful antioxidant that can strengthen your body’s natural defences
  • Helps to provide the right nutrition balance for the entire body
  • High intake has been shown to have a protective effect on thinking and memory as you age
  • Basically, anyone can take it as taken in moderation it is not harmful to the body.

The bottom line is Vitamin C is an important nutrient that keeps your immune system functioning properly. To get plenty of immune-strengthening vitamin C in your diet, make sure you’re eating a variety of fruits and vegetables. However, the shortcut to this is to chew a few tablets daily.

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Tipi Tip – the nations favourite snack

Without a doubt, Tipi Tip has been a full-time favourite snack for generations of Sri Lankans. In other words, since the brand was launched in the early 1980s it has managed to attract discerning consumers, unhindered. Although foreign and local competition has come and gone Tipi Tip has withstood the test of time with its unique flavour. By all means, the brand enjoys over 80% of the snack-foods market in Sri Lanka.  

How is Tipi Tip made?

Tipi Tip is made of maize subjected to an extrusion process to obtain shaped snacks and finally spray-coated with nature-identical flavours. In particular, the product is currently available in 15g packs of Onion, Cheese, Spicy and Vegetable flavours, and enjoyed by young and the old alike. To emphasize, Maize Grit, Vegetable Oil, Nature identical Onion Flavorings, Calcium, Phosphorus, iron, Vitamin A,  B1,  B2,  B3, C are used as ingredients to manufacture the product.

Who manufactures Tipi Tip in Sri Lanka?

The product is manufactured in Sri Lanka by Uswatte Confectionery Works. UCW are the pioneers in the Snack market in Sri Lanka and Tipi Tip is the most popular extruded Snack Island wide. Incidentally, Tipi Tip was selected as a ‘Super Brand’ by a panel of experts in the field of marketing in the year 2006. Markedly, speaks volumes of the reputation of the brand.

Uswatta, the pioneer in Sri Lanka for the production of high quality, hygienic confectionery was founded by the late Christy Perera and Anton Perera in 1956. For instance, their first factory was set up in 1961 in Ratmalana. To enumerate, apart from Tipi Tip, the company manufactures popular snacks Jumbo Peanuts, and confections like Glucorasa jujubes and Jelly, and wafers. Significantly, with a history spanning over 65 years, Uswatte Confectionery Works is the oldest confectionery manufacturer in Sri Lanka. The company’s iconic Glucorasa is a sweet brand popular amongst all Sri Lankan consumers across all age groups and was one of its earliest products.

Bandaragama factory

Ordering online through kapruka

In these troubled times, you don’t have to visit a supermarket or a grocery store to buy your favourite snack. You can easily order online through Kapruka and get it delivered to your doorstep in no time. Since Kapruka has a cash on delivery facility you can simply order and pay once it is delivered.

Why not a throwback to a period of time when choosing between the green and the orange Tipi Tip seemed like the biggest decision of our lives. Today, this iconic local brand continues to satisfy the snack crazy Sri Lankans appetite.  

Uswatte Family Wafers- 400g

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Glucorasa Fruity Jujubes Family Pack By Uswatte- 175g

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Glucorasa Jujubes By Uswatte 250g

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Gas cookers in Sri Lanka

Gas cookers in Sri Lanka is one of the most common contraptions purchased as it is a much-needed utility item in the kitchen. In the first place, we need food and one of the most economical and clean methods of preparing food is by using a gas cooker. In like manner, due to its many benefits, many cook using gas as against the traditional wood-fired stove. This is so even in the rural areas in Sri Lanka.

You can purchase many types of gas cookers in Sri Lanka

Benefits of using gas cookers in Sri Lanka

The main benefit of a gas cooker is that it gives you total control over the heat. That means that you don’t have to wait for the element to warm up. Likewise, and you can adjust the temperature instantly.

Other advantages:

  • Instant heat and accurate cooking temperatures allow you to use high heat for stir-frying and immediately follow with low heat for gentle simmering.
  • The even heat distribution offered by a centralised gas flame can help reduce scorching.
  • Gas cookers have relatively low heat emissions as the gas flame immediately disappears when turned off.
  • You can use any type of pot or pan on a gas cooker.
  • Cheaper operating costs

Gas Cooker  – Cooking Tips

For those who have recently purchased gas cookers in Sri Lanka, here are few gas cooking tips. Cooking with a gas cooker is pretty straightforward, but there are a few things you should know.

Cooking with gas is economical

Simmering May Take Some Practice

The one thing that many people have trouble with when it comes to using a gas cooker is how to simmer. It takes some practice. You will find that when you turn the flame down low, your pan will continue to receive heat. You then try to turn the flame lower and it goes out. You re-light and try again.

Eventually, with practice, you will find the perfect setting for the simmer function. You will also learn that if a recipe tells you to cook on high, you may want to leave your gas stove on medium. Yes, it heats that well.

Learn What Gas Smells Like and Know How to Turn the Gas Off.

As for safety, it is very important to know what gas smells like. While leaks are very rare, they are possible. You need to be able to recognize it. In addition, knowing how to turn off the gas is crucial.

Be Mindful of the Flame

Remember that you are cooking with an open flame. Of course, you need to remain mindful of this. However, with a gas cooker, the flame is the heat. So, if something comes in contact with it, a fire can start very quickly. Be sure to watch out for things such as kitchen towels, oven mitts, long hair, loose clothing, etc. And, get in the habit of turning a burner off the moment you remove a pan from it.

Keep It Clean

No matter how hard you try, cooking can get messy. Food splatters, drips, spills, and so forth. The leftover debris from your cooking may actually catch fire the next time you go to light your gas burner. So make a point to clean after each use.

Opt for High-Quality Gas Cookers in Sri Lanka

Lastly, if you want to get the most pleasant cooking experience from your gas cooker, you will want to consider purchasing one that is of high quality. Certainly, over time, you will come to learn that the joy that comes from cooking on your new gas cooker is worth far more than the price.

