Naughty cake for a Hen’s Parties in Sri Lanka

Greedy Lover


Naughty Girl


Passionate Lust


Baby Stripper


The Fantasy


Dark Lady

Top 5 reasons why you should celebrate Hen Parties

1) because it is the trend now – Earlier Hen parties were popular in western countries and gradually this trend expanded to eastern countries like Sri Lanka, India etc. New trends are always fun because they have a curious amusement hidden.
2) because it is the best celebration before marriage (or may be in your whole life) – Hopefully you will be married only once in your lifetime 😉 So you definitely should celebrate your carefree life which has less commitments. You will never get that feeling after.
3) because it is always joyous to have some wicked humor in a celebration – What we enjoy differs with our age. Youth is a very interesting group which has a curious and a creative mind. The most funny jokes may surely have some mischievous sense of humor which is hilarious.
4) because life is too short to be serious – life is not always a competition because it is sometimes a celebration. Once you start enjoying your special moments in life you will realise how beautiful the life is.
5) because Kapruka suggests you the best ways to enjoy your life – we as Kapruka, always try to make your life convenient and fun. We show you how life should be enjoyed and we always give priority to your interests.

Looking for some mischievous cakes to add a little bit of unexpected fun and surprise?  You can always make your occasions overflow with some wicked humor. This is specially introduced naughty cakes from for Hen parties and bachelor parties.

Naughty Girl

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8 Piece Naughty Chocolate Box(Java )

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Angry Birds Cupcakes

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Sri Lanka Valentine’s Day

Sri Lanka Valentine’s Day affords ample opportunities for star-crossed lovers to express their innermost emotions. Likewise, one of these will inspire you to make this Valentine’s Day special. Uniquely, many people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing appreciation for the people they love or adore. In like manner, as far as Valentine’s Day rituals go most people send bouquets of flowers to their loved ones. Then again, some take their loved ones for a romantic dinner at an intimate restaurant. In contrast, the more adventurous may choose this day to propose for their partner.

Sri Lanka Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Whether you are planning to spend this unique day with a special someone or by gifting each other, here are some of the most romantic things you can do on a day that’s set aside for love.

What do loves give each-other on Sri Lanka Valentine’s Day?

Many love-struck souls give greeting cards, chocolates, jewellery or flowers, particularly roses, to their partners or admirers on Valentine’s Day. Surely, the choices of gifts are endless. For instance, you can choose from a wide selection of gifts from Kapruka to stay a notch higher this Valentine’s.

Express your love with Roses

No gift says “I love you” on Sri Lanka Valentine’s Day like a bouquet of roses. In particular, giving roses is an eloquent way to express your words to the one you love and care. For one thing, the rose expresses and emphasizes beauty and love. By all means, roses are traditionally exchanged by couples who wish to express their feelings towards another.

Giving red roses on Valentine’s Day?

Without a doubt, red roses are considered a global symbol of love. In Sri Lanka Valentine’s Day, it is no different as in most places around the world. Significantly, everyone is aware that receiving red roses, whether it’s one or twelve, is how you say “I love you.”

Charm Of Roses

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Winking Passion

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Heart Filled With Roses

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What do white roses mean on Sri Lanka Valentine’s Day?

While red roses are the norm and many send red roses on Valentine’s Day, you can be different and surprise your Valentine this year with white roses. A point often overlooked, white roses symbolise youthfulness, charm and purity. Specifically, white roses also resonate humility and innocence.

This Sri Lanka Valentine’s Day why not gift pink roses for a change?

Pink colour represents romance, love, beauty and perfection.  In fact, Pink roses have been popular for weddings, they have also come to represent new beginnings and budding love. By all means, pink roses are given to express your admiration of loved one’s refinement, elegance or femininity.

Sweets for your Sweetheart from Kapruka

Chocolates are to a Sri Lankan Valentine’s Day what Christmas cake is to Christmas – the star of the show. Without a doubt, gifting chocolates in whatever design or quantity to your loved one on Valentine’s Day communicates sweet intentions. To put it another way, chocolates are a wonderful addition with flowers and topped up by adding a romantic message on a handmade greeting card. For one thing, even in day and age, the link between love and this decadent, confectionery treat; chocolates remains intact.

Remember chocolate is an aphrodisiac giving you plenty of soul-candy to spend a romantic date. Especially,  this Valentine’s show the one who makes you feel all warm and fuzzy how much they mean to you, with some chocolates from Kapruka. Significantly, you’re just honouring an age-old, very sweet tradition.

Java Strawberry Delight Cheese Cake

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Chocolate Chip Cookie

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Chocolate Brownie

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What can you gift her this Sri Lanka Valentine’s Day?

  • Her favourite brand of Gift Voucher’s

Most of the girls have their favourite brand of clothes. Believe me, shopping for girls is a daunting task. For this reason, you might feel hopeless at the shop not knowing what to buy for your sweetheart. Consequently, you can get away from this by gifting your girl her favourite brand’s gift vouchers from Kapruka. 

Gift Vouchers

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Spa Ceylon Gift Voucher

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Innovation Gift Voucher

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  • Handbags

Before Valentine’s week, many men will begin their gift hunt, and one of the few gifts that men realise that cannot go wrong with women as a Valentine’s Day gift is a handbag. Thus, much like a wallet to men, handbags are the females’ armour. Therefore, go on a journey and shop for handbags in all shapes, colours and sizes at Kapruka. By shopping online at  you can get the best one for your loved one this Sri Lankan Valentine’s Day.

  • Jewellery

Adorn your loved ones with the finest silver and gold jewellery sourced from some of Sri Lanka’s most preferred names in the industry. May it be a necklace; a pair of eardrops or even a ring, rest assured that it would be great value for the money you pay. No matter where you are in the world shop online at Kapruka for this Sri Lanka Valentine’s Day, and make every moment extra special with gifts your loved ones would cherish for a lifetime.

Jewellery Box

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Jewellery - See Our Top Sellers

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Gold Pendant

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Dress up in Your Finest

Make this Sri Lanka Valentine’s Day a very special day for the two of you. So lo and behold, why not dress up in your finest attire? No matter what your plans are, whether you’ve got reservations at an intimate restaurant or you guys are planning a romantic meal together at home — dressing up and good grooming will make the occasion feel extra special. For this reason, most women love having the chance to get all dolled up, and you can both enjoy looking your best while spending time together. In effect, finding the right attire is not difficult. Definitely, you can shop at as they got a fantastic collection of clothing to add the fizz to a romantic date.

Dresses - See Our Top Sellers

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Linen Long Dress With Tulip Embroided Dress

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Make a Homemade Card for the one you love

The valentine’s card will have more meaning if it is hand-made and created by you instead of buying a card from a shop. By and large, use your own words to describe the person you’re giving it to. In a word, create a special note, a fitting poem or a note of appreciation. Ultimately, customise it by doing the graphics by yourself. The more personal it looks more the appeal for the receiver.

Spend quality time with the one you love this Sri Lanka Valentine’s day

Make time for what’s important and spend quality time with your loved one this Valentine’s. After all, the easiest way to spend quality time with loved ones is to involve them in your day. For starters, both of you can take a day-off and have brunch together at a cosy restaurant.

Subsequently, you guys can go shopping and shop for each other. Afterwards, unwind and have a nap at a hotel or at home. Moreover, in the evening go out to a romantic meal or create a special dinner at home. In like manner, after the meal cuddle with your significant other on a couch and watch a romantic movie. Above all, try to avoid distractions, such as surfing the internet, chatting on the phone while around with your partner.

