Kapruka has over 100,000 items listed online.

This includes a list of price controlled items that were sourced from a local supermarket chain tagged under its brand which were always sold at the same price as the store. This has remained unchanged and any customer may check the prices online with the store and clarify this.

In addition we also have a list of products that are sourced from the general market and sold separately which are not priced controlled items and pricing is based on demand. i.e red onions. During this time of crisis Kapruka was compelled to source additional items from the outside market at much higher prices. Our oversight here was not having aligned on the pricing for items that were priced controlled by the government. Steps have been taken to immediately correct pricing where applicable.

The images currently shared on social media do not reflect the current situation or our current pricing but are fabricated with malicious intentions to damage our good name.  

Over 400 team members are working around the clock to deliver your orders during the curfew. We are placing our teams at risk to carry out this operation while making every effort to ensure their safety and yours.

We assure all customers that our Services remain uninterrupted and we would be working 24×7 to deliver over 12,000+ in process orders to your homes as promised.  

Dulith Herath
Founder / Chairman – Kapruka.com