Easy Ways to Save Cooking Gas in Kitchen

1. Check for Leaks

Check your pipes, burners, and regulators for any leaks. Small leaks can often go unnoticed and later add up to your financial expenses. This is one of the best ways to conserve LPG gas at home.

2. Wipe Your Plates and Pans Dry

Want to learn what’s another simple technique about how to save LPG cooking gas without putting in a lot of effort?

Don’t use your LPG cylinder for drying your utensils when they have water droplets on them. Use a kitchen towel to wipe them dry. It’s really that easy.

3. Don’t Overcook

Overcooking is one of the biggest reasons why LPG gets wasted in every household. Next time you cook, keep an eye out for the cooking time and check to see if all the ingredients require cooking. Use a microwave for heating, if need be, instead of your LPG cylinder. Add salads and fruits to your meals since these don’t require cooking. Plus, you’ll be eating a lot healthier that way and your body will thank you for it.

4. Use a Pan for Covering What You Cook

You can cook your dishes faster and use less gas at the same time by covering the pans with a lid. Covering with a lid will make sure the flames reach their sides, thus cooking more efficiently. Also, it traps the steam and speeds up cooking.

6. Use Low Heat

Cooking on high heat is known to kill the beneficial enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins in your food. Cook on low flame next time and let your pan simmer once it’s heated up. Try steaming your veggies when you can and not boil if you’re serious about getting out maximum nutrition from your meals.

7. Measure What You Cook

A lot of people don’t bother measuring the ingredients before cooking. They end up using too much water or too few ingredients which makes them waste gas. Don’t be one of them and measure carefully the proportions based on the recipes before you get cooking.

8. Use a Pressure Cooker

Pressurized steam ends up cooking food faster and in a lesser amount of time. Instead of cooking openly, use a pressure cooker to speed things up. When you do finish cooking, store any leftovers in insulated containers to keep them fresh for longer and to prevent reheating often.

9. Clean Your Burners

If the flame coming out from your burner looks orange, yellow, or not so uniform, then there’s probably some carbon deposit on it. Take a look and clean it up. It’ll help you save more fuel that way.

11. Use The Right Cookware

There’s no point in using larger cookware or big pot and pans for cooking small-sized meal portions. Make sure to match the size of your recipes or servings with your cookware because larger cookware takes up more LPG to get heated up.

Where can you buy gas cookers in Sri Lanka?

Gas cookers can be easily purchased online from Kapruka. Since Kapruka delivers to your preferred address in Sri Lanka, it is that much easier. You can also buy gas cookers from the many home appliance stores scattered around Sri Lanka. However, make sure to buy from a reliable supplier.

In conclusion, the benefits of using a gas cooker are numerous. Apart from the apparent low operating costs you can be assured that even during a power breakdown you can make a meal, thanks to a gas cooker.

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New Online Trader Guidelines


1. Fair Business, Advertising and Marketing Practices

  • Businesses should not make any representation, or omission, or engage in any practice that is likely to be deceptive, misleading, fraudulent or unfair.
  • Businesses should not misrepresent or hide terms and conditions that are likely to affect a consumer’s decision regarding a transaction.
  • Businesses should not use unfair contract terms.
  • For any special offers or free trials,  businesses should inform consumers about all eligibility conditions required for the offer in a clear and conspicuous manner, including the length of the offer and any additional charges that will be incurred that are not described in the offer.
  • All key conditions should be easily discernable in a text that is easy to find, read, and understand
  • The advertised price should be the price at which consumers can actually purchase the product.
  • Businesses should not use disclaimers to counter false or misleading pricing claims in advertisements.

2. Unsolicited Email/SMS (Spam)

  • Pre-emptive activities to create barriers to e-mail scams such as phishing should be considered.
  • Businesses should communicate effectively with their customers. They should clarify which kind of communications can/will be sent by e-mail and define how e-mail addresses and other information may be accessed and modified by the user.

3. Consumer Reviews

  • Do not write or knowingly publish false ratings and reviews that appear to come from genuine consumers or independent third parties.
  • Do not hire third parties who have not used your product to post ratings and reviews.
  • Do not establish a system to enable consumers to report potentially fake ratings and reviews, and react swiftly to such reports.
  • Businesses should disclose any incentives you provide for consumer ratings and reviews in a clear and conspicuous manner
  • Do not discourage consumers from posting honest negative ratings and reviews and process all ratings and reviews, whether positive or negative, in a fair manner.
  • Businesses should present a clear and conspicuous policy of how they handle ratings and reviews and abide by that policy.

4. Information Asymmetry and Clear Information

(i)   Businesses should disclose information to consumers consistent with best practices.

(ii)   Businesses should establish a proper system to contact easily customers (Eg. Specific telephone numbers, that should be answered to the phone).

(iii)  Businesses should disclose their role in or connection with any advertisements or otherwise promotional materials related to their goods and/or services in a clear and prominent manner.

(iv)  Businesses should not hide key information or disclosures in fine print or behind pop-up windows and hyperlinks is inappropriate.

 5. Personalized and Special Offers

(i)    Businesses should send individuals a link to the privacy statement when obtaining their personal data indirectly

(ii)   Businesses should establish procedures for customers to access the personal data input into the profiles so they can review and edit for accuracy.

(iii)  Businesses should create additional checks for profiling/automated decision-making systems to protect any vulnerable groups such as children.

(iv)  Businesses should only collect the minimum amount of data needed and have a clear retention policy for the profiles created.

(v)   Businesses should use anonymized data in profiling activities.


  1. Order Button

(i)   Provide consumers with an opportunity to review summary information about the good or service.

(ii)   Ensure that consumers provide express consent

  1. Quality of Goods

(i)    Businesses should not misrepresent or hide terms and conditions that are likely to affect a consumer’s decision regarding a transaction.

