Online Clothes Shopping in Sri Lanka

Online clothes shopping is one of the easiest ways in which you can buy clothes. It is easy, fast and generally much cheaper than regular shopping that requires a lot of time and money. Why should you shop online for clothes in Sri Lanka though?

Here are some reasons why:

  1. More clothes and designs

Usually, when it comes to shopping clothes in Sri Lanka, the designs and the models you find in regular stores are limited. If you want something special, you have to customize it and wait for weeks until they will be done and you can wear the dress or the clothes you’ve always dreamed of. This problem is taken care of if you buy from This online store from Sri Lanka sells exquisite designs when it comes to clothes, colorful and rather cheap clothing items that you will have a very hard time finding it in your local store.

Some of the items you will see here are sarees, hampers, shoes of all kinds and more. Moreover, also sells electronics and other very useful items.

All you have to do is browse the website and you will find what you are looking for in no time!


  1. Much less hassle

Whenever you go clothes shopping, you have to decide on a day when you will be free so there will be enough time to go and look around for that special dress. You need money for the transport, time to spend looking and trying on clothes and then more time to get back home.

All of this can take up to a day or even more! With the help of online clothes shopping, all of these are in the past.


If you want to purchase a piece of clothing in Sri Lanka, all you have to do is go to and browse through the many items they have there. You no longer have to pay for transport to the store, as everything is done online and all you need to do is have an internet connection. You also don’t need to give up many things you had scheduled to go shopping. You can browse the website after you come home from work, during your lunch break or while watching TV. Online clothes shopping in Sri Lanka has never been easier! No more money spent on taxis and transport in general and no more giving up a whole day to find a dress or some clothing items you need.

  1. Handmade items

One of the greatest advantages of shopping online at is the fact that all the items are handmade and only the most precious and exquisite materials are used so that the final product is beautiful and unique. Online clothes shopping in Sri Lanka will bring you the most beautiful and silky smooth items you have ever seen. The materials that we use to create these materials are carefully chosen and only used by skilled craftsmen and women to deliver the items you see on the website.



  1. Quick shipping

Last but not the least, the quick shipping is another great advantage of online clothes shopping in Sri Lanka. All you have to do is order your products and then wait for them to arrive.

The transport is usually paid by you, but look at the bright side: you don’t have to spend extra time and money to purchase these items! Simply order them using a credit card at your disposal and then wait a few days until the package with the goods arrives on your doorstep!

All of this is easy, less time consuming and the feeling that you have when you see that package on your doorstep cannot be matched!

If you feel that the size is too big or too small for your body or if you simply changed your mind about the clothing item, all you have to do is send it back to the company and voila, you can purchase another one!

These are only some of the advantages of online clothes shopping in Sri Lanka. In short, if you choose to purchase items from websites such as, you will save a lot of money and time and you will have many more designs and colors to choose from.


What are you waiting for? Start saving right now! 


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“Online Furniture Shopping in Sri Lanka”.

Are there any trustworthy sites in Sri Lanka to buy furniture online?
Are the products in good quality?
How much will it cost to buy online?

Yes of course,there are good trustworthy sites to buy household furniture online.Even can deliver to your doorstep within 24 hours.At the same time you can even make it Cash On Delivery.

The products are branded and in fine quality.

No hidden charges.Prices are reasonable and lower than market price

Kapruka made it easier to buy the quality products exactly at the time you need it.

Simply log into the and select from the fine range of products,from pressure cooker to executive operator chair.

Kapruka provides furniture,household items from your bedroom to office room.

Batman Table And Chair Set

See Price

Computer Table

See Price

Computer Table

See Price

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Fidget Spinner

This season’s hottest toy.

Fidget spinners” are small, ball-bearing devices that can rotate between fingers. The momentum of the toy provides a pleasing sensory experience.

The fidget spinner has become the most wanted toy in these days.And kids are loving this so much,as well as the adults.

It’s so simple to use and they have a sturdy center-point with a disc(bearing) that holds paddle-like wings that can orbit between fingers. Much like a helicopter or a fan, fidget spinners can be spun on one’s finger for a couple of minutes at a time, which creates a pleasing and calming effect.

They are usually made with plastic and can have bits of metal and of course colorful and electric ones with lights. They are lightweight and easy to carry anywhere and can use it anywhere.

These fidget spinners were initially marketed as tools for anxiety, as they were designed for children with ADHD and autism.Many retailers praise them as a fantastic resource for stress relief, according to Time Magazine.

Types of Fidget Spinners.

A simple video to show how fun it is to have a one.


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SL to USA.

The United States is a highly developed country, with the world’s largest economy by nominal GDP

and second-largest economy .

It has become a reality to send the gifts from Sri Lanka to USA.

Kapruka has taken a step forward and now capable to send your heartfelt warmth of love to your beloved ones.

Select from a fine selection of gifts , just click and send to your loved ones.









