One of the biggest milestones in having a baby is selecting the perfect name. In the first place, parents recognize a child’s name becomes part of their identity and you only get one shot to pick a good one. In like manner. Parents often contemplate when choosing baby names in Sri Lanka, trying on different names to see which one will suit their little bundle of joy.

Sinhalese Traditions in selecting baby names in Sri Lanka

As a matter of fact, astrology traditionally plays an important, role in selecting baby names in Sri Lanka, especially for the Buddhists. Likewise, the day and time of birth, are used by an astrologer to determine the best initials for the child. Furthermore, Sinhalese Buddhists also believe that certain arrangements of syllables (known as “gana”) bring good luck to the child. Moreover, these are factored, into the final choice of name. Uniquely, the name is announced, at a Nam Tebima ceremony. For example, baby names in Sri Lanka are also coined, and named after historical figures, characters from Buddhist stories and positive values or virtues. Since recently, names of foreign origin and celebrity names with a Sinhalese twist are also used, as baby names in Sri Lanka.

Christian Traditions in selecting baby names in Sri Lanka

Many Christians do not follow astrology when selecting baby names in Sri Lanka but select a baby name of their choice. Instead, the names of Saints and important characters from the Holy Bible are popular preferences. Having said that since the 1970’s many Sinhala oriented names have become popular among Christians. Moreover, some Christians, particularly those from the burger community use English names. Notably, parents usually formally announce the name of the child at the baby’s baptism.

Muslim Traditions in selecting baby names in Sri Lanka

Muslim parents usually name their babies within seven days from birth. In particular, parents may take suggestions from grandparents, other relatives or from the imam (priest). Moreover, Arabic names from the Holy Quran are favoured by Muslims when selecting baby names in Sri Lanka.

Hindu traditions in selecting baby names in Sri Lanka

Hindus normally organise a Namkaran or naming ceremony around 12 days after the baby’s birth. By all means, astrology is followed again to determine the baby’s lucky initials. Additionally, according to the date and time of the birth of the child, a particular letter of the Sanskrit alphabet associated with the child’s solar birth sign (soorya Rashi) is chosen. It is believed this would prove lucky for the baby. Namely, the baby is then given a name starting with that letter. In particular, generally, the grandfather whispers the name four times in the right ear of the baby. Furthermore, names from sacred Hindu texts are also popular choices when Hindus are selecting baby names in Sri Lanka.

Naming Tips when selecting baby names in Sri Lanka

Whether you follow astrology or not, here are some things to consider when selecting baby names in Sri Lanka for boys and girls:

  • Meaning – People will invariably ask your child what his or her name means. Select a name with a positive sign that your child can be proud of is something every parent should aspire for.
  • Initials – Look at how your child’s initials will look on paper. Some initials (such as M.A.D for example) could lead to life-long teasing.
  • Length – Long names are invariably shortened to nicknames. They are also often misspelt and mispronounced.
  • Uniqueness – Selecting a relatively uncommon name will make it easy to identify your child by the first name.

Qualities of a good baby name

Firstly, the name should be striking, melodious, meaningful and easy to pronounce. Secondly, it should be rhyming well with the surname. Particularly for Buddhists, it should be based on proper numerological calculations to ensure – longevity, progress popularity etc. Also, the first letter of the name should be selected, according to the birth time.

Ways of finding letters for your child

When giving a name to a newborn child you need to find the auspicious sounding starting letters for the name. In fact, it is believed when such an auspicious sounding name is constantly repeated over the years to come, it will act as a “Manthra” which will bring good luck for the child.

There are three ways of finding letters. For example, the crudest way is according to the Day, In effect, it is like giving the name “Chandra” to all the babies born on Mondays.

For the second and third methods, you need to cast the horoscope of the child and find out the “Lagna” (Rising Sign) and the “Janma Nakshtra” (Position of the Moon) of the child from the horoscope.

To emphasise, the letters compatible with the “Lagna” are considered the best. In general, the second best are the letters according to “Janma Nakshatra”. The third preference is the letters according to the Day.


What’s in a name in Sri Lanka

  • For Sinhalese people, the name usually consists of three parts. The first name is the patronymic name of the father, ancestor or ‘house’ and often has the suffix ‘-ge’ at the end of the name. The second name is the personal name and the third name is the surname. An example of this naming structure is Kaluhandhilage Hemamala Silva.
  • Women change their surname to that of their husband’s at marriage but keep their patronymic name.
  • Many Sri Lankans adopt an English name when they live abroad mainly due to the perception that their Sri Lankan name may be too long and difficult for others to pronounce.
  • Tamils generally have no family name. Their first name will be their father’s personal name, followed by their own name (e.g. Alagaratnam Rasiah). Women will generally adopt their husband’s personal name upon marriage in place of the father’s personal name.

Sinhala baby names in Sri Lanka for newborns by Ariesen Ahubudu through Kapruka

Kapruka along with late Arisen Ahubudu`s Daughter Samanthi Ahubudu provides easy access to give your baby the greatest gift of a lifetime. Correspondingly, you will receive the scanned images of the names worksheet of the baby to your e-mail address. Additionally, the worksheet will contain 32 Sinhala names based on the information you provide. Moreover, this service takes 48 hours to complete, from the time you place the request.

About Kalasoori Arisen Ahubudu and Samanthi Ahubudu

Late Kalasoori Arisen Ahubudu was a reputed Sri Lankan Writer, Orator, Play writer, Composer of Sinhala songs, Author and Poet. Additionally, he was also the recipient of three government awards for literary works and held the prestigious title of Kalasoori bestowed from the Government of Sri Lanka. Arisen Ahubudu had also won the Sarasavi award for the best composer of film songs. Uniquely, Kalasoori Arisen Ahubudu has provided names for newborn children for over forty years. Moreover, he has also provided names for Government Institutions, Banks, Media Institutions, Newspapers and Trading Organisations with distinction.

In the present day, Samanthi Ahubudu, daughter of late Kalasoori Ariesen Ahubudu, is continuously conducting her late father’s valuable service of providing names to newly born babies and institutions. In like manner, Samanthi Ahubudu gained erudition in the art of coining names from her father when he was alive. After the demise of Ariesen Ahubudu she has taken the forefront of this art and has coined thousands of names for newborn children providing simple, meaningful and pleasant names. Likewise, she has coined names for children of internationally famous Sportsmen, politicians of high standing and famous artistes. Notably, she also engages in various social service activities.

A name is the first gift of parents to a child

As parents, the first gift you can give your newborn baby is selecting the best name for them. A name that is valuable and lasts a lifetime. A name helps a child to build a strong personality, therefore it is important, you give your baby a meaningful name. For example, a name that can affect your baby, positively. Equally important, if parents believe in naming the child as they wish, they should not give names that have bad meanings. For example, Viranga (which means the male sex organs) or Ayoni (which means women without a reproductive system).


When selecting baby names in Sri Lanka, a parent’s duty to give their child a unique name does not end when it is printed on a birth certificate. To put it another way, the act of giving your child a good name continues throughout their upbringing. Certainly, naming a human being is the most important event in that person’s life as it is this name that will help mould his/her future. By all means, it is also the only thing that remains once a person is dead. Surely, a name is the best gift parents could give their children.