How to make this extra special by using Kapruka

So you guys have decided to stay at home and celebrate Valentine’s all by yourself. No worries! You can still order flowers or chocolates to be delivered to your home through Kapruka. At the same time, plan well in advance and order a dress from Kapruka to be worn on this special day.

Propose to your dream girl

The best way to propose to the girl of your dreams is on Valentine’s Day. For this reason, if you’ve been thinking about asking her to marry you, there’s no time like Valentine’s Day for a romantic proposal. Certainly, the day is meant for lovers, after all, and getting down on one knee with a ring or red rose is one of the best ways you can profess your love for her.

Breakfast in Bed

On Valentine’s Day, nothing beats waking up to good food and a hot cup of tea or coffee. After all, if you are a couple, how about making her favourite breakfast meal as a surprise this valentine’s day. In brief, guys can make it special for her by waking up a little early and putting in a little effort. Obviously, the ideal point here is to cook on your own to win her heart and make your Sri Lanka Valentine’s Day a special one. Ultimately, if you insist on giving her Valentine’s Day present, choose from a wide range of Valentine’s Day gift ideas from Kapruka


Valentine’s Day is special for many a lover. For many, it is the day they went on their first date. At the same time, for others, it is the day they proposed. Of course, for the married partners, they re-ignited their passion for each other on Valentine’s Day. As a matter of fact, where in the world one is located, February 14th is a very special day to celebrate. Uniquely, to make this special day extra special, you can shop for flowers, sweets, clothes and more at After all, gifting your partner a thoughtful and romantic gift this Sri Lanka Valentine’s Day should be your priority.

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Postal rates in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Posts has been in existence for more than 209 years and employs more than 17,000 employees in various positions. They are one of the oldest Government departments in existence today and we are proud of their history and heritage. Currently, Sri Lanka Posts have a total of 4,692 Post Offices in the whole country. The postal rates in Sri Lanka given below are translated from an extract dated 15th August 2018.

Normal letter postal rates in Sri Lanka (maximum weight 2kg)

Postal rates in Sri Lanka: A letter posted from a charitable organization and social service organization (maximum weight 20Kg) – Rs. 12.00  

  • Conditions:
  • Should be approved from an act in parliament
  • Should get the approval of the Post Master General
  • Should have a written request
  • Need the last annual report and annual accounts. Also, require any statement or record requested by the Post Master General
  • Should conduct the organization without a profit motive
  • The registered postal facility will not be available

Newspapers and magazines registered with the Postal Department (maximum weight 1Kg)

The letters accepted by central mail exchange for delivery within 1-15 Colombo

  • Conditions:
  • For each time (or each month) letters posted should be a minimum of 25000 nos.
  • Maximum weight of a letter shall not exceed 20grams
  • Should get the approval of the Post Master General
  • The sender (or organization) should be one party
  • Should separate and bundle letters to each and every post office

Parcel post postage (maximum weight 20Kg)

# Brail documents for blind persons are excluded from any postal fee.

# Registration fee Rs 30.00 (Parcel post, speed post and logipost cannot use registered post facility

# To obtain a certified copy of a registered post Rs 100.00

# A registered or insured item will not be charged an inquiry fee

# Certified copy of a receipt for the delivery of a registered item (Pink Receipt) Rs 100.00 (Postage of Rs 15.00 is also included)

# Surcharge on an article which should be registered, found unregistered in transmission – Rs 100

Postal rates in Sri Lanka: Propaganda postal service

Directories/annual reports handing over to one address (Including service fee Rs 10.00)

Inland Speed post charge (Maximum weight 10Kg)

For delivery within Colombo delivery zones or acceptance and delivery within own delivery zone – A

For delivery in areas out of own delivery zone – B

Logipost – Maximum weight 40Kg)

Goods transported by using baskets (flowers, fruits, vegetables) maximum weight 20Kg


For the first 10 words Rs 30.00 | Each additional word Rs 2.00 | Fixed-rate Rs 10.00 | Sent message certificate Rs 20.00 | Certified copy of original sent message Rs 50.00 – on the request of the sender/receive

Parcels taken-over by paying the value

Postal and handover fee (Money order postal fee) Rs 15.00 – (In addition to postal mail fee and money order fee)

Insurance fee (Up to a maximum of Rs 25,000)

(For each Rs 1000/= or in part) Rs 25.00 – In addition to the Postal fee and registration fee

Certificate of posting for one/additional postal articles

For one item Rs 40.00 | From 2 – 100 items Rs 50.00 | From 101 – 500 items Rs 60.00 |From 500 items or more Rs 100.00

Warehousing charges

Warehousing charges (First 05 days free, from 06th day onwards will be charged per day) Rs 50.00

Search fees

For search in destination office Rs 25.00 | For search in transit office Rs 35.00

#The minimum surcharge on an unpaid or underpaid postal article Rs 10.00

#To get a return on a posted item Rs 50.00 – (In addition, to send a message Telemail fees apply)

#Handover notice-fee Rs 30.00

Registration fee/annual renewal fee

Registration fee/annual renewal fee for registering with the postal department with the intention of posting a newspaper publication/magazine Rs 3000/=

Postal ID

Normal service Rs 50.00 |One day service Rs 100.00

Post office box yearly fee Rs 5000.00


Mail bag – small (760mm x 430mm Rs 5000 | Mail bag – large (970mm x 510mm Rs 7500 |For additional key Rs 500

Business reply Envelopes or Cards

The annual Registration fee for Business reply Envelopes or Cards Rs 5000’00 (For every calendar year). A minimum refundable deposit, equal to the sum of the postage of the number of envelopes or cards expected by the institution within a month, should be made.

Money orders

The maximum amount that can be sent through a money order from a post office Rs 50,000 | Maximum amount that can be sent through a money order from a sub-post office Rs 10,000

Money order commissions –

Up to Rs 2,000.00 (each Rs 100 or in part) Rs 3.00

From Rs 2000.01 to Rs 10,000.00 (for each Rs 1000 or in part Rs 12.00

From Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000 (for each Rs 1,000 or in part Rs. 10.00

From Rs 25,000.01 to Rs 50,000 (for each Rs 1,000 or in part Rs12.00

Fax money order

Minimum amount to be sent Rs 100 |In addition to money order commission – fixed fee Rs 10.00 |fax fee Rs 30.00 |A private message sent along with the fax money order – Excluding the first 10 words each additional word Rs 1.00

Stamp envelopes

Small (6” x 4 ½”  Rs 18.00 | Large (9”x 4”) Rs 20.00

Traffic spot fine

Traffic spot fine service fee – 10% from the total amount


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Frock designs in Sri Lanka

What’s on your horizon in 2021? Shop for new frock designs in floral prints showcased for your inspiration. Of course, our picks are selected, to carry you through from day and night, weekday or weekend vibes.  Uniquely, Boho chic is trending with a focus on intricate patterns with luxe details. Additionally, we have picked timeless and classic frock designs that will not go out of style and can be the ideal choice for several functions. After all, we are positive our choices of frock designs will transport you to a dreamy escape of transcending fashion trends to put you in a pedestal throughout the year.

Classic V neck floral print frock designs in Sri Lanka:

We must admit that we love this frock featuring classical V-neckline with crochet lace motifs on sleeves and hemline. Above all, you can team with jute wedges and a rope braided cross-body bag for a holiday vibe.