(ii)   Businesses should not use unfair contract terms.

(iii)  Businesses engaged in E-commerce should provide information about the terms, conditions and costs associated with a transaction that is sufficient to enable consumers to make an informed decision regarding a transaction. Consumers should be able to easily access this information at any stage of the transaction.

(iv)  Businesses should provide consumers with a clear and full statement of the relevant terms and conditions of the transaction.

(v)   Where  applicable  and  appropriate  given  the  transaction,  such  information  should  include  the following: i) Initial price, including all fixed compulsory charges collected and/or imposed by the business; ii) Information on the existence of variable compulsory and optional charges collected and/or imposed by the business when they become known by the business and before consumers confirm  the  transaction;  iii)  Notice  of  the  existence  of  other  routinely  applicable  costs  to  the consumer that is collected and/or imposed by third parties; iv) Terms, conditions, and methods of payment, including contract duration, recurring charges, such as automatic repeat purchases and subscription renewals, and ways to opt-out from such automatic arrangements; v) Terms of delivery  or  performance;  vi)  Details  of  and  conditions  related  to  withdrawal,  termination  or cancellation,  after-sales  service,  return,  exchange,  refunds,  warranties  and  guarantees;  vii) Privacy policy; and viii) Information on available dispute resolution and redress options.

(vi)  Businesses should enable consumers to retain a complete, accurate and durable record of the transaction,  in a  format compatible with the device or platform that the consumers used to complete the transaction.

(vii) Businesses  should  take  note  of  E-commerce  law  disclosure  requirements  and  ensure  full compliance

  1. Payment Terms

(i)           Unified standards and co-ordination between major banks and credit card companies in the area of micropayments are important.

(ii)          Interoperable solutions for electronic payment systems/platforms is preferred.

(iii)         Online merchants can help promote online payment by obtaining and displaying certificates and awards.

  1. Delivery and Logistics

(i)    Businesses should provide consumers with an opportunity to review summary information about the good or service, as well as any delivery and pricing information before consumers are asked to confirm a transaction.

(ii)   Terms of delivery or performance

(iii)  Use reliable logistics providers that offer package tracing and delivery confirmation

(iv)  Where needed, logistics providers may offer cash-on-delivery services

  1. Cooling Off Periods/Rights of Cancellation

(i)    Even where not obligated to do so, businesses should consider offering consumers the possibility to withdraw from a confirmed transaction in appropriate circumstances.

(ii)   Do not provide goods and/or services without affirmative consent for unsolicited offers, such as door-to-door sales (unsolicited visit without prior consent) and inertia selling (negative option) Payment Security

(i)    Businesses should provide consumers with easy-to-use payment mechanisms and implement security measures that are commensurate with payment-related risks, including those resulting from unauthorized access or use of personal data, fraud and identity theft.

  1. Privacy Protection

(i)    Businesses  should  not  engage  in  deceptive  practices  related  to  the  collection  and  use  of consumers’ personal data.

(ii)   Businesses should protect consumer privacy by ensuring that their practices relating to the collection and use of consumer data are lawful,   transparent and fair,   enable consumer participation and choice, and provide reasonable security safeguards.

(iii)  Businesses should adopt clear, prominently displayed privacy policies.

  1. Jurisdiction

(i)    Allow for notifications from consumers in all countries in which the seller operates

(ii)   Provide clear guidance on the choice of forum and choice of law for the site

(iii)  Prominently disclose contact information and jurisdictional information


  1. Warranty

•   Businesses selling goods and/or services to consumers may be subject to implied warranties based on the principle of ‘fair value for money spent. This includes a warranty of merchantability and the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.

•   Even if the product sold ‘as is’, a business may still be responsible if the item is dangerous and causes personal injury to someone.

•    Express warranties can take a  variety of forms,  ranging from advertising claims to formal certificates. An express warranty can be made either orally or in writing.

  1. Product Safety

•   Be aware of product safety requirements and ensure full consumer disclosure.

•   Offer customer support to address potential safety issues.

•   Offer a consumer feedback mechanism to address potential concerns.

  1. Dispute Settlement

•   Offer consumers easy access to dispute resolution mechanisms.

•   Incorporate ADR systems into the website

  1. Enforcement and Penalties

Industry  self-regulation  has  proven  helpful  in  improving  consumer  confidence  and  market functioning by providing support for businesses in overseeing the enforcement of existing legal requirements and even addressing market failures that are not captured by the legal framework or where regulatory actions fail to take place.

Under CAA Act section 60 describes all offences and penalties

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Dominos Sri Lanka the popular choice

Dominos Sri Lanka

We are amid the covid pandemic. Correspondingly, our outward movements have drastically reduced. Of course, we cannot enjoy food seated in a restaurant. However, the craving for food, particularly pizza remains unchanged. In fact, since we are domesticated more than the norm, we like to indulge in more pleasure food at home. Uniquely, in this scenario pizza joints like Dominos Sri Lanka have come to the forefront in offering customers unique choices of pizza at prices that won’t dent your wallet.  

Who manages Dominos Sri Lanka?

Domino’s Pizza is an iconic global brand that was established in 1960 and today operates in more than 60 countries. In addition, the brand has around 9064 outlets worldwide. Dominos Sri Lanka is managed by Jubilant Food Works Limited.  In other words, JFL is primarily a food-service company and currently operates its Domino’s Pizza stores also in India.

In India Jubilant Food Works (JFL) operates hundreds of Domino’s stores and is the leading food services brand in the country. For one thing, Domino’s delivery promise of 30 minutes or free has been a USP of the brand.  For this reason, Dominos is unmatched and unrivalled in the region. Chiefly, the unique combination of delicious taste, convenience and great value has made Domino’s Pizza such a successful brand.   

