Online astrology services in Sri Lanka

Astrology is a part of Sri Lanka’s heritage and life style for decades. Sri Lanka’s Buddhism has been a part of this science for decades too. However, there are quite limited number of online astrology services in Sri Lanka. Even though you find 100nds of astrologers in Sri Lanka, only a handful of them offer the full verity of services. There are online horoscope reading services providers like Kapruka who offer these services on the internet.

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Teddy Bears in Sri Lanka

Teddy Bears

Soft toy market in Sri Lanka is mostly based on imports. There are selected factories that produce soft toys and teddy bears, but they are quite limited.

Importing of these products are based on custom tariffs in Sri Lanka monitored by the port authority.

There are online delivery services like Kapruka that sells lots of teddies and soft toys

Also similar products are directly purchased in Sri lanka via popular global e-commerce sites like

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Top sites to shop for Electronics in Sri Lanka

Kapruka Sri LankaSri Lanka’s online market is booming but with only few players such as The market size is over 2 million.

Also it’s common Sri Lankan’s order directly from Amazon and Ebay and hope to get the items directly via registered normal post.

There are some local e-c0mmerce champions such as Dulith Herath who runs Sri Lanka’s top E-commerce Site who sets the bar for local sales online.




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