Now your home is becoming a more and more important place for everyone. Of course, we all want to find peace, comfort and beauty in our space since we are spending an extended amount of time at home. Whatever the times bring, to make our home our castle and there’s an entire range of furniture and accessories at Arpico Furniture.

Arpico furniture for Home office

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, a lot of people have been forced to work from home. Indeed, this situation has made a lot of us realise how important it is to have a beautiful, functional and comfortable place to both work and relax. For one thing, it is important to love the furniture around you, especially at a time like this; when going from one room to the other becomes the norm. By all means, choosing a work desk for a home office is no easy tasks. It needs to be practical and functional so you can get your work done, but it also needs to suit your home and style. With this in mind, whether it’s an office chair, table or a computer table you can find a great selection at Arpico furniture to make your home a workable office.

Arpico Furniture for smaller spaces

Most apartments and new homes don’t come with a lot of extra space now. In most instances, apartments won’t have a dedicated dining room. But this doesn’t mean you have to eat dinner on your couch every night. Significantly, creating a dining space in an apartment is a combination of finding the right furniture, using the space efficiently, and using decor to your advantage.

Because of the surge in living in relatively smaller spaces, in the last decade, Arpico Furniture has created some beautiful dining room furniture, perfect for these smaller spaces. In particular, these dining room furniture designs come in Mahagony wood, stainless steel along with designs with glass tops. If you find the right table, counter space, dining chairs, and bar stools, along with the right decor, you can create a perfect dining space in your apartment.

Arpico furniture for the living room

When you buy furniture for your living room, you want to make sure that you select a sofa that will stand the test of time. To enumerate, chances are your living room sofa well get a lot of wear and tear. In such a situation, it is important to think about the construction of the sofa and the materials used. For instance, just because you love the style and the sofa is the right size for your room, it does not necessarily mean that it is well constructed. Therefore, it is a good idea to make your purchase from a reputable furniture retailer like Arpico Furniture that offers a warranty on furniture.

Coffee Tables at Arpico furniture

A coffee table is an important part of the living room where we spend our evenings after a hectic day of work. In fact, you might not realise how essential it really is. For this reason, you can use a coffee table to place your coffee/tea or snacks on it while watching your favourite movie. Also, you can gather around it while having family chats. Moreover, it is also one of the most important pieces of furniture when we entertain guests as they spend most of the time in the living room. Thus, the coffee table can change the vibe of your entire living room.

Divans and wooden benches

Beautiful divans and wooden benches can accentuate a blank space in your living room. Whether you are looking for a classic style or the latest trend you can find a model that suits your home at Arpico Furniture. Additionally, you can find classic styles or contemporary wooden benches and divans with armrest, without armrest or cushioned at affordable prices. In essence, these wooden benches are made of solid Mahagony wood which is most durable and suitable for the Sri Lankan climate.

Get a good night’s sleep in your bedroom

Bedroom furniture speaks about your taste and personality. Generally speaking, bedroom furniture should be purchased in such a way that it has positive effects on your sleep, mood, and mind. Ultimately, a serene and pleasant environment helps in relaxing the mind, changing the mood, and inducing sleep. By and large, a room should feature perfect balanced lighting, a mix of colours that complement each other, a bedroom furniture set, and relevant decor objects.

You can create the perfect modern look for your master bedroom or stylize a rustic feel for your guest bedroom. Find how to maximize space for your bedrooms with daybeds, or even sleeper sofas. Definitely, a bed is a piece of primary bedroom furniture. In the long run, while checking for bedroom furniture, it is essential to consider the material it is made from, the design, and price. Ideally, you should understand your requirements, make a list of required furniture, consider the space in the room, and then purchase.

Arpico furniture has an entire range of value for money bedroom sets designed so everyone can achieve amazing, restorative sleep. From comfortable mattresses to modern bed frames you can rest assured knowing you’ll be sleeping in style and luxury.

Style and Furniture

We all want to be trendy, but trends go in and out of style every few years. Hence, replacing a rug one thing; replacing an expensive sofa is another. While everyone should buy furniture that makes them happy, it is worth asking young buyers to think of their purchases as to how their furniture will look in 10 years. Will they still love the colour? Will they like the shape of the piece and so on? Also, keep in mind that you can also reupholster furniture to keep the furniture longer after a few years of use. Furthermore, a good fabric is made to stand up against kids, but reupholstering is always an option.

Children’s bedroom sets at Arpico furniture 

As children grow older parents need to think about what types of children’s furniture they need for their child to create the best children’s room that they can. Correspondingly, children’s furniture ranges in size, colour, and material depending on what you or your child need. In addition, the furniture you select will depend on you and your child’s personal design preferences. As a matter of fact, since this is something that your child will use, it’s a group effort to find the perfect piece of children’s furniture.

Children’s furniture set types

Finding the furniture set you want is easy if you know what you’re looking for. Fortunately for most children’s rooms, there are only a few common pieces of furniture that need to be in place for every child. Similarly, when you are looking for a children’s furniture set make sure you have a bed, side cupboard, wardrobe, mirror stand, study table and chair.

Girls and Boys Bedroom sets at Arpico Furniture

You can also find bedroom furniture sets that are perfect for your little boy or girl at Arpico Furniture. For instance, if you want a boy’s bedroom furniture you can find furniture with blue colours and car patterns or Batman and Captain America inspired themes. Or conversely, you can get girls bedroom furniture with light pink colours with Hello Kitty-themed furniture that can make their bedroom more interesting. 

Computer tables, kids chairs and tables at Kapruka

Kapruka also got a small selection of furniture to make your house a home. Accordingly, they got computer tables that are ergonomically designed, to keep your keyboard and CPU securely. Further, the computer tables have ample space to keep your computer, books, stationery, and other items. Also, Kapruka has got Batman and Dora tables and chairs where your little one will love sitting to homework and other fun activities. Additionally, Kapruka also sells ceramic table lamps to brighten up a children’s room.


If you in the market to furnish your home, it makes sense to visit Arpico Furniture to see what is on offer. To summarise, when choosing the right kind of furniture for a particular space, take in to account, the 3 C’s that are synonymous with furniture; comfort, colour and contours. However, in most instances, all it takes it a new coffee table of a new sofa to freshen up your home to bring it up to date. In most instances, no massive changes, are required to make a new welcome feeling to your home. In brief, small accessories like new lampshades, toss cushions or a rug will brighten a room in an instant.

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