JFL operates its stores under a Master Franchise Agreement with Domino’s Pizza International.  To put it differently, this provides it with the exclusive right to develop and operate Domino’s Pizza stores in India, Nepal, Bangladesh. Notably, this in addition to JFL managing Dominos Sri Lanka.

Domino’s Pizza has become the largest international pizza company globally based on retail sales

Dominos Sri Lanka has come a long way and currently an established brand in Sri Lanka. For instance, their operation in Sri Lanka started from a single store in 2011. Since then, the brand has grown leaps and bounds and presently have a decent high-street presence covering most affluent towns. Especially, in the Western province, Domino’s counts many outlets.

Apart from the Western province Dominos Sri Lanka continues its journey in expanding its footprint.  Significantly, in the process, they keep winning more and more customer hearts across suburban towns. Accordingly, their great-tasting pizza offerings, unmatched delivery promise and warm customer service have kept the brand at the forefront in Sri Lanka.

Sausage Delight

“Domino Pizza is one of the most famous Halal certified food spots in Sri Lanka; and they have branches in most popular cities across the island”

What is unique about Dominos Sri Lanka?

Pizza is the perfect comfort food during this pandemic —not too messy, hard to mess up, good whether it’s hot or cold, and you don’t need to clean any dishes. Thus, the perfect meal to have during such uncertain times.  By and large, Sri Lankan’s have been ordering a lot of pizza and Dominos Sri Lanka has taken a major slice of this craving. Apart from the famous hot n piping pizzas Domino’s have a wide range of delicious food items on its menu.  Generally speaking, their lip-smacking pasta in red and white sauce, garlic bread, chicken wings and choc lava cakes are hot favourites.

Why order from Domino’s?

Tandoori Delight

Domino’s Pizza has its own unique taste. In essence, it uses a bread-based dough that has a high gluten content for its crust. As has been noted, most of their competitors use a traditional dough that is lower in gluten. After all, the gluten content of the dough is what makes it able to stretch out when being slapped out. This gives it a soft chewy bread-like texture when baked

Quick service: Dominos Sri Lanka has judiciously and aggressively opened a large number of stores that have helped it serve a higher number of customers. The very popular “30 minutes or free” offer has worked wonders and generated huge credibility amongst customers.

Offering local tastes: Pizzas with spicy local flavours are major hits.

Expanding the menu regularly: Dominos Sri Lanka keeps adding exciting new items to its menu and always keeps wonderfully balanced flavours to suit Sri Lankan tastes.

Exciting offers: Sri Lankan’s are value-conscious customers and Domino’s understood it well. There are Pizzas available at affordable prices and combos.

World-class customer service: There has been no compromise in giving the best service to the customers.

Best use of technology: Domino’s has also adopted technologies that enabled it to improve supply chain management and customer service.

Chicken Hawaiian

Order Domino’s from Kapruka

Did you know that Domino’s pizza can be ordered online through Kapruka? In short, Domino’s handles the delivery on behalf of Kapruka. As has been noted, you can order online if your delivery address is within 4 Km’s of any Domino’s outlet. Generally speaking, you have to be aware of this before ordering. Uniquely, you can pay when your pizza is delivered to you. In essence, there is no need to pay in advance when ordering. Correspondingly, as for payment options, you can pay through all major credit or debit cards.

Sri Lankan chicken curry pizza

Considering the present situation, Dominos Sri Lanka has focused on the Pizza home delivery model. However, under normal circumstances, it would also offer the all-day dine-in option to consumers. In conclusion, Domino’s Pizza is extremely relevant for the Sri Lankan market. By and large, because of the brand’s strong market appeal in terms of affordability and great taste.

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Anchor Milk mother’s trust

Anchor milk is one of the most popular milk powder brands in Sri Lanka. Moreover, as a brand, it entered the Sri Lankan market in the 1980s and since then evolved into a household dairy brand. For instance, millions of glasses of Anchor milk are consumed across the island every day. Without a doubt, this bears testament to the fact that Sri Lankan families trust Anchor to provide the best and high-quality dairy nutrition.

Anchor Milk and Fonterra

Fonterra is a leading global nutrition company from New Zealand, committed to providing Sri Lankans with trusted dairy goodness. Correspondingly, Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited is a New Zealand-based multinational dairy company. In fact, Fonterra is owned by the New Zealand-based dairy farmers that supply the company. Notably, the company derives its revenue from the collection, manufacturing, and distribution of milk and milk-derived products. To enumerate, as per the latest reports Fonterra is responsible for approximately 30% of the world’s dairy exports. Markedly, it is New Zealand’s largest company.

Fonterra’s premier brand Anchor has now become the front runner in many countries. For this reason, Fonterra stays true to its promise of providing Anchor milk, of the highest quality made from the purest and freshest milk from New Zealand. Thus, during Anchor’s presence in Sri Lanka, it has focused on its core values of being the mother’s trusted choice. Uniquely, Anchor has been providing high-quality dairy products to Sri Lanka for over 40 years.

Where is Anchor made in Sri Lanka?

Fonterra manufactures and packs its products at their state-of-the-art powder and liquid plants in Biyagama. Additionally, their powder plant packs over 475,000 packs of milk powder every day. Indeed, this includes some of Sri Lanka’s favourite dairy brands Anchor, Ratthi, Anlene and Anchor Pedia Pro. Moreover, their liquid plant processes about 40,000 litres of local milk every day, turning it into fresh dairy products for the Anchor and Anchor Newdale brands, including UHT milk, flavoured milk, set yoghurt, stirred yoghurt and curd

Is Anchor full cream milk power imported?

Yes, Anchor full cream milk powder is imported from New Zealand. Without a doubt, you can trust that some of the world’s finest dairy comes from farms in New Zealand. Uniquely, New Zealand is tucked far away from anywhere and surrounded by clean air, bathed in rain and sunshine. Of course, it’s the ideal climate for the growth and abundance of dairy farming. Likewise, New Zealand’s well-cared cows produce better quality milk, than elsewhere. Moreover, Anchor Milk gives their utmost care and attention to ensure the integrity of their products are protected. Not to mention, their carefully managed, world-class supply chain.