Linen Long Dress With Tulip Embroided Dress

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Ditsy green midi frocks in Sri Lanka

Never has there been a better time to throw on a petal pattern. After all, summer’s on the way so why not be prepared with this midi frock in a lovely ditsy greeny print. Additionally, this frock features a loose midi fit with short sleeves and side split. You can complete the look with your high heels or sneakers!

Cotton Kaftan

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Cotton Kaftan

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Voile batik Kaftan dress

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Floral print maxi frock designs in Sri Lanka

Her face says freedom and this floral print maxi frock is filled, with love and it’s so so gypsy. Did someone say a trip to the coast with the girls? Honey, we are going because you are all styled up with this floral print maxi frock. Likewise, turn heads and hearts in wherever you go! 

Polka dot playsuit frock designs in Sri Lanka

Cue the Insta envy cause this playsuit frock is guaranteed to get all the likes on your feed. Of course, your next brunch won’t be boring, and this frock is a must-have for the whimsical babe who loves to cater to her wanderlust. Moreover, this polka dot playsuit is super comfy with ruffled angel sleeves.

Tie and die frock designs in Sri Lanka

Ready to rock with this trending tie and die frock? Feel like the ultimate IT girl this weekend in this stunning dress. This undeniably feminine essential will get all the cheers at a fab weekend fiesta.  

Sporty girl frock designs in Sri Lanka

Sporty girl vibes but makes it fashion! You can pack your bags and head on a whirlwind road trip across Sri Lanka with this Sporty girl frock. Moreover, teamed with sneakers and a denim jacket layered on top, this comfy dress makes the perfect travel essential as it folds easily in your travel bag.

Ditsy print yellow frock designs

Your weekend dates with friends will not be complicated with this ditsy print yellow frock. Not to mention, made for tropical seasons and endless brunches with your pals, this yellow ditsy print frock is a sure wardrobe winner! Cool, casual the right level of feminine charm, this fit and flare style keeps you trending with its queen style sleeves.

Floral print midi frock designs

The summer is beautiful with this chic ditsy floral print midi frock featuring angel sleeves with a V neck.

Frock designs in Sri Lanka: Maxi frock blue

We are loving polka dot prints combined with boho-chic style frock designs. We keep crawling back to them! So get the best of both worlds with our most feminine essential to date, the cute maxi dress. Of course, the soft and cute dress hugs the curves in all the right ways, offers a femme square neckline and matching elastic shoulder straps.

Wanderlust-UniSex Shirt

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Linen Long Dress With Tulip Embroided Dress

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Off-shoulder maxi frock designs in Sri Lanka

We’re predicting a new and floral you in this 2021! So push some buttons in this bold maxi dress. Likewise, showcasing this year’s favourite runway trends, this romantic green maxi comes with an off-shoulder sweetheart neckline. Uniquely, get the upper hand in fashion game by styling the maxi with braided wedges.

Square collar maxi frock designs

Forget your worries in this totally elegant ditsy floral maxi dress with long puff sleeves and a sweet floral pattern. At the same time, let’s hang out with such a cute dress.

Mini V-neck summer frock  

If boho style is your thing, then we’re pretty sure you will love this cute V-neck frill summer day dress, with a tie in front and elasticated detail. Mixing vintage aesthetics with contemporary silhouettes, certainly, this dress is perfect for city breaks, shopping escapades, bbq parties and outdoor festivals.

Low midi frock

This dress is tailored, to a chic and elegant midi length and this bold bloomed midi promises all eyes on you with its cheeky sweetheart bust. Indeed, the dress also features vogue style cute shoulder straps for the babes who love to keep on the trend and an off-set thigh vent. In this case, team yours with braided wedges and matching bag.

Red leopard print mini dress

Never too late to be a beauty queen with our red leopard print mini dress. We love the red leopard print throughout. You are sure to be attractive with this mini dress featuring off-shoulder neckline and a matching ruffled skirt. So lovely!

Polka dot mini frock

We’re definitely seeing you in this cute polka dot frock this coming weekend. By all means, make it happen with this mini dress designed to impress. Moreover, don’t forget to team with your highs.

Frock designs in Sri Lanka: Fun, fashionable and elegant party frocks

From posh to peppy, party frocks are perfect to flaunt your figure and enjoy your time outside with your friends. A short party wear frock or a maxi dress is both fun and flirty. Surely, a beautiful evening party frock matched with a bag and sexy heels would make a lasting impression.  

Frock designs in Sri Lanka: Mini party frock in ditsy floral prints

Flutter your way throughout the day with this ditsy print floral mini frock. This gorgeous mini features a square neckline cropped short sleeves and central bow detail. Equally, wear with a cowboy hat and cowboy boots to add some jazz to this girly dress.

Low polka dot maxi frock

Our minds are aflutter with this low maxi dress featuring lovely apron neckline with cute polka dot prints. After all, get yours today and enjoy beautiful days with this pretty dress.

V-neck cross belt dress

With this elegant V-neck cross belt knotted dress, you will look so sweet and pretty and sure to turn heads with your curves.

Leopard print maxi dress

Hey, babes, you will look so gorgeous and sexy in this leopard print maxi dress with long sleeves. Equally important, strut with a pair of high heels to add to the persona.

Tropical leaves printed jumpsuit

Hey babe, you know this jumpsuit is always gonna be your new obsession with beautiful and elegant printed tropical leaves in it. By all means, start to add something cool to your wardrobe today and enjoy your posh parties.

Minimalist style dress

We’re going ga-ga over this minimalist style whimsical silhouettes 2021 design frock. So breezy and magical, this frock caters to all corners of escapades this year. Explicitly, featuring luxurious embroidered Broderie Anglaise fabric. Thereupon, style yours with statement pumps or block heels. 

Bodycon party mini frock

Bodycon party dress can get you floating away in a dream. Leave reality behind in this mini party frock with a stylish, sleek design. By all means, be a party queen effortlessly in 2021 with this dress.

Romance party dress

This body-hugging party dress is sure to flaunt your curves and make you the centre of attraction oozing sexiness. By all means, puff sleeves off-shoulder design with spaghetti straps adds to the charm of this party dress.

Cocktail party frock

This white cocktail party dress made with polyester material with a deep cut will make you look all curvy and sexy. Certainly, you will look so sweet and elegant with matching high heeled shoes.

Printed boho maxi dress

Feather print bohemian maxi dress, you’re sure to look sweet and gorgeous with this elegant dress. By all means, this dress will portray you as style diva in the next posh party you attend.

Frock designs and party frocks at Kapruka

Kapruka brings you a plethora of frock designs at the best prices in Sri Lanka. Also, you can buy online from, a collection of trendy party dresses too! Their line-up includes top-notch party dress brands featuring modern designs, rich colours, stylish cuts and unmatched quality. To complete your perfect party-ready look, we recommend that you buy heels, jewellery and the right shade of makeup too at Kapruka. Now is the time to pick and choose your favourites and dance the night away!

Buy clothes here:

Batik Sundress

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Tuk Sarong-Batik Unisex

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Cotton Batik Sundress

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Baby Names in Sri Lanka

One of the biggest milestones in having a baby is selecting the perfect name. In the first place, parents recognize a child’s name becomes part of their identity and you only get one shot to pick a good one. In like manner. Parents often contemplate when choosing baby names in Sri Lanka, trying on different names to see which one will suit their little bundle of joy.

