Searching for Ballantine price in Sri Lanka? We invite you to discover the rich heritage and exceptional taste of Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky. Ballantine has been making perfect whisky for generations by blending the best malt and grain whiskies to create a delicious flavor.

Why Sri Lankans search for Ballantine price in Sri Lanka?

When you try Ballantine’s Whiskies in Sri Lanka, you’ll experience their smoothness, complexity, and character which make them a popular choice for whisky fans. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or embarking on your whisky exploration, Ballantine invites you to savor the essence of timeless craftsmanship and unmatched quality with every sip. Hence, Ballantine price in Sri Lanka, is what everyone is talking about.

Ballantine price in Sri Lanka: A Legacy Forged Through Time

As you search for Ballantine price in Sri Lanka, why not delve into the origins of Ballantine’s and discover the story of how George Ballantine, a humble grocery store owner in Edinburgh, began blending whiskies to create a distinctive and refined taste. Learn how his dedication to quality and innovation laid the foundation for the brand’s enduring success, leading to its eventual appointment as the official supplier to the British Royal Family.

What is Ballantine?

Ballantine’s is a brand of blended Scotch whisky produced by Pernod Ricard in Dumbarton, Scotland. The Ballantine’s flavour is dependent on fingerprint malts from Miltonduff and Glenburgie, blended with 50 single malts and four single grains. The brand has won many accolades and awards for its products. Ballantine’s Finest Scotch Whisky is one of the world’s best blended Scotch Whisky. All the more reason to search for Ballantine price in Sri Lanka.

What is good to mix with Ballantines?

  • Cola – Whisky and coke is a classic combo.
  • Lemonade – Mix up whisky and lemonade for a summer sizzler
  • Ginger ale – Like a little spice?
  • Ginger beer – Sweet and sour sensation
  • Tonic – Smooth drinking feeling
  • Soda water – Those who like tradition
  • Plain ice cubes – For those who like on the rocks.

Ballentine price in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, one has to be over 21 years old to purchase alcohol. This blog is not written to encourage alcohol consumption, but simply to give an indication of Ballentine prices. Having said that, the prices vary depending on the channel you intend to purchase Ballentine. These days, there are many highly reputed online channels to purchase alcohol. Generally, the price ranges between Rs 17,000 and Rs 19,000 in Sri Lanka. The prices mentioned here are as of 27 August 2023.

What is the taste of Ballantine whiskey?

They matched the golden amber hues of Ballantine whisky with a deep, rich flavour gained from longer maturation. Think vibrant honey sweetness with a hint of licorice, velvety, full fruits, and creamy vanilla. It’s slightly smoky, slightly spicy, and very easy to drink. Everything that goes into a bottle of Ballantine’s has been aged for at least three years, and the whiskey is bottled at 40% alcohol. The scotch has a light gold colour and has a lovely glint on ice.


As you raise a glass of Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky, reflect on the legacy of dedication, innovation, and passion that has led to the creation of each exceptional bottle. From its humble beginnings to its present status as a global icon, Ballantine’s continues to captivate whisky enthusiasts with its remarkable flavors and timeless craftsmanship. We all love Ballantine, that’s why most Sri Lankans search for Ballantine price in Sri Lanka. What’s more, Ballantine you’re experiencing a journey through history, heritage, and the artistry of whisky-making.

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