Fonterra’s packing and blending plant, New Zealand

Accolades for Anchor 

Anchor milk has blazed a successful trail in the marketing arena of Sri Lanka and overseas. Anchor Milk for over a century has maintained a sterling reputation for quality. Certainly, the brand has been relevant in each passing decade. Its owners Fonterra has seen to that it has a top of mind awareness at any given time. As an illustration, over the years, Anchor milk has won many awards from various leading organisations. Notably, among its noteworthy wins were at the SLIM Nielsen Peoples Awards 2011. Here it won the award for FMCG Brand of the Year. Furthermore, Anchor was recognized as one of Asia’s Best Brands at the CMO Asia Awards 2011. Incidentally, the awards were organized by the World Brand Congress, highlighting the strength of the brand in the Asian region

SLSI confirms Anchor meets national standards for milk powder

In 2020, The Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) reconfirmed that Anchor Full Cream Milk Powder meets all Sri Lankan standards of quality and safety for full cream milk powder. To enumerate, this was possible due to an extensive surveillance audit conducted in New Zealand by SLSI. This meant SLSI inspected the breadth of the manufacturing process. For this reason, key findings by the SLSI team concluded that Fonterra New Zealand, the dairy co-operative behind Anchor, has taken every possible measure in this direction. Chiefly, SLSI has certified that products exported to Sri Lanka meet the requirements of SLS 731, which is the national standard for milk powder in Sri Lanka. 

Throughout the years, Anchor has grown as a brand and has innovated new products to better cater to the evolving needs of the Sri Lankan milk market. During this expansion, Anchor has strengthened its gold standard quality and best nutrition through its entire range. That is to say, Anchor continues to be known as a brand trusted by mothers to provide great-tasting and nutritious milk products.

Music Walker

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Walker Series HF7-34

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Johnnie Walker - Red Label - 750ml

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The timeless taste of Sunquick

For over half a century, the great taste of Sunquick’s orange flavour has been delighting people all over the world. Uniquely, that great distinctive taste of Sunquick is known far and wide, across countries and continents. Likewise,  we here in Sri Lanka initially got a taste of Sunquick soon after the UNP government of 1977 liberalised imports. This made way for an avalanche of imported products to flood our shores back then. Of course,   ever since, the brand has been loved by generations of Sri Lankans.

Sunquick range of flavours in Sri Lanka

Sunquick heritage

Brothers Jep and Flemming Petersen developed and launched their unique Sunquick Orange Concentrate in the 1960s. In fact, it is manufactured at Co-Ro Food a fruit-based uncarbonated soft drinks company based in Frederikssund, Denmark. Incidentally, the company was founded by the duo of brothers in 1942. Indeed, they achieved their goal to produce a distinctive juicy drink by concentrating on real orange juice. By all means, Sunquick looks and tastes like real orange juice and quickly became known as a family drink associated with sharing joyful moments.

Since the launch of the Sunquick concentrate in 1966, the brand has developed a long tradition of expansion. Further, they have successfully established Sunquick in many new markets. For instance, today, Sunquick is present in more than 70 countries on five continents, with a portfolio comprising concentrate and Ready-to-Drink (RTD) varieties.

Refreshing taste

Sunquick – the delicious thirst-quenching drink is lovingly made to help create joyful moments for people all over the world. In particular, it is also a tasty drink for any occasion. Especially, whether you’re on your own, celebrating something special or just getting together with family and friends, Sunquick helps to build bonds. By all means, whatever the reason, Sunquick can help you take a well-deserved break and refresh.

Sunquick in Sri Lanka

Sunquick has been available in Sri Lanka for more than 42 years creating happy moments and memories in the homes of all its customers. To point out, the Sunquick brand enjoys more than 70% market share in the Squash and Cordial category in Sri Lanka. Specifically, it is well-known for its wide range of flavours, which are made with high-quality natural fruit juices.

In 2017, CW Mackie and Co-Ro from Denmark (the brand owners of Sunquick) has agreed to manufacture, process and market Co-Ro’s products in Sri Lanka. Incidentally, their products in the form of concentrates and ready to drink (RTD) products will be manufactured and marketed in Sri Lanka under this agreement. Significantly, the machinery housed in Sri Lanka to bottle the brand conforms to the strict Scandinavian standards demanded by the product. Accordingly, their purpose-built bottling plant is located in Horana. Particularly, quality assurance personnel from the Global QA team ensure that international quality standards are never compromised. The brand is distributed in Sri Lanka by the renowned trading house, C.W Mackie PLC.

Factory in Horana

Ready-to-drink (RTD) packs

In keeping with the times and lifestyle changes, Sunquick is now available in Sri Lanka as a ready-to-drink (RTD) product, in the Sunquick tetra pack. In its new configuration, the tetra pack, which is smaller, lighter and more durable helps consumers to enjoy Sunquick on the go at any time. Notably, the tetra packs come in two sizes – 200ml and 125ml and made available in all popular flavours including the all-time favourite, Orange.

Ready to drink tetra pack

The brand consumers know, love and trust – available for foodservice

From cinemas to food halls, restaurants, cafés, events or parties, Sunquick has got a super foodservice range. As a result, many opportunities are afforded for businesses to create joyful moments for consumers. Further, their food service range enables consumers to experience the unique taste away from home. Consequently, the brand is inspired by nature and made with real fruit juice. Hence, their much-loved products are free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners. Whatever the purpose, you can trust their wide range of products to bring people together and help share the joy.