Sinhalese Traditions in selecting baby names in Sri Lanka

As a matter of fact, astrology traditionally plays an important, role in selecting baby names in Sri Lanka, especially for the Buddhists. Likewise, the day and time of birth, are used by an astrologer to determine the best initials for the child. Furthermore, Sinhalese Buddhists also believe that certain arrangements of syllables (known as “gana”) bring good luck to the child. Moreover, these are factored, into the final choice of name. Uniquely, the name is announced, at a Nam Tebima ceremony. For example, baby names in Sri Lanka are also coined, and named after historical figures, characters from Buddhist stories and positive values or virtues. Since recently, names of foreign origin and celebrity names with a Sinhalese twist are also used, as baby names in Sri Lanka.

Christian Traditions in selecting baby names in Sri Lanka

Many Christians do not follow astrology when selecting baby names in Sri Lanka but select a baby name of their choice. Instead, the names of Saints and important characters from the Holy Bible are popular preferences. Having said that since the 1970’s many Sinhala oriented names have become popular among Christians. Moreover, some Christians, particularly those from the burger community use English names. Notably, parents usually formally announce the name of the child at the baby’s baptism.

Muslim Traditions in selecting baby names in Sri Lanka

Muslim parents usually name their babies within seven days from birth. In particular, parents may take suggestions from grandparents, other relatives or from the imam (priest). Moreover, Arabic names from the Holy Quran are favoured by Muslims when selecting baby names in Sri Lanka.

Hindu traditions in selecting baby names in Sri Lanka

Hindus normally organise a Namkaran or naming ceremony around 12 days after the baby’s birth. By all means, astrology is followed again to determine the baby’s lucky initials. Additionally, according to the date and time of the birth of the child, a particular letter of the Sanskrit alphabet associated with the child’s solar birth sign (soorya Rashi) is chosen. It is believed this would prove lucky for the baby. Namely, the baby is then given a name starting with that letter. In particular, generally, the grandfather whispers the name four times in the right ear of the baby. Furthermore, names from sacred Hindu texts are also popular choices when Hindus are selecting baby names in Sri Lanka.

Naming Tips when selecting baby names in Sri Lanka

Whether you follow astrology or not, here are some things to consider when selecting baby names in Sri Lanka for boys and girls:

  • Meaning – People will invariably ask your child what his or her name means. Select a name with a positive sign that your child can be proud of is something every parent should aspire for.
  • Initials – Look at how your child’s initials will look on paper. Some initials (such as M.A.D for example) could lead to life-long teasing.
  • Length – Long names are invariably shortened to nicknames. They are also often misspelt and mispronounced.
  • Uniqueness – Selecting a relatively uncommon name will make it easy to identify your child by the first name.

Qualities of a good baby name

Firstly, the name should be striking, melodious, meaningful and easy to pronounce. Secondly, it should be rhyming well with the surname. Particularly for Buddhists, it should be based on proper numerological calculations to ensure – longevity, progress popularity etc. Also, the first letter of the name should be selected, according to the birth time.

Ways of finding letters for your child

When giving a name to a newborn child you need to find the auspicious sounding starting letters for the name. In fact, it is believed when such an auspicious sounding name is constantly repeated over the years to come, it will act as a “Manthra” which will bring good luck for the child.

There are three ways of finding letters. For example, the crudest way is according to the Day, In effect, it is like giving the name “Chandra” to all the babies born on Mondays.

For the second and third methods, you need to cast the horoscope of the child and find out the “Lagna” (Rising Sign) and the “Janma Nakshtra” (Position of the Moon) of the child from the horoscope.

To emphasise, the letters compatible with the “Lagna” are considered the best. In general, the second best are the letters according to “Janma Nakshatra”. The third preference is the letters according to the Day.


What’s in a name in Sri Lanka

  • For Sinhalese people, the name usually consists of three parts. The first name is the patronymic name of the father, ancestor or ‘house’ and often has the suffix ‘-ge’ at the end of the name. The second name is the personal name and the third name is the surname. An example of this naming structure is Kaluhandhilage Hemamala Silva.
  • Women change their surname to that of their husband’s at marriage but keep their patronymic name.
  • Many Sri Lankans adopt an English name when they live abroad mainly due to the perception that their Sri Lankan name may be too long and difficult for others to pronounce.
  • Tamils generally have no family name. Their first name will be their father’s personal name, followed by their own name (e.g. Alagaratnam Rasiah). Women will generally adopt their husband’s personal name upon marriage in place of the father’s personal name.

Sinhala baby names in Sri Lanka for newborns by Ariesen Ahubudu through Kapruka

Kapruka along with late Arisen Ahubudu`s Daughter Samanthi Ahubudu provides easy access to give your baby the greatest gift of a lifetime. Correspondingly, you will receive the scanned images of the names worksheet of the baby to your e-mail address. Additionally, the worksheet will contain 32 Sinhala names based on the information you provide. Moreover, this service takes 48 hours to complete, from the time you place the request.

About Kalasoori Arisen Ahubudu and Samanthi Ahubudu

Late Kalasoori Arisen Ahubudu was a reputed Sri Lankan Writer, Orator, Play writer, Composer of Sinhala songs, Author and Poet. Additionally, he was also the recipient of three government awards for literary works and held the prestigious title of Kalasoori bestowed from the Government of Sri Lanka. Arisen Ahubudu had also won the Sarasavi award for the best composer of film songs. Uniquely, Kalasoori Arisen Ahubudu has provided names for newborn children for over forty years. Moreover, he has also provided names for Government Institutions, Banks, Media Institutions, Newspapers and Trading Organisations with distinction.

In the present day, Samanthi Ahubudu, daughter of late Kalasoori Ariesen Ahubudu, is continuously conducting her late father’s valuable service of providing names to newly born babies and institutions. In like manner, Samanthi Ahubudu gained erudition in the art of coining names from her father when he was alive. After the demise of Ariesen Ahubudu she has taken the forefront of this art and has coined thousands of names for newborn children providing simple, meaningful and pleasant names. Likewise, she has coined names for children of internationally famous Sportsmen, politicians of high standing and famous artistes. Notably, she also engages in various social service activities.

A name is the first gift of parents to a child

As parents, the first gift you can give your newborn baby is selecting the best name for them. A name that is valuable and lasts a lifetime. A name helps a child to build a strong personality, therefore it is important, you give your baby a meaningful name. For example, a name that can affect your baby, positively. Equally important, if parents believe in naming the child as they wish, they should not give names that have bad meanings. For example, Viranga (which means the male sex organs) or Ayoni (which means women without a reproductive system).


When selecting baby names in Sri Lanka, a parent’s duty to give their child a unique name does not end when it is printed on a birth certificate. To put it another way, the act of giving your child a good name continues throughout their upbringing. Certainly, naming a human being is the most important event in that person’s life as it is this name that will help mould his/her future. By all means, it is also the only thing that remains once a person is dead. Surely, a name is the best gift parents could give their children. 

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Saree Jackets in Sri Lanka

East or West, when it comes to glamming it up, sarees are the best!  Every time a famous actress struts on a foreign red carpet wearing the nine yards of fabric, our hearts just swell up with pride, don’t they? And not just that, the traditional saree, too, has evolved with time and still holds an eloquent place in any women’s wardrobe. But what about the humble companions of the sarees, the saree jackets? Don’t you think that it deserves a makeover too?

Saree jacket designs for inspiration in 2021

We, here at Kapruka, decided that it was time to put a fun, festive, and fashionable spin on traditional saree jackets. Charged with this creative impulse, we searched the Internet for inspiration and came up with a few fun and functional styles that add to the grace of the saree. At the same time, if you are looking to make a style statement with the traditional nine yards, take your inspiration from the styles given below and wow everyone with your look!