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A Culture of Innovation in an age of Digital Differentiation

Moderated by Chandi Dharmaratne

Senior Director Human Resources, ‎VirtusaPolaris

Chandi leads the internalization of Robotics Process Automation globally. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an MBA. She has also attended executive education programs at INSEAD business school. Chandi was recognized in Echelon Magazine’s list of 50 Most Powerful Women in Sri Lanka and was conferred the Women Leadership Achievement Award by the World Women Leadership Congress. She serves as a general council member of SLASSCOM, an advisory board member for AIESEC, a committee member of the AHRP and is currently the president of the American Alumni Association of Sri Lanka.


Chiranthi Cooray

Chief Human Resource Officer, Hatton National Bank PLC

Chiranthi is the immediate past President of the Association of Human Resource Professionals, Sri Lanka. She is a Certified HR Professional from IPMA, USA and Senior Certified Professional from SHRM, USA. Chiranthi holds a Master in Business Administration from the University of Wales and is currently reading for a PhD in Business Management. She was awarded the HR Leadership Award for Global HR Excellence organized by World HR Congress in 2015. and the Gold Category at the Women for Governance Professional & Career Women Awards 2014/2015 by the Women in Management.

Dulith Herath

‎Founder and Chairman,

Dulith is a holder of the B.Sc in Computer Science from the University of Kentucky, USA. He is the recipient of many recognition awards including Business, Economic & Entrepreneurial Accomplishment Award by Junior Chamber International, Young Entrepreneur award of 2013 by Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards and more. A renowned corporate personality in the business world beyond local boundaries, Dulith is enriched with expertise and experience to guide, mentor, and motivate the youth to be unparalleled and unwavering entrepreneurs to drive Sri Lanka towards one of the most pulsating and dynamic economies.


Linda Speldewine

Entrepreneur and Founder, AOD and

Linda is Sri Lanka’s pioneer in Design Driven Innovation with ventures ranging in Education, E-commerce, lifestyle retail and manufacturing. She is responsible for building an entire professionalized design sector for Sri Lanka. In the top 5 of the echelon magazines 5O most powerful women in Business, Linda is an MBA of PIM, an alumnus of YCE the Creative Entrepreneurship program, UK and the Recipient of many awards including the Women Leadership Award, Women in Management. She is an ardent believer of a future rooted in entrepreneurial innovation in a new digital world.


Prasath Nanayakkara

Founder, Chairman & CEO, Auxenta Inc.

Having done his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering at MIT, and MBA at INSEAD, France, Prasath, has a wealth of experience in delivering and managing global organizational transformations through technology. He started his career as a Senior Consultant at Cambridge Technology Partners, USA. Prasath was the former Head of Project Delivery at Virtusa Sri Lanka, prior to taking to his technopreneur instincts and founding the Silicon Valley startup, Auxenta Inc. His consulting and management experience of 20 years, has helped propel Auxenta to being the preferred technology partner for many large global corporations.



Shunli Wang

CEO, Huawei Sri Lanka

Shunli Wang counts over two decades of experience in the telecommunication sector. He possesses eight years of experience in Research and Development and a significant knowledge in Business Strategy. Shunli Wang joined Huawei in year 2000 and was spearheading many strategic initiatives of Huawei based in South Africa and Sri Lanka. His overall overseas exposure spans over twelve years which enabled him to work with diverse cultural and ethnic groups of people. He has played many strategic roles in Huawei, such as being appointed as the Deputy CEO (Sales), Director (Public Relations) in South Africa.

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From Sri Lanka To U.A.E.

Here is a good opportunity for the sri lankans to surprise the loved ones in U.A.E.

May be it’s a birthday,anniversary or any of special occasion that is important and worth of celebrating.Now kapruka has given you the possibility to send the gifts from sri lanka to Dubai.It’s the same way as the ones who lives in overseas sending gifts here to sri lanka.

Only have to do is log in to web site and select the international gift service for U.A.E and select whatever you you like to send to the loved ones.

Send Flowers and Cakes from sri lanka to dubai just in no time for any of the celebrations.



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Lankan Logistics Groundbreaker ‘Grasshoppers’ Joins Forces with Aavishkaar Frontier Fund for Major Equity Investment

As Sri Lanka positions itself into the heartbeat of the global e-Commerce landscape, the new ventures play a mammoth role in setting the tone. Among the few successful businesses that have grown up very fast to claim the majority market share is Grasshoppers pvt. ltd. – a highly successful home-grown enterprise that managed to evolve into a leader in the local logistics services sector, through clever use of digital and cyber technologies. Taking a decisive step to speed up the company’s growth to reach its full potential, Grasshoppers founders Dulith Herath (the innovator behind Sri Lanka’s leading e-commerce player and Dr. Harsha Liyanage (founder of Sarvodaya Fusion promoting IT Education to grassroots across Sri Lanka), recently joined forces with the renowned Aavishkaar Frontier Fund. The move is expected to facilitate exponential business growth of Grasshoppers combined with a great social impact; that is to enable business aspirations of local SMEs and youth in grassroots communities all across Sri Lanka.


Q: What is the story & vision behind Grasshoppers?