Order online@Kapruka

Be assured, now you can order Sunquick online at In, like manner, thanks to the delivery capability of Kapruka, your order will be delivered on time. In general, the delivery time and the delivery fee depends on the distance. At the same time, there’s cash on delivery feature too. Here,  you can order online from  Kapruka without any payment. Correspondingly,  Kapruka accepts popular credit and debit cards. In reality, the payment flexibility of Kapruka is sky high that makes it a breeze to purchase to your heart’s delight online.

Sunquick Orange Juice Bottle - 700ml

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Sunquick Apple Juice Bottle - 700ml

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Thanks to the reduced sugar concentrate Sunquick still tastes great. It contains 30% less sugar and vitamin C. With its distinct, rich and refreshing taste, each bottle contains many glasses. Without a doubt, it is the perfect refreshment to be placed at the heart of joyful moments with family and friends.

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Dairy Milk Brands in Sri Lanka

Dairy development plays a key role in the rural economy of Sri Lanka due to its ability to generate income and employment. As a matter of fact, dairy farming has been a traditional industry that has survived thousands of years. Equally important, this sector plays an important role in infant nutrition and alleviating nutritional poverty among all age groups. Similarly, dairy products in the form of milk have been an important source of high-quality protein, minerals and vitamins for the population. For rural smallholder farmers, dairy animals are a ‘living bank’ that serves as a financial reserve for periods of economic distress. Notably, in this blog article, we are going to highlight some leading dairy milk brands in Sri Lanka.

Pelawatte Dairy – One of the leading dairy milk brands in Sri Lanka

Pelawatte dairy brings the wholesome goodness of milk from their own meadows located around Buttala directly to you. Moreover, Pelwatte Diary is one of the leading dairy companies in Sri Lanka. In addition, the company produces a range of dairy products including powdered milk, flavoured milk, yoghurt and ice cream.

Pelwatte – A leading dairy milk brand in Sri Lanka

Lucky Lanka Milk Processing Company 

Lucky Lanka is another leading innovative milk processing company that has been delighting customers with high-quality dairy products since 1991. Uniquely, the objective of Lucky Lanka is the journey of sharing the goodness of dairy products to make a healthy Sri Lanka. The company is operating from Uyangoda and one of the leading dairy milk brands in Sri Lanka.

Lanka Milk Foods

LMF is the owning company of renowned dairy products brand Ambewela Fresh Milk, Ambewela Yogurt and Ambewela Cheese. In fact, Lanka Milk Foods currently operates two of Sri Lanka’s largest dairy farms. They are situated in the beautiful town of Nuwera Eliya and are adorned with the lush green grass of the highest quality. In essence, their location at an altitude of 6000 feet from the sea level provides ideal conditions for the raring of the best breeds of cattle in the world. At the present time, the two farms extend across 1500 acres and houses over 2000 heads of cattle. 

Ambewela Fresh Milk 1L

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Ambewela Non Fat Milk - 1L - 3 Pack

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Ramadan Ifthar Grocery Pack

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The cool climates of Bogahawatte, Patana, also known as the beautiful Kotmale Valley,  houses the Kotmale dairy. Uniquely,  Kotmale dairy is always driven by commitment, care and dedication in nourishing the lives of all. As a matter of fact, Kotmale is Sri Lanka’s largest privately owned fresh milk brand. By the same token, Kotmale brings you a wide variety of dairy products which has all become island-wide favourites. Without a doubt, Kotmale is one of the leading, dairy milk brands in Sri Lanka.

Kotmale is Sri Lanka’s largest privately owned fresh milk brand.


Richlife Dairies was incorporated in the year 1995. It was the first company in Sri Lanka to manufacture Ultra-high Temperature (UHT) treated, shelf-stable tetra pack packaged food products. This venture and was aimed to cater to the ever-increasing demand for shelf-stable, healthy, nutritious natural food and beverages. Richlife Dairy liquid range varies from Ultra Heat Treated (UHT) Non-flavoured milk, UHT flavoured milk, pasteurized flavoured and non-flavoured milk and pasteurized flavoured milk. These come in different packaging formats such as Tetra packs, bottles and sachets.

Rich Life Gouda Cheese -200g

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Rich Life Paneer Cheese -200g

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Rich Life Cheese Spread -175g

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The National Milk Board which was formed by the government was involved in dairy development, milk collection, milk processing and marketing since the year 1956. In 1986, it was converted into Milk Industries of Lanka Co. Milco is a public company that has an effective plant capacity of 200,000 litres per day. It has three milk plants located in Narahenpita, Digana and Ambewela.

Milco dairy products are sold in the market under the trade name “Highland”. These products are produced using only local milk that is produced by local dairy farmers. Liquid milk such as pasteurized and sterilized varieties are made the natural way where additives or chemicals are added not added.

Customer loyalty is sky-high for Highland brand

How do you order Dairy Milk Brands in Sri Lanka online?

Dairy milk brands in Sri Lanka can be ordered online through In addition, Kapruka delivers to any address in Sri Lanka quickly. However, the delivery time depends on the distance. Uniquely, there is cash on delivery feature, so there is no need to pay in advance. Correspondingly, as for payment options, Kapruka accepts all popular credit and debit cards as well.

In recent years there has been an increased demand for fresh milk. Partly this because of education where modern consumers are aware of the benefits of fresh milk as opposed to powdered milk. Secondly, for fresh milk to be popularized it is evident that homes have to be equipped with a refrigerator. As a country we are on the right direction in this path as increased disposable incomes will lead to homes having at least a basic refrigerator.  Once that eventually happens dairy milk brands in Sri Lanka will see tremendous growth in the coming years.

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Mango Tree online

We are amid a lockdown now fashionably called a travel restriction. In the first place, this means spending lots of time inside our homes. Of course, the hell with gaining extra pounds around our bellies. As a matter of fact, irrespective of one’s age, most of us indulge in food during the new normal. In addition, this is apart from being hooked on to a computer or smartphone. Not to mention, Netflix is so so in, plus an endless dose of movie nights is a routine we cannot get out. Although this may be true, sometimes we need a celebration, cause cannot eat home-cooked food all the time. After all, this is the time to search for Mango tree online and give our taste buds a culinary treat with their heavenly North Indian cuisine.