Saree jackets: Full-sleeved with a round neck – Sri Lankan

If you are thinking about why we would suggest a full-sleeved jacket, when a saree is just nine yards of plain fabric, we would like to draw your attention to the image shown. The sequined sleeves add an element of glamour to the plain saree, which uplifts the whole look. After all, go for this if you are looking for understated glamour

Standard Cotton Saree-C1413

See Price

Standard Cotton Saree-C1411

See Price

Standard Cotton Saree-C1407

See Price

Saree Jackets: Deep V Neck – Sri Lankan

We have been crushing over this powder blue Deep V-Neck saree jacket from the moment we saw it. Embellished with mirrors, this saree jacket design will perfectly match your charm in the next party that you attend.

Saree jackets: Mirror work – Sri Lankan

This jacket covered with mirrors of different shapes and sizes work wonders with a plain saree. Additionally, this jacket is going to make you the centre of attention of the party as soon as you arrive. Sure eye candy!

Saree jackets: Sweetheart’s neck – Sri Lankan

Go basic and choose to show off that gorgeous neckline of yours in the sweetheart neck jacket design. Uniquely, opt for them in traditional or funky prints or even in solids.

Sri Lankan Saree jackets with Chinese-collared neck

While the Chinese collar jacket may have been inspired by our male counterparts, there is nothing more Sri Lankan than covering it up. Jokes aside, if you have a graceful, swan-like neck, go for this saree jacket to highlight it the sophisticated way.

Sri Lankan Saree jackets: Collar blouse back neck pattern

The otherwise simple jacket is given around a deep cut. This adds more beauty to this piece. Incidentally, the high neck blouse with a band collar is sleeveless. Moreover, this jacket back neck design can be paired with a plain saree or a contrasting colour saree.

Saree Jackets with a knot at the back – Sri Lankan

We decided to take a risk and brought you this naughty-yet-nice style. If you are looking for something that is flamboyant and flirty, then this is our pick for you! What better way to flaunt your beauty than presenting yourself as a present that is looking to be unwrapped! Recommended for date nights and candlelit dinners.

Sri Lankan Saree jackets: Simple and stylish back design with bow

This Sri polka-dotted printed cotton saree jacket has a nice bow at the back, due to this, it looks very feminine and girlish. Uniquely, it does reveal the vibrant side of your personality.

Sheer saree jackets – Sri Lankan

This is for those who are looking something for more flirty than daring. The addition of sheer panels creates an aura of mystery while maintaining the graceful air. Likewise, if you don’t prefer bareback blouses, this is the perfect solution for your “less-is-more” style needs.

Sri Lankan Knot backless neck saree jackets

The knotted back neck style is a very bold and trendy design in the category of saree jacket back neck designs. In this, you get a knot at the back of your jacket. You can also use multi knots to add some creativity. This sensuous looking blouse is best for fun times with your girl gang!

Sri Lankan Boat-neck saree jackets with a deep Back

Nothing spells elegance as much as this boat-neck style saree jacket. While the elegant front neck makes it a perfect choice for evening get-togethers, the deep back adds to the sexiness. This design makes it the perfect companion for a gorgeous saree worn for a cocktail evening or as a guest at a wedding.

Sri Lankan Embroidered Net Sleeves saree jackets

Embroidery has become an important part of today’s fashion. Embroidery designs like this one is a must-have in a woman’s wardrobe. Moreover, this saree jacket can be worn, to a wedding reception or for an evening function.

Shirt collar neck saree jackets – Sri Lankan

Shirt collar neck saree jackets are trending these days. The gutsy ethnic combo of the shirt collar neck is what makes it lovable by any women. This design is suitable as office wear too!

Sri Lankan saree jacket back design

Women who like a simple design with some modern touch can try, this saree jacket design. It encompasses a princess cut pattern with medium length sleeves. The jacket design has a back opening with multiple buttons. Incidentally, this back button saree jacket design can be teamed up, with your printed sarees.

Boat neck saree jacket back design – Sri Lankan

The jacket with full sleeves has rich and vibrant golden embroidery on black fabric. The back neckline has a triangular shape cut with a back hook. Besides, the boat-shaped neckline is truly enchanting that adds sophistication to this pattern

Sri Lankan Backless jacket design for sarees

If you are still shy away from the total backless jacket, then try this subtle version of a backless beautiful saree jacket. It has a single strap at the back. It is extremely modern looking and can be tried for receptions, cocktail parties and other functions

New fashion jacket back-neck design – Sri Lankan

This blouse is one of the best looking back neck design collections. It has both sheer and solid fabric with embroidery and patchwork. After all, try to copy this look as similar jacket patterns should be in vogue in 2021.

New style jacket back design– Sri Lankan

This fabric jacket design is a total beauty with pearls and white thread embroidery and lace design. It is perfect to go with all the cocktail and bridal reception parties. Of course, this is for the modern Sri Lankan woman.

Sri Lankan Cotton saree jacket back neck design

Another beautiful design of cotton jacket with the border is this one. It has keyhole neckline at the back with the tiny button to secure the blouse in place. In like manner, this simplest design is truly pretty for everyday wear.

Pink raw silk boat neck saree blouse – Sri Lankan

The saree jacket here is boat-shaped and has a golden lace around with sleeveless hands. Of course, the pink colour is very striking as well and will make sure you stay in the centre of attention. Uniquely, you can team up this blouse with a transparent saree if the event demands you to look and dress your best. Furthermore, for a casual occasion, on the other hand, synthetic or cotton sarees will look equally good with this jacket design.

Silver lace boat neck saree jackets – Sri Lankan

Take a look at this crop top style saree jacket. It is essentially a jacket, with a sheer top and white floral lace on it. Above all, the bosom is covered with white clothing, making this blouse a good option for parties and invitations that involve you dressing up in a simple yet sociable looking saree.

Sri Lankan One-shoulder neck saree jackets

The one-shoulder neck design is one of the hottest and trendy styles, and due to its trendy looks, it becomes the first choice for intimate functions. After all, this neck design works best with the net saree. Moreover, one can use a lace border to your simple jacket neck design to make your own style statement.

Halter neck saree jackets – Sri Lankan

For someone who loves halter necks, this one is the real deal. Halter necks are known for their sensuous designs and can instantly elevate any saree. Above all, the hook detailing at the nape of the neck adds to the uniqueness. On the contrary, if you want to show off your beautiful back– this is an interesting piece with all things amazing!

Deep back jacket with tassels– Sri Lankan

This extraordinary blouse back design is perfect for gatherings and even weddings. Here the back neck cut has a deep “V” shape which isn’t quite common. On the other hand, the noodle straps give it an extraordinary look. Further, the decorations with tassels are another elegant addition to this gorgeous blouse.

Bikini Inspired Saree jackets – Sri Lankan

Do we even need to say anything more? A sexier outfit than a bikini has not been designed yet. Then again, a jacket inspired from this is something you should own if you are keen on looking alluring in the next gathering. However, be warned as this is only for the daring!

Sarees online at Kapruka

If you are looking to purchase sarees, make sure to check out the entire saree collection at Kapruka. Shopping for sarees online is easy and avoids the hassle of having to travel to various locations to shop for sarees. Besides, the sarees on offer, all have matching saree jackets too. In this case, you simply have to get it stitched as per your fancy.  Bu all means, now you can browse the best priced online sarees in Sri Lanka at Kapruka. Select from their highest quality silk, synthetic, cotton, georgette, and designer sarees. Uniquely, with a Kapruka saree, you are sure to be the centre of attraction where ever you go.

