domino's pizza in sri lanka

The fast food industry of Sri Lanka is very large and competitive. You only have to peep in through the window of a McDonald’s or KFC and see how most tables are occupied during all house they are open. The competition of the industry stems from the vast collection of international and local fast food players. Most Sri Lankans have an unwavering loyalty towards internationally franchised fast food brands operating in the country. In this article, we will be talking about Domino’s Pizza and its empire in Sri Lanka.

Based on a study about food consumption in Sri Lanka, it was found that rice-based foods are the most consumed over the country. In urban areas, the percentage of income expenditure on food is between 60-75% of their total income and most of that percentage is spent on Western fast food. This is particularly because it is priced at a higher rate, and usually more easily available in urban areas.

One type of rapidly selling fast food is pizza. Pizza is a traditional Italian dish that became hugely popular globally because it fitted very well into the eating habit that we term as “fast food”. The reasons for this are that pizzas are easy to prepare and pizza is a very convenient food option (you can eat it while watching TV, etc.). Humans are drawn to foods that are fatty, sweet, rich and complex. Pizza has all of these components. Cheese is fatty, meat toppings tend to be rich and the sauce is sweet.

Domino’s Pizza as Fast Food

Domino's Pizza in Sri Lanka

This popularity became the reason why pizza joints promoting the food as fast food emerged. One such successful fast food pizza joint is Domino’s Pizza. Domino’s Pizza, also known as Domino’s, is an American multinational pizza restaurant chain. It was founded in 1960 and expanded worldwide by the 1980s due to extreme success.

Presently, everyone associates Domino’s with great taste and affordability. The value for the money we spend on Domino’s Pizza is a lot less that the pizza we get to enjoy through them. Domino’s offers a range of promotional offers, discount rates and culinary effects with new selections of pizza available regularly. No one can resist the affordability, aroma and charm associated with every slice.

Several other reasons why Domino’s Pizza is such a bestseller are their fast delivery, special customizing and packaging. It is also suitable for every meal.

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Why choose Domino’s Pizza in Sri Lanka?

domino's pizza outlet in sri lanka

Domino’s was first established in Sri Lanka in the year 2011. It focused on home delivery for pizza which was an up and coming trend then and also offered all day dine-in options to consumers at the store. The first store opened its doors in Dehiwala.

Since then, Domino’s has expanded to a large number of outlets all over the country with branches in every major town. Here are some reasons why Domino’s Pizza has turned out to be very successful in Sri Lanka.


The cheesy and delicious Domino’s pizza is one of the tastiest pizzas available in the country. It has also been around or long enough for everyone to associate good memories with it, enhanced by superior flavors and great range.

domino's pizza sri lanka


Domino’s Pizza has been created with the motive of being available for college students, therefore the prices are extremely affordable. The convenient size of a large pizza is expected to last for three meals. In Sri Lanka, Domino’s Pizza offers products from Rs. 290 upwards available from Personal, Medium and Large sizes. This can conveniently fit the portion that you might want to order.


Domino’s pizza is always delivered hot and fresh, unlike other pizzas you buy from chain stores. It is easy to fall in love with this place if you are the type that likes your pizza fresh. Minimal health issues have been recorded with Domino’s Pizza. It is gluten free, low fat and cholesterol content makes it a healthy food for everyone even for those struggling with weight loss and heart diseases.

Convenient Order System

It is very easy to place a special order for your Domino’s pizza online. For example, you may decide to place an order for topping pizza with mushrooms or diced tomatoes or for other specifications. Immediately after your order has been received, it may take less than 30 minutes to bake and package your order to your doorstep if you are not residing too far from the store. You will be amazed at how much Domino’s pizza can pay attention to details when you open your pizza. It is usually 100% accurate and delicious.

Serves any meal

Domino’s pizza can be enjoyed at any point in time, as a full meal or in between meal snacks. You can get to enjoy this pizza in your house, during outings with friends or on family dinners.

Outstanding Customer Service

One of the good things about Domino’s customer care services is how they often follow up on customers to ascertain whether their product and delivery services met the customer’s requirements and expectations. Any form of error on their part will be met with proper apology and a replacement of your correct order with no extra or hidden charges.

Bigger Range

range at domino's pizza sri lanka

Nowadays, Domino’s doesn’t only serve pizzas. It serves a huge range of food and beverages. Food products include dips such as cheese, BBQ, chilli garlic, Buffalo wings, pastas, chicken wings, potato wedges, rice, chicken strips, chicken nuggets and also desserts such as calzones, choco bread sticks and lava cakes. The beverage range includes Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7UP and Miranda. Customers can also choose from a separate vegetarian range.

Attractive Offers

Domino’s is renowned for its special offers as they introduce one almost every month. It may be seasonal or otherwise, but there are always promotional discounts that you can enjoy with your loved ones whenever you order from Domino’s. You can also sign up for their SMS alerts or follow their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages to keep track of the array of discounts available.

Domino's pizza promotion in sri lanka

Where to order Domino’s Pizza in Sri Lanka?

Domino’s outlets

domino's pizza outlet in sri lanka

There are many Domino’s outlets spread strategically around the country for the convenience of customers. They also have the option of dine-in or online delivery. There are also several promotional offers that come with dining in at Domino’s outlets. The act of enjoying pizza in a very friendly and enthusiastic environment adds to the celebratory air of your day.

However, if you choose to dine in the comfort of your own home, you can order your preferred selection of pizza and/ or other products provided by Domino’s through their online delivery site. This is also a very convenient way to get your pizza delivered because they ensure 30 minute delivery from the distance of your home to the nearest outlet.


Kapruka, Sri Lanka’s leading e-commerce platform, also provides a large range of Domino’s products at the same prices. They are delivered in limited areas but if you are a constant customer of Kapruka, it is very convenient for you to order your preferred Domino’s products through them. Kapruka also ensures the delivery of fresh goods from Domino’s through its partnership.

Domino's Pizza in Sri Lanka

Now that you have seen the benefits of choosing Domino’s Pizza, it’s definitely time to get on the given sites and order your favorite slices of pizza, pasta, starter, dessert or beverage from the large selection available. If you have the best tasty, flavored, healthy and sumptuous pizza at the best affordable price, you are advised to go for Domino’s pizza.

Domino's Pizza in Sri Lanka