Mango tree online – How did it all start?

A distinctive dream and a relentless passion led to the creation of The Mango Tree Indian Cuisine restaurant by Viraj and Dilip. To enumerate, at that time Colombo was starving for a good Indian Restaurant serving authentic North Indian cuisine. To begin with, in the year 2003 without much foresight Viraj and Dilip, while they were on their trip to meet their family met Sukhvinder Singh in Mumbai. In a moment, low and behold, they decided to launch a restaurant in Colombo. The very next day all of them headed on a flight to Colombo. In due time, The Mango Tree restaurant was created. As the years rolled by e-commerce was gaining traction in Sri Lanka, and this restaurant too joined the bandwagon. In the present day, you can log into Kapruka and order dishes from Mango tree online.

Mango tree online for authentic North Indian cuisine

With Mango Tree online, you can experience the rich heritage of Northern Indian cuisine. Plus you get a glimpse into the rest of the country every now and again thanks to the creative genius of their Master Chefs from India. In essence, understanding the current trend towards healthy eating, the Mango Tree focuses on char-grills and low-fat cooking. In a word, this I believe is a boon to weight watchers. Ultimately, Mango tree online strives to bring you the best possible food and service. They are committed to quality, value and your complete satisfaction. By the same token, the food you online is prepared fresh each day in their own kitchens using the highest quality of ingredients available. Additionally, Mango Tree uses all-natural meats and vegetables with no added hormones or MSG. Of course, no worries!

What’s the difference between North Indian and South Indian food?

In Northern India, the cuisine tends to be less spicy, using mild to moderate spices such as masala. In contrast, Southern India, on the other hand, tends toward much spicier food, as many tropical cultures do. Besides, rich aromatic gravies, spicy vegetable stir-fries, moist and tender slow-cooked meat gives North Indian cuisine a unique flavour. After all, the availability of a plethora of vegetables, fruits, grains and spices makes the cuisine vibrant and colourful.

What Makes North Indian Cuisine Popular?

A simple North Indian vegetarian meal consists of moong dal, vegetable dish and roti. On the other hand, a non-vegetarian dish, like chicken, heavily seasoned with spices, onion, ginger and garlic are always on demand.

On the other hand, stuffed parathas, saag (a leaf vegetable dish) and cornmeal or maize flour roti, chole bhature (Chole stands for a spiced tangy chickpea curry and Bhatura is a soft and fluffy fried leavened bread), meatballs, rogan josh (curried meat dish), tandoori chicken, biriyani and pulao rice are very popular among many North Indians food lovers.

Additionally, vegetable oils like sunflower oil and mustard oil are used to make these dishes. Equally important, Ghee is normally used on special occasion while cooking. Above all, the reason for the evolution of North Indian cuisine is because at the end of the day North Indian food fans want something traditional and spicy in their food.

The popularity of tandoor

Notably, tandoor, which a few years back was known to the Muslims and Punjabi community, is today the preferred cuisine among hoards of Indian food lovers.  In fact, keeping with the tradition, many North Indian restaurants serve Mughlai food and kebabs to their customers, introduced the tandoori trail and trend of Mughlai food among Indians.

ALOO GOBHI–  A unique and typical North Indian delight of potatoes and cauliflower with typical spices.

TAWA MUSHROOM –  Mushroom, diced onion, capsicum, tomato in thick spicy gravy

PANEER MAKHANI – An eternal Favourite made with cottage cheese in tangy tomato gravy and topped with cream and butter.

MURG TIKKA – CHICKEN – Succulent pieces of chicken marinated in yoghurt, spices and cooked on burning charcoal grilled to perfection.

MURG TIKKA BIRIYANI – MAIN COURSE – A special Tandoori biriyani of tikkas and flavoured basmati

NAAN (GARLIC/ ONION) – Enriched leavened refined bread with garlic and onion

TANDOORI ROTI – A whole wheat bread baked in clay oven.

Mango Tree – Delivery and payment

Let’s assume, you just selected the most delectable dish from mango tree online, and want it to be delivered. Thanks to the delivery capability of Kapruka, you won’t be disappointed. In general, the delivery time and the delivery fee depends on the distance. For example, the delivery fee of Kapruka starts at Rs 200. Unlike some online retailers, with Kapruka you could order without any payment. Correspondingly, as for payment options, Kapruka accepts popular credit and debit cards. In any event, if you do not have any of these you can do a bank deposit too. The payment flexibility of Kapruka is sky high that makes it a breeze buy to your heart’s delight.

Mango Tree Gift Voucher Rs. 3000/-

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50 Rambutan Box

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Soursop Plant (Katu Anoda)

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Buy Perfumes Online in Sri Lanka

As you all know we are in a pandemic. A grave one at that. As a matter of fact,  there are travel restrictions imposed by the authorities. By all means, in such a situation what do you do if you need a buy your favourite perfume? Also, let’s assume it’s your loved one’s birthday or anniversary. Surely, you know a box of perfume is the best gift you can give. For one thing, do you simply move with the tide wait for the next year to gift a perfume? Certainly not! Thanks to online retail now you can buy perfumes online in Sri Lanka, and get them delivered to your doorstep. Better still you can get a gift in the forms of a perfume delivered to your loved one’s address. Obviously, the question will arise who can undertake this tedious task. Definitely, without a doubt, it is

Buy Perfumes Online in Sri Lanka@Kapruka

Kapruka has been Sri Lanka’s #1 place to buy perfumes online in Sri Lanka. Kapruka stocks many world-renowned brands of women’s and men’s fragrances. All of them deliverable to your doorstep within just days. Their broad selection of perfumes and colognes includes celebrity scents, gift sets, top sellers, hard-to-find fragrances, new releases and more. In a word, buying your next bottle of fragrance online with Kapruka, opens the door to a wide selection at attractive prices, 365 days a year.