Standard Cotton Saree-C1413

See Price

Standard Cotton Saree-C1411

See Price

Standard Cotton Saree-C1407

See Price


The saree jacket is an integral part of the saree, and the perfect jacket can enhance the look of the saree. Moreover, a jacket gives a rich look to the entire attire of a woman. For one thing, a perfect fit and captivating jacket can boost the look of the simple saree. That’s why it is very important to choose a suitable jacket design that will make you get compliments for your saree as well as your personality. By all means, unlike before, now you can experiment with modern saree jackets as there are many designs to suit one’s personality. So, if you want to become an eye-catching personality in your social circle, you can go for these stylish saree jackets.

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Gift shops in Colombo

Presenting a gift to our dear ones is a way to show love, care, celebration and affection. In the first place, gifts are a part of every occasion. Similarly, we all love to give and receive gifts. Of course, in this day and age, the gift will be much more meaningful if it is a handmade handicraft. As a matter of fact, from birthdays to anniversaries, Avurudu to Christmas or to celebrate, a new phase of life or any memorable accession, we think about many gift options and ideas. In like manner, many untold words can be heard, with just a gift and the emotions attached to it. Below is a list of gift shops in Colombo that offers a unique collection of giftware.

Gift shops in Colombo: Laksala

Laksala (Sri Lanka Handicrafts Board), is the only state-owned gift and souvenir boutique that offers the widest range of Sri Lankan handicrafts, tea, gems and other products at reasonable prices. Uniquely, Laksala has pioneered selling handicrafts since 1964. Moreover, the emporium is linked, to more than 10,000 leading master craftsmen and entrepreneurs who operate their own rural cottage industries.

For example, shoppers at Laksala can witness the enthralling blend of meticulously handcrafted creations including, packed tea, spices alongside, a collection of traditionally mined and cut Gems. Also, they stock a vast array of handmade Jewellery. Laksala is open from 9.00 am. to 9.00 pm. daily and located at No. 60 York Street, Colombo 1 and No.215, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07.  (Thunmulla junction)

Teddy Ornament

See Price

Swan Crystal Ornament

See Price

Crystal Bear Ornament

See Price

Gift shops in Colombo: Lakpahana

Lakpahana is an experience of Sri Lankan art and culture and acknowledged as the largest craft producer in Sri Lanka. Incidentally, Lakpahana is the marketing arm of the Sri Lanka Craftsmen and Artisans Association. Indeed, for over 40 years Lakpahana has given artisans across Sri Lanka a platform to express true artistic talents while spurring creativity. In particular, their selection comprises exquisite silver jewellery and metalwork in silver, brass and copper. Also, Lakpahana sells woodcarvings, batiks, masks, lacquerware, pottery alongside hand woven rush and reed products. Additionally, their collection includes hand-embroidered linen, coconut products and many more. Lakpahana is located, at 14, Reid Avenue Colomb0 7. (Opposite the Colombo Racecourse) and open daily from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

Gift shops in Colombo: Barefoot

Barefoot sells an extensive range of handmade, handwoven items for the home including table cloths, placemats and cushion covers, books and souvenirs and so much more. Moreover, you will find beautiful smelling toiletries which are all produced locally including balms, sprays or candles for stress, happiness, and sleep. Certainly, it is a super contemporary shop that has stood the test of time. The main highlight in this shop is the collection of men’s and women’s apparel all made with handloom material. Apparently, this trend has not died down and keeps evolving each decade. Barefoot also sells hand-woven material. For this reason, it is a lovely shop with great gift ideas alongside a fab café that adds a certain mystique to the shopping experience. Barefoot is located at No. 704 Galle Road, Colombo and open daily from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm.

Baby Toys

See Price

Baby`s First Toy

See Price

Beach Toy Bucket

See Price

Gift shops in Colombo: Urban Island

Located at a cool and inviting neighbourhood, right across the evergreen Viharamahadevi Park, Urban Island presents a modern twist to a trendy lifestyle store. As an illustration, their plus is the availability of curated, homegrown contemporary products comprising handmade traditional crafts with a global reach. Moreover, you can shop guilt-free as they offer mostly sustainable design promoting a conscious way of living. Urban Island is located at No. 81 Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 7 and open from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm daily.


Lakarcade, located at Staples Street, Union Place, Colombo 2, adjacent to Cargill’s exhibit a large collection of souvenirs covering all areas. By all means, their product offering includes handicraft, Batik and handloom, pottery gem and jewellery with tea and spa products inherent to Sri Lankan culture all under one roof. Additionally, a big plus is the availability of ample parking. Lakarcade is open from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm and holds a prominent position among gift shops in Colombo.

Gift Vouchers

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Diwali Gifts

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Ramazan Gifts

See Price

Paradise Road

Paradise Road was established in 1987 by design entrepreneur, Udayshanth Fernando. Notably, it is a must-stop if you are in the market to buy contemporary designed homeware. In particular, over the years they have expanded their products portfolio and you are sure to find an ideal gift at their store. Especially, Paradise road sells local and imported merchandise and a leading light among gift shops in Colombo. Paradise road is located at Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 7 (town hall) and open daily from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm.

Nelum Pokuna street art

The Nelum Pokuna street art is Colombo’s only space for ‘street art’. It is along the Green path just passing the Nekum pokuna. Here you will come across a long pavement stretch where paintings are displayed by local artists, opposite Viharamahadevi Park. By all means, Art along Nelum Pokuna is relatively inexpensive. For instance, you can find pieces between Rs 2, 000 to Rs 20,000 and more. To enumerate, gifting a piece of art is a wonderful alternative than for example gifting a soul-less gift voucher. Chiefly, the tip here is to bargain without guilt to get a good deal. Nelum Pokuna street art is open from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm daily (provided it doesn’t rain)

Tori house

At Tori House, you can find captivating home décor and unique gift items that bring in a sense of elegance, warmth and cosiness to homes. In particular, they got home décor items with artsy, elegant and adorable designs. By all means, Tori house is a boutique store that helps you find gorgeous items to add “oomph” to your home, or classy gift items, without blowing a hole in your wallet. Tori house is located at No 7, Siebel Avenue, Kirulapone, Colombo 5 and open daily from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Chinese gift palace

The Chinese Gift Palace holds a unique position among gift shops in Colombo. To explain, principally their products on offer are expensive but if you are a fan of Feng Shui they got some wholesome ornaments to choose from. However, Chinese Gift Palace isn’t just limited to Feng Shui and Religious objects. Incidentally, they sell a wide selection of gift items, handicrafts, porcelain vases, souvenirs, cutlery, etc. Chinese gift palace is located at No. 78, Galle Road, Wellawatte, Colombo 06 and open from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm.

Arpico Supercentre

There’s an Arpico supercentre located in Hyde Park Corner, Colombo 2, open daily up to 10.00 pm which houses many types of affordable gifts. Surely, the best thing is apart from gifts items you can shop for grocery items too. To put it another way, the choice is wide open especially if you are on the lookout to buy gifts for more than one person or for an entire family. By all means, shopping at Arpico is economical especially for Christmas or Avurudu. Equally important, Arpico supercentre falls under most practical gift shops in Colombo. Additionally, you don’t have to come to Colombo to visit Arpico supercentre. There are many such Arpico supercentres in major suburbs surrounding Colombo.  