A: Our story is fascinating; it all started just a year ago, in a conversation in a car drive, where both-founders met while heading to a ecommerce conference held at University of Cambridge, UK. Grasshoppers Pvt Ltd, set out to deliver Sri Lanka’s most innovative logistics solutions by using technology (i.e. Web tools and Mobile Apps) to its true potential. At a time when technology defines life style of every consumer regardless where they live in rural Sri Lanka or in urban cities, the unavailability of logistic solutions to last mile is the key barrier. The co-founders Dulith Herath and Dr. Harsha Liyanage, both share the vision and passion to combine technology and social empowerment to ‘connect the dis-connected’. Thereby facilitating the aspiring youth to run businesses in a novel way. This is the premise of Grasshoppers.


Q: What does this new partnership with Aavishkaar Frontier Fund mean?

A: The market opportunity in front of Grasshoppers is very large. It needs rapid response, hence demands resources for growth that includes capital as well as experience. The partnership with Aavishkaar means that Grasshoppers has the right kind of support to make the strategic, operational and financial decisions to ensure this kind of growth, right now. It’s a partnership that allows the business to take risks and leaps at the right time. Further the impact focus of the fund is closely aligned to the long term goal of the unique business model of Grasshoppers, creating synergy between them.


Q: Why Aavishkaar Frontier Fund?

A: Aavishkaar is exactly the kind of partner that Grasshoppers needed. They are well known as a global pioneer in an entrepreneurship-based approach to development through venture capital investments in businesses working with the low income population in underserved markets. Aavishkaar began with a focus on early-stage enterprises operating in India, and with the Frontier Fund, it is now working with enterprises in South and Southeast Asia. They have a serious interest in Sri Lanka. The Grasshoppers’ investment is the fifth investment from its Frontier Fund and its second investment in Sri Lanka. Last year, the fund invested in Ma’s Tropical Foods, a well-known food solutions brand from Sri Lanka. Aavishkaar Frontier Fund invests in enterprises in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Indonesia. So far, Aavishkaar has made more than 58 investments in India & these geographies and currently manages assets of over US$ 200 million.


Q: In addition to the obvious benefits such as business growth, what other benefits can we expect to see out of this partnership, especially in relation to Sri Lanka?

A: The business model of Grasshoppers is very unique. That allows local communities to be part of it, and reap the benefits of the company’s growth. While this investment will enable Grasshoppers to meet its goal of creating an island-wide distribution Hub network, it will also present extremely valuable income opportunities for local communities participating in the business model. It’s certainly a move that benefits beyond the circle of company shareholders.


Q: Why did Aavishkaar chose to work with Grasshoppers amidst many new and promising logistics operations coming up throughout Asia?


A: Because Grasshoppers is different, and is genuinely set out to deliver something that makes lives easier in this era of Internet and ecommerce. Aavishkaar’s team with extensive regional experience in the sector, found what Grasshoppers have presented in terms of technology and service offering, to be revolutionary, with even more room to grow and innovate. Grasshoppers has developed a proprietary technology stack that facilitates interactions within its logistics supply chain and provides features like traceability of goods through its network, to their clients. This has gained traction with different segments of customers including leading e-commerce players, corporates and SME customers. Through the customized product offerings, the model has the potential to meet a gamut of logistics service requirements in the country. Aavishkaar understands this potential and is keen to be part of it.

“ has grown leaps and bounds in the e-commerce boom in Sri Lanka. But I am keen to share the resources and in-depth knowledge of running a full-blown fulfilment hub that we have gained along the way. I see e-commerce as a goldmine and Grasshoppers as the mining tool that we give to all entrepreneurs. We hope this tool enables more people to join the e-commerce revolution as we have taken away a major barrier for startups, that of timely delivery of the product.” – Dulith Herath, founder of Kapruka / co-founder of Grasshoppers


“Grasshoppers has tremendous potential for scaling up its business with the combination of excellent management team with a track-record of building successful businesses, approach of developing curated technology offering for the market, lean growth model and focus on promotion of entrepreneurship in the hinterland of Sri Lanka. We have seen disruptive innovations in the logistics sector by tech-enabled players in other markets and are very bullish on the success of Grasshoppers in Sri Lanka.”

Sanchayan Chakraborty, Partner at Aavishkaar Frontier Fund

“We have always been inspired by the ability of technology to make human lives simple and happy. Grasshoppers is a result of that inspiration, and the company has now reached an exciting time in its evolution where the growth needed to be fuelled at the right speed to make Grasshoppers services available to every Sri Lankan living in any corner of the country. This is what we are doing with one of the most influential venture funders of the region- Aavishkaar, and it is great to have them on board with us for this all-important chapter of the business.” – Dr. Harsha Liyanage, co-founder of Grasshoppers

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Send gifts to Australia from Sri Lanka

Over 300,000 Sri Lankan’s live today in Australia. It’s one of the prime destination for Sri Lankan expats.

These expats in Australia sends gifts to Sri Lankan often via online gift delivery services. Also in addition, Sri Lankans wants to send gifts to Australia as well. For this Kapruka Australia Delivery is a popular option amount locals.

Some popular gift categories

  • Cakes
  • Flowers
  • Soft Toys
  • Fruit Baskets
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Restaurant Food

Delivery method:
Above kapruka delivery service is currently available only in Melbourne Australia. Rest of the country will be covered shortly including Sydney and Perth.


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