Kotipathi Kapruka

Development Lotteries Board’s flag ship lottery brand is Kotipathi Kapruka.

Kotipathi Kapruka Lottery was initially introduced to the market in 2016,  it was relaunched last August with an attractive look and DLB is proud to announce that within a short period of 3 years, a lucky person has been able to win the largest jackpot awarded in Sri Lanka’s history, a statement from the DLB said.

Latest Winning Results:

Kotipathi Kapruka which was initially named as Kotipathi Shanida has been able to produce 08 jackpot winners to date and has disbursed a sum of LKR 751 million as prize money.

“While wishing all our customers the best of luck in their future purchases of DLB lotteries, we hope that they too will win the jackpot and the DLB expects to offer better and innovative lotteries in the future too”, the statement said.

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Sri Lanka has always been a country with people opting for healthy ways of life and healthy eating habits. From the recent past more and more people are going towards the health conscious trend especially when it comes to produce. If the person on your gift list is a health enthusiast, then one of the best gift options is a fresh fruit basket overflowing with garden fresh grown apples, pears, oranges, grapes etc.

Can you imagine cheering a person who needs support and gifting them with a hand-picked set of fruits? It definitely makes a huge difference. Thanking people or appreciating them, thinking of them for what they do for you is powerful. The simple act of reaching out to someone and making your gratitude and acceptance felt by giving a gift like a fresh handpicked fruit basket undoubtedly establishes a connection and makes your feelings present.

The best gifts are those that arrive completely unexpected! They hold the happy, healthy benefits of fresh colorful fruits along with your personal message. There are many reasons as to why we opt in sending out fruit baskets to our loved ones, friends and dear ones. An assortment of fruits can brighten anyone’s mood! You can send it as a gift, a token of appreciation, sympathy or even condolences. A healthy treat has never gone wrong in surprising someone.


Kapruka redefined the ecommerce sector in Sri Lanka and to date is the best place hands on to get your gifts delivered to your loved ones.  Moreover, at Kapruka , an undisputed array of fruit baskets are portrayed to its online shoppers in delivering of garden fresh fruits for any occasion .

Fruit Baskets, with its high water content, is hydrating and easy to digest, and makes the ideal gift idea for anyone. Who said you can’t have fun with fruits? Edible, healthy and fresh fruits are an absolute yes in gifting someone. But, how do you make an interesting basket of healthy fruits? There need not be a penned down instruction list to make one! A simple selection of healthy yet colorful fruits rich in Vitamin C, can be an added WOW to make a fruit basket look good enough and giftable.

For the super health conscious recipient, you would already know that the rich Vitamin C category of fruits is a must. Begin with what you already know they like and then add some color to it! Selecting fruits is not as hard as you think; you just have to be a bit keen on the benefits each fruit has to offer. Did you know that fruit baskets can also be coupled up with some other popular goodies such as cheese, cordials, eatables like pringles, chocolates or any of that sorts that can simply wow your recipient? Well, it is true! You can name it the Fruit Delight basket with not only fruits but also little surprises.

How can surprises not be loved by anyone? Moreover a healthy surprise will never go out of style!

In Consultation – Try Kapruka’s Online Fruit Basket Builder

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The Role of Toys in Child Development in Sri Lanka

It is no secret that play is important for children of all ages: from babies to toddlers to pre-school-age children and even pre-teens. For younger kids, it helps in their physical, cognitive, and psychological development. Plus, it is a great teaching tool for important life skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

This is where toys and other play things come into play. When children are allowed to grow up playing with them, they learn to use their imagination and learn more about themselves at the same time. In the process, they’ll start developing their own unique interests and individuality. This is why the vital role of kids’ toys in play and their tremendous value cannot be overlooked.

Why are toys a good idea? 

Children get to learn new things by playing. Toys are the instruments that they use to discover and understand the world that they live in. This way, the process of interacting with the world becomes fun and engaging.

However, not all toys are created equal. Different toys impact kids in different ways. Some toys will have a larger impact on one aspect of your child’s development, for example, their imagination, interaction with peers, self-expression, or creativity. It is rare to find a toy that impacts every area of development equally.

The good news is that toys have now become more accessible than ever. Getting your child the toy that they need is now very easy thanks to online children and kids toys platforms that make it easier for you to determine the toys that are best for your child.

The best toys for children are those that grow with them, challenge them, and nurture their language, thinking, physical, and social-emotional development. Visiting these online children and kids’ toys platforms gives you access to everything you need to know about every listed toy to help you make up your mind on whether or not it will be beneficial to your child.

Other ways toys benefit kids

To play with most toys, kids have to engage in physical activities. The exercise helps them to develop their gross motor skills. Simple activities such as dressing and undressing a stuffed animal or coloring a drawing with markers can hone their fine motor skills. Toys that require more activity, such as toy cars, help develop gross motor skills as well as balance and coordination.   

Toys are also essential for the emotional development of a child. They help children express themselves, either through role playing or using dolls. This way, they make it easier for kids to imagine familiar situations or even invent their own fantastical worlds where they can express themselves.

They also help children develop their social skills. Through toys, kids get to understand the society they live in and get familiar with everyday objects. They also invite children to interact with both other children their age and adults, which is how they learn essential life skills like sharing, cooperation, negotiation skills, and respect.

Children also get to boost their language abilities by playing with toys. There are plenty of educational toys that help develop a child’s vocabulary and grammar. Also, you can easily encourage conversation with your child through play. It is a fun way of monitoring the language development of your child. Interaction between kids while playing with toys also greatly improves the language ability of your child.

