At present, when it comes to online shopping, a new generation of customers who value convenience over other means has emerged in Sri Lanka. Likewise, this fact has been the basis for Sri Lankans who have embraced the Sri Lankan e-commerce culture. Globally, e-commerce is one of the fastest-growing industries. However, e-commerce delivery in Sri Lanka is at the primary stages of its adaptation. Hence, every day is a new learning experience for the Sri Lankan e-commerce industry, with the use of new trends and best practices.

The rapid growth in mobile connectivity in Sri Lanka

The rapid advancements in information technology (IT) have allowed e-commerce delivery in Sri Lanka to grow into a competitive arena. Moreover, one of the factors that have contributed to this remarkable progress is the country’s high penetration of mobile phones. According to the census and statistics, every citizen in Sri Lanka owns at least one or two mobile phones. Additionally, the number of smartphone users keeps growing rapidly. Of course, this has created a platform for citizens where it has allowed them to gain exposure to the e-commerce industry both locally and internationally.

 Why do people love e-commerce delivery in Sri Lanka?

E-commerce delivery in Sri Lanka now provides a gamut of items, including food, home needs, medicine, and more. Similarly, the basket of items available through online e-commerce keeps growing at a rapid pace. Having said that, the most significant reason people love shopping online is the convenience it brings to people. The simple steps to online shopping are: visiting the site, browsing the items, selecting the product you want, filling in the necessary information, making payment, and then your order is on its way to you. Uniquely, this benefit has been addictive to shoppers.

This has enabled Sri Lankans to seek more services via e-commerce, such as sending birthday, new year gifts and so on. Correspondingly, the cash on delivery feature, which enables a person to order without payment, has been popular across e-commerce delivery in Sri Lanka. In addition, the variety of discounts offered and the convenience of credit card payments have widened the e-commerce industry in Sri Lanka.

What is Last mile delivery?

The “last mile” of e-commerce fulfillment is the processes and systems involved in making sure final delivery is efficient. One of the biggest challenges facing e-commerce delivery in Sri Lanka is the issue of on-time product delivery in rural areas. In reality, this is due to the lack of service in last-mile delivery. Then again, many reputable Sri Lankan e-commerce delivery services tend to sustain themselves by providing fast-paced solutions to their customers. As a result, they use ways such as “fixed date delivery,” “next day delivery,” “same-day delivery,” and so on, to ensure that the customer experiences a better service.

However, the most popular solution provided is the “fix-date delivery service,” as this gives better closure to the customers on their product deliverables. Regardless, many Sri Lankan e-commerce delivery services aren’t capable of providing fast-paced courier services such as “Same Day Delivery.” Notably, this is due to the lack of resources such as warehousing, stocks, raw materials, skilled labour, vehicles, updated logistics, etc.

The advent of Grasshoppers to e-commerce delivery in Sri Lanka

Grasshoppers is yet another venture from the Sri Lankan entrepreneur and e-commerce guru, Dulith Herath. As a serial entrepreneur himself, nothing gives him joy as much as seeing and helping someone else achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. In fact, achieving dreams together is his concept for this venture. To enumerate, Grasshoppers’ success stories are not only about how successful their e-commerce deliveries are. Additionally, it is about empowerment and giving wings to the entrepreneurial dreams of many Sri Lankans. By all means, Grasshoppers, continue to disrupt the conventional notions of e-commerce delivery in Sri Lanka.

What is important here is that the “Last Mile” delivery to the end customer will be completed by a Grasshopper team member. (Entrepreneurs who have joined with Grasshoppers). Here, Grasshoppers are not only encouraging local entrepreneurs, they are actually creating jobs by providing more people with the opportunity to be their own boss by joining the Grasshopper delivery chain.


Grasshoppers is’s unique delivery fulfillment arm, with the promise of offering the cheapest and fastest door-to-door delivery service in Sri Lanka. In other words, Grasshoppers have revived the courier network in Sri Lanka to another level. For this reason, they are the chosen partner for various leading brands, local industry experts, and rising local and global businesses. Uniquely, for the Grasshoppers team, each delivery is a mission for them to build a long-term trusted relationship with their stakeholders.