Miniso Sri Lanka

Miniso Sri Lanka, the Japanese inspired Chinese retailer of sophisticated, yet affordable “intelligent consumer products is another popular spot for youngsters looking to buy smart gits. Uniquely, they got various types of gadgets including, household and consumer goods including health and beauty products, accessories, bags and dedicated Gifts. Also, they specialise in intelligent electronics, stationery, toys, kitchenware, etc. Not to mention, their key USP is all products being reasonably priced. Of course, Miniso has created a niche of its own and falls under unique gift shops in Colombo. The main Miniso outlet is located at Union Place, Colombo and opens daily up to 7.00 pm.

Stone and string

Stone and String have a super collection of fashion, precious and semi-precious jewellery that is affordable to Sri Lankans of varying income brackets. The best thing is compared to gold, the products available at Stone and String have a wide appeal as they are fashion jewellery. Meaning you can afford to buy a piece of jewellery to match your outfit or evening gown. Additionally, their range also encompasses peals, sterling silver and crystal jewellery along with Sri Lankan souvenirs. Stone and String is located, at No 275, R.A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 2 (Duplication road, walking distance to Liberty plaza). The shop is open from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm

Kapruka online shopping Sri Lanka

The new normal we are experiencing now has brought about a new dimension on how we shop. Meanwhile shopping online is the best option which affords contactless shopping experience for shoppers. In this scenario, is the best choice as they have thousands of products on offer at various price points. The key USP of Kapruka is the friendly service and delivery facility. In effect, you can order a gift and get it delivered in no time. How good is that?


Gift giving is an act that can show that you are thankful. In like manner, the receiver will truly feel your gratitude when you give gifts for elevating happiness and well-being. Gift giving is actually a way to invest in a relationship.  In essence, it is a social lubricant, a way to celebrate life, love and friendship and become a better partner, spouse, friend, employer and person. In Sri Lanka, there are many gift shops in Colombo along with online retailers like which affords thousands of options for gift giving.

Buy gift vouchers here:

Gift Vouchers

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Spa Ceylon Gift Voucher

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Innovation Gift Voucher

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Arpico furniture: furnishing your expectations

Now your home is becoming a more and more important place for everyone. Of course, we all want to find peace, comfort and beauty in our space since we are spending an extended amount of time at home. Whatever the times bring, to make our home our castle and there’s an entire range of furniture and accessories at Arpico Furniture.

Arpico furniture for Home office

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, a lot of people have been forced to work from home. Indeed, this situation has made a lot of us realise how important it is to have a beautiful, functional and comfortable place to both work and relax. For one thing, it is important to love the furniture around you, especially at a time like this; when going from one room to the other becomes the norm. By all means, choosing a work desk for a home office is no easy tasks. It needs to be practical and functional so you can get your work done, but it also needs to suit your home and style. With this in mind, whether it’s an office chair, table or a computer table you can find a great selection at Arpico furniture to make your home a workable office.

Arpico Furniture for smaller spaces

Most apartments and new homes don’t come with a lot of extra space now. In most instances, apartments won’t have a dedicated dining room. But this doesn’t mean you have to eat dinner on your couch every night. Significantly, creating a dining space in an apartment is a combination of finding the right furniture, using the space efficiently, and using decor to your advantage.

Because of the surge in living in relatively smaller spaces, in the last decade, Arpico Furniture has created some beautiful dining room furniture, perfect for these smaller spaces. In particular, these dining room furniture designs come in Mahagony wood, stainless steel along with designs with glass tops. If you find the right table, counter space, dining chairs, and bar stools, along with the right decor, you can create a perfect dining space in your apartment.

Arpico furniture for the living room

When you buy furniture for your living room, you want to make sure that you select a sofa that will stand the test of time. To enumerate, chances are your living room sofa well get a lot of wear and tear. In such a situation, it is important to think about the construction of the sofa and the materials used. For instance, just because you love the style and the sofa is the right size for your room, it does not necessarily mean that it is well constructed. Therefore, it is a good idea to make your purchase from a reputable furniture retailer like Arpico Furniture that offers a warranty on furniture.

Coffee Tables at Arpico furniture

A coffee table is an important part of the living room where we spend our evenings after a hectic day of work. In fact, you might not realise how essential it really is. For this reason, you can use a coffee table to place your coffee/tea or snacks on it while watching your favourite movie. Also, you can gather around it while having family chats. Moreover, it is also one of the most important pieces of furniture when we entertain guests as they spend most of the time in the living room. Thus, the coffee table can change the vibe of your entire living room.

Divans and wooden benches

Beautiful divans and wooden benches can accentuate a blank space in your living room. Whether you are looking for a classic style or the latest trend you can find a model that suits your home at Arpico Furniture. Additionally, you can find classic styles or contemporary wooden benches and divans with armrest, without armrest or cushioned at affordable prices. In essence, these wooden benches are made of solid Mahagony wood which is most durable and suitable for the Sri Lankan climate.

Get a good night’s sleep in your bedroom

Bedroom furniture speaks about your taste and personality. Generally speaking, bedroom furniture should be purchased in such a way that it has positive effects on your sleep, mood, and mind. Ultimately, a serene and pleasant environment helps in relaxing the mind, changing the mood, and inducing sleep. By and large, a room should feature perfect balanced lighting, a mix of colours that complement each other, a bedroom furniture set, and relevant decor objects.

You can create the perfect modern look for your master bedroom or stylize a rustic feel for your guest bedroom. Find how to maximize space for your bedrooms with daybeds, or even sleeper sofas. Definitely, a bed is a piece of primary bedroom furniture. In the long run, while checking for bedroom furniture, it is essential to consider the material it is made from, the design, and price. Ideally, you should understand your requirements, make a list of required furniture, consider the space in the room, and then purchase.

Arpico furniture has an entire range of value for money bedroom sets designed so everyone can achieve amazing, restorative sleep. From comfortable mattresses to modern bed frames you can rest assured knowing you’ll be sleeping in style and luxury.

Style and Furniture

We all want to be trendy, but trends go in and out of style every few years. Hence, replacing a rug one thing; replacing an expensive sofa is another. While everyone should buy furniture that makes them happy, it is worth asking young buyers to think of their purchases as to how their furniture will look in 10 years. Will they still love the colour? Will they like the shape of the piece and so on? Also, keep in mind that you can also reupholster furniture to keep the furniture longer after a few years of use. Furthermore, a good fabric is made to stand up against kids, but reupholstering is always an option.

Children’s bedroom sets at Arpico furniture 

As children grow older parents need to think about what types of children’s furniture they need for their child to create the best children’s room that they can. Correspondingly, children’s furniture ranges in size, colour, and material depending on what you or your child need. In addition, the furniture you select will depend on you and your child’s personal design preferences. As a matter of fact, since this is something that your child will use, it’s a group effort to find the perfect piece of children’s furniture.

Children’s furniture set types

Finding the furniture set you want is easy if you know what you’re looking for. Fortunately for most children’s rooms, there are only a few common pieces of furniture that need to be in place for every child. Similarly, when you are looking for a children’s furniture set make sure you have a bed, side cupboard, wardrobe, mirror stand, study table and chair.

Girls and Boys Bedroom sets at Arpico Furniture

You can also find bedroom furniture sets that are perfect for your little boy or girl at Arpico Furniture. For instance, if you want a boy’s bedroom furniture you can find furniture with blue colours and car patterns or Batman and Captain America inspired themes. Or conversely, you can get girls bedroom furniture with light pink colours with Hello Kitty-themed furniture that can make their bedroom more interesting. 