Toys are also essential in the cognitive development of your child.  They stimulate their memory and concentration skills. When kids are allowed to learn and practice new skills over and over, they start to develop the ability to think logically. Other toys such as Legos can also hone spatial relation skills and hand-eye coordination.  

Final Thoughts

The list is almost endless when it comes to the vital skills kids can learn from toys. The trick is to allow them to develop these skills in a manner that is fun and enjoyable. Which is why the essential role of toys in your child’s life should not be ignored.

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KFC menu sri lanka

Is KFC allowing online ordering?

Kapruka offers online ordering for KFC

How can I order KFC online in Sri Lanka

See Kapruka’s KFC section to order online

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Paypal in sri lanka – 2020

Is paypal available in Sri Lanka 2020

As of 2020, paypal is not available in Sri Lanka to receive money. However, sending money from paypal has no limitations

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Laptop price in Sri Lanka

What are common laptop prices in Sri Lanka

Laptop prices in Sri Lanka vary from Rs 35,000 up to Rs 250,000. Most laptops are duty free or comes at a very low duty category.

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Buy Religious Ornaments in Sri Lanka.

Multi Religious ornament delivery and gifting options

What are the popular Buddhist gift items in Sri Lanka?

Buddha Statues are the most common type of gifts when it comes to buddhist ornaments. Kapruka has plenty of choices for this.
Kapruka buddhist

What are popular Hindu gift items in Sri Lanka?

Vishnu statues and other hindu god statues are popular for gift delivery in Sri Lanka.
Kapruka Hindu

What are popular Muslim / Islam gift items in Sri Lanka

Kapruka cakes which are Halal are a popular gift type amoung islamic online customers in Sri Lanka

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What are the part time jobs in sri lanka

What are the most common part time jobs in Sri Lanka?

The most common part time job in Sri Lanka is Ride hailing, Three Wheel driving and IT related jobs (Mostly in content writing)

What are part time jobs available for women in Sri Lanka?

IT related jobs such as quality checks are higher paying part time jobs for women in Sri Lanka. Also, content writing jobs has become more popular as advertising agencies are looking for part timers than full timers. Another popular choice is network marketing where you promote a collection of products to your friend network. sri lanka part time jobs

What is the highest paid job in Sri Lanka?

Apart from Doctors and High end Lawyers, most highest paid jobs in Sri Lanka falls into the category of IT. A well skilled IT developer could earn between 100k to 450k LKR per month.

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Dulith Herath’s Response to Kapruka CAA Raid


April 14th – 2020

Dear Kapruka Customer,

We wish you a very happy Sinhala and Tamil New Year filled with good health and prosperity.

This year will challenge every one of us and every single business not only in Sri Lanka but all over the world. Especially for emerging economies such as Sri Lanka, the effects on businesses will be much larger and profound. I would like to take a moment to give you an update on what  Kapruka, as Sri Lanka’s 1st and largest e-commerce organization is facing and how it has planned its journey ahead.

Regulatory Challenges 

Kapruka had 6 grocery products which were priced above the recently imposed government-controlled price. It was our mistake in not having removed the product or adjusted the price in line with the control-price promptly. 

However, since the identification of this we have fully complied with the authorities and have removed these items from our inventory until we take corrective measures in sourcing and pricing these products in line with government regulations.

We would like to extend our sincere apologies for this mistake on our part and wish to assure you that corrective measures have been taken to avoid such discrepancies in the future. 

Massive backlogs
The moment curfew was announced the online panic buying hit record highs. Kapruka was compelled to limit taking orders and initiate cancellations due to various restrictions that were imposed on our logistics and sourcing. 

We fully understand that at a critical time such as this it is not the refund that matters to you but the actual delivery of the product. We therefore sincerely regret all cancellations which we were compelled to initiate due to numerous constraints. We also wish to assure you that all refunds due to cancellations are being processed.

As everyone else we too grappled with the uncertainties and unknown factors. All regular operations including the call support center were crippled for many days due to staff not being able to report to work. We apologize for not being able to offer you our regular level of service during this period.

Successful Deliveries 
Since the lockdown was first imposed Kapruka successfully delivered 45,000+ orders between 19th of March and today the 14th April. I wish to thank the customers and Kapruka’s 400 strong fulfillment team who risked their safety to report to work so that these deliveries could be made. They made these order possible despite the serious health concerns, under tremendous family pressure and facing numerous inconveniences. They form a part of the unsung heroes of Sri Lanka who continue to serve silently.

Going forward
We look forward to increasing our range of products significantly within the next few weeks to include grocery and over the counter medicine. Also, all perishable products such as fruits, vegetables, etc. are ready for regular service from 17th of April. However, consideration is required from our valued customers, as we too are working in a restricted environment.

The situation that came upon us is an unprecedented one. No company no matter how large or organized would be prepared to face this situation. All companies struggled to deliver the service required purely due to the level of uncertainty and risk. Yet, if we are to emerge strong from this crisis entrepreneurs and businesses need to be protected so that the economy can regain its lost momentum, provide job security and sustain livelihoods. At Kapruka we want to create more jobs and scale up to create more opportunities in the coming months to support Sri Lanka’s economic turnaround. 

Once again thank you for trusting Kapruka and we appreciate your continued business with us.

May all beings be healthy and safe.

Dulith Herath
Founder / Chairman – Kapruka.com

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