Generally speaking, their massive collection of fragrances sometimes surpasses what you could find at any individual shop. All in all, to make online shopping easy, Kapruka gives a description of each perfume they stock. In fact, this makes it easy to select what you’re looking for. Given these points, first-time shoppers and the most discerning connoisseurs can both find just the right fragrance at surprisingly affordable prices. All things considered, those deciding to buy perfumes online in Sri Lanka, is not disappointed anymore.

Delivery and payment for perfumes@Kapruka

Let’s assume, you just selected the most discerning fragrance and you are thrilled about it. Your spirits are high and you want to reach out and get this delivered for a special person. Thanks to the delivery capability of Kapruka, you won’t be disappointed. In general, the delivery time and the delivery fee depends on the distance. For example, the delivery fee of Kapruka starts at Rs 200. Unlike some online retailers, with Kapruka you could order without any payment. Correspondingly, as for payment options, Kapruka accepts popular credit and debit cards. In any event, if you do not have any of these you can do a bank deposit too. The payment flexibility of Kapruka is sky high that makes it a breeze to buy perfumes online in Sri Lanka.

Genuine perfumes at competitive prices

Rest assured Kapruka sells only genuine perfumes. Besides, in a market where duplicates are being sold as originals, Kapruka wants to assure its esteemed customers that all brands of perfumes sold at Kapruka are genuine.  They come directly from the authorised distributor. Also, be warned there are many counterfeit, in the market in Sri Lanka. Consequently, stories are many where innocent customers get duped by unscrupulous retailers selling fake products online.  So the next time you buy perfumes online in Sri Lanka, you better stick to a well-known reputed online retailer. Kapruka is just that!   

Shopping for brands at Kapruka

The perfume selection took off with the simple idea of making luxury perfume brands accessible to everyone in Sri Lanka, irrespective of the address they live in. On the whole, their perfume selection has developed a true passion to delight customers by providing the most sought after products at the lowest possible prices. In short, now shoppers can afford to indulge in bottles of the very finest perfume you’ll find anywhere. Henceforth, some of the hottest brands they stock, include Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Lancome, Giorgio Armani, Bvlgari, Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Davidoff, Gucci and more.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is an Italian luxury fashion house founded in 1985 in Legnano by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. In 1992, they launched their first perfume Dolce & Gabbana. Their perfume line is the perfect accessory to express any mood every day. Their fragrances are the gateway to the souls.


Founded in 1856, Burberry is a trusted luxury design house, world-famous for its accessories, tartan patterns, and sturdy trench coats. Their fragrances match many qualities of their apparel: classic, long-lasting, and elegant. The Burberry fragrances mix the sensibilities of punk rock and high-class royalty all into one. On the other hand, men would also do very well with Burberry cologne. For men, the Burberry Brit scent has become just as iconic as a leather jacket. Cool, sophisticated, and nonchalant, Burberry cologne is often inspired by the electric vibe of live music.


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Burberry Weekend For Women -100ml

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Burberry Brit Sheer Eau De Toilette Spray-100ml

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Kenzo (stylized as KENZO) is a French luxury fashion house founded in 1970 by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada. Uniquely, Kenzo Takada was born in Japan and moved to Paris in 1964 to start his fashion career. Notably, he then became known for using Asian and Japanese influenced style. However, it was not until 2000 that Kenzo Flower, his flagship fragrance, was launched. In particular, it is a modern and sophisticated scent with natural elements meant to bring freshness to contemporary big city life.


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Inspired by the elements of nature, the Giorgio Armani fragrances are an example of invisible sophistication. A symbol of perfection and harmony. From a skilful blend of the most beautiful raw materials, Giorgio Armani creates perfumes that are timeless and vibrant, yet fluid and simple, just like his fashion designs. Apply your Armani perfume to the inside of your elbows, wrists and behind your ears for a beautiful, long-lasting fragrance.

Armani Code women Eau De Parfum Spray 75ml

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Emporio Armani EA1062

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EMPORIO ARMANI EA3026 5542 52-15 140

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Yves Saint Laurent (YSL)

Captivate satisfaction with the alluring collection of fragrance & perfume for women and men by Yves Saint Laurent. From a warm and spicy fragrance, with notes of Coffee and Vanilla to a daring floral fragrance with Lavender and Orange Blossom to a classic fragrance with Rose and Bergamot, YSL has a perfume for every character and personality.  YSL offers bold and captivating fragrances for men and women that are as unique as the man or a woman who wears them.

YSL Eau de Parfum Y 60ml

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YSL Eau de Parfum Black Opium Intense for-Her 50ml

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YSL Eau de Toilette La Nuit De L`homme Eau Ã?lectrique For Him 60ml

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A lover of beauty, elegance and richness of taste, Russian-born Zino DAVIDOFF always lived a life of pure pleasure. The very essence of ‘the good life’ is captured in the fabulous line of Davidoff Perfumes, which feature impressive Fragrances that leave lasting impressions. Check out the mesmerising notes from the collection of Davidoff perfumes online at and indulge in a fragrant luxury, sending out the right signals!

Kalvin Klein

Ignite your senses with romantic, timeless, and unforgettable women’s and men’s perfumes and fragrances from CALVIN KLEIN. From light citrus top notes to sage and basil mid accents, to cedarwood endnotes, there’s an ideal fragrance profile for everyone in your life. Shop for classic perfume sets with a modern sensibility at

Calvin Klein CK One Red Collector`s For Women 100ml

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Calvin Klein Obsession Night For Men Toilette Spray 125ml

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Calvin Klein Beauty Women Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml

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