Computer tables, kids chairs and tables at Kapruka

Kapruka also got a small selection of furniture to make your house a home. Accordingly, they got computer tables that are ergonomically designed, to keep your keyboard and CPU securely. Further, the computer tables have ample space to keep your computer, books, stationery, and other items. Also, Kapruka has got Batman and Dora tables and chairs where your little one will love sitting to homework and other fun activities. Additionally, Kapruka also sells ceramic table lamps to brighten up a children’s room.


If you in the market to furnish your home, it makes sense to visit Arpico Furniture to see what is on offer. To summarise, when choosing the right kind of furniture for a particular space, take in to account, the 3 C’s that are synonymous with furniture; comfort, colour and contours. However, in most instances, all it takes it a new coffee table of a new sofa to freshen up your home to bring it up to date. In most instances, no massive changes, are required to make a new welcome feeling to your home. In brief, small accessories like new lampshades, toss cushions or a rug will brighten a room in an instant.

Buy computer tables here:

Computer Table

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Computer Table

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Kapruka Ohio

The US fulfillment arm of based out of Beachwood, Ohio, USA

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Kapruka 3D Animated Commercial 2020 for Christmas

Kapruka 3D Animation TVC – 2020 Xmas

Moving Sri Lanka’s animated commercials up by one notch, Kapruka presents our Xmas 2020 themed ad.

“Love makes the distance disappear” – Every one of us is spending the hardest time of our lives where more than anything, human minds crave interaction and meaningful connections.

Amazing teamwork of Kapruka, 1500 hours+ of Pixar quality animation rendering, teams spread across 3 nations.

Project Team

  • Suresh Eranda – Creative
  • Anushka Udana @ Wasthi – Music Direction
  • Kanchana Anuradhi – Vocals
  • Dinesh Gamage – Melody
  • Nisal Gamage – Lyrics
  • Lahiru De Costa – Composition
  • Chanaka Attanayake – Story Boards
  • Raheel Jawed – 3D Rigging (Pakistan)
  • 3D Production – Animation Reel (Bollywood, India)

Story Line with Sketches

Theme Song Lyrics

කඳු යායේ..
දුර පාරේ….
පියඹා එයි..

තරු පායාමට කීවේ…
ඇවිදින් හමුවන්න හොඳම කාලේ…
නිල සාගරය සේ…

ආදරය මේ දිවියේ..
හදවත් බැඳුනාවේ
දුර ඈතත් ලගම ඇතැයි දැනේ…

Theme Song Lyrics – English Translation

Through the misty mountains
Through the far away roads
Comes the memories

The stars whispered to me
And said this is the best time to meet

Like the turquoise blue ocean..
May the hearts bring them together to share their love forever…

A million miles feels closer..

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Raja Jewellers in Sri Lanka

Raja Jewellers is renowned to create exquisite jewellery, using time-tested manufacturing processors, employing the finest materials. Moreover, their unparalleled reputation is a result of their commitment to providing high-quality creations for generations of customers. By all means, Raja Jewellers prides itself by offering superior gems and jewellery, expertly crafted by their skilled team of artisans.

Raja Jewellers: History

Way back in time, 1928 to be exact, the late E.A. Fernando started a jewellery business, naming it as E.A. Fernando Jewellers. It was located in Chatham Street, Colombo. Back then, Chatham Street nestled business establishments of the highest calibre. Of course, during that era, particularly the businesses surrounding the present-day Cargill’s was patronised by the cream of society. 

Subsequently, in 1962 Raja Fernando, the son of E.A. Fernando, who mastered entrepreneurship and jewellery craftsmanship, changed the direction of the business. His leadership and management style bore fruit, and subsequently, the organisation was elevated to the next level. Consequently, Raja Fernando rebranded and changed the name of the organisation from E.A. Fernando Jewellers to Raja Jewellers. Since taking the business from Raja Fernando, in 1985 his sons, Athula and Ashoka Eliyaperuma aptly registered Raja jewellers as a limited liability company.

With outstanding customer service as its hallmark, Raja Jewellers have evolved to become a premium jewellery brand in Sri Lanka. The management team comprise of Athula Eliyapura as the Managing Director, Ashoka Eliyapura as Director representing the fourth generation. Further, the daughters of Athula Eliyapura, Nethmini and Ranmini Eliyapura give an added impetus to guide the business from strength to strength.

Raja Jewellers: The Monarch, of the gold world

For over ninety years, Raja Jewellers have earned an exceptional reputation from Sri Lanka customers for offering excellent craftsmanship. Known among the jewellery trade as the Monarch of the gold world, Raja jewellers is renowned for its customer care. By all means, for generations, the clients of Raja Jewellers, have endorsed the company for offering gold jewellery of the highest order. 

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Vogue 22K Gold Pendant Set With 11 (c/z) Rounds

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Raja jewellers: Awards and Recognitions

Raja Jewellers has been blessed, with a series of noteworthy, awards throughout their business operation, particularly for their quality standards. In particular, the latest additions to their award collection were the four Presidential Gold Awards, awarded by the National Gem and Jewellery Authority of Sri Lanka. Notably, the awards were presented, for the Best Jewellery Manufacturer and the Jewellery Organization with the Highest Quality Standards. Additionally, it was awarded for the Best Gold Jewellery item and the Most Experienced Gem Cutter, reaffirming Raja Jewellers product offering.

Bridal collection at Raja Jewellers

The Raja Jewellers bridal collection is specially crafted, to make the bride extravagant on her wedding day while being adorned in fine jewellery. In particular, brides can choose from an array of gold jewellery at their showrooms. Further, they can personalise a selection crafted by their team.

Changing taste among brides

For Sri Lankans, gold is not simply, a precious metal; it is also a status symbol of repute, an insurance and an ideal investment. Additionally, gold is still traditional and much loved by Sri Lankans. Moreover, the advent of white & pink gold and diamond necklaces shows a change in trends among modern brides. Similarly, today, a small percentage of brides also prefer single statement jewellery piece of diamond, with matching earrings and bangles for that contemporary look.

Also, modern brides prefer diamond rings for engagement and gold ones for the wedding ceremony. Generally, gold rings embossed with the name of the spouse or the initials is the traditional preference. Although, diamond rings and platinum rings are gaining popularity over the traditional gold variety.

What is statement jewellery?

Statement jewellery affords both women and men to portray themselves and their personality through jewellery. Likewise, gold statement jewellery is bold and unique and helps the wearer project a persona through external appearance. On the contrary, wearing stylish and bold jewellery is not something practised only by modern societies. In the first place, ancient civilizations such as Egyptians used statement jewellery in ceremonies. Even in this day, and age, people from most countries, purchase gold jewellery to make an outward personality statement.

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Jewellery brands at Kapruka

Now you can log into and search for the finest, jewellery collections. Kapruka has partnered with some of Sri Lanka’s most renowned brands in the jewellery trade. By this partnership, Kapruka customers are offered, a wide choice of jewellery. Be it a pair of eardrops, a necklace or even a ring, at Kapruka you can find all of these choices. Similarly, wherever, you are in the world, you can shop online at Kapruka and gift jewellery your near and dear would adore for years to come.


Raja Jewellers, over the span of decades, has become one of the most accomplished Jewellery brands in Sri Lanka. Their immaculately handcrafted works are renowned locally and across the world.  Moreover, their comprehensive range of jewellery available at their stores caters to men, women, and children. Furthermore, they are acclaimed for maintaining everlasting relationships with their customers who cherish gold, platinum, and silver jewellery. Additionally, customers could view their cherished collections from Raja Jewellery showrooms located in Colombo, Negombo, and Kandy.

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