Kapruka is Sri Lanka’s largest e-commerce organisation offering world-class services to customers who shop online. Now, Kapruka and Green Cabin have joined hands to offer a range of Green Cabin cakes to discerning customers. By all means, this new partnership will definitely help to satisfy the legendary sweet cravings of Green Cabin cake lovers.

Green Cabin’s legendary past

Green Cabin, initially known as Pagoda Tea Rooms was opened by two Englishmen and the late Mudaliya Thomas Rodrigo in 1884. The original boutique was a tea kiosk at the Colombo harbour. The Green Cabin concept was introduced much later. Cyril Rodrigo, the son of Thomas Rodrigo purchased the business from his father and established Cyril Rodrigo Restaurants.

Business Expansion of Green Cabin in 1936

The old Green Cabin outlet down Galle Road, Bambalapitiya (now closed) was patronised by Green Cabin lovers for decades.

As part of the expansion of the original business, Cyril Rodrigo purchased the Green Cabin from Mrs De Vos, who was a lady of Dutch origin. Subsequently, he established the landmark restaurant in 1936 in the heart of Colombo’s residential district.

The 5th Generation takes over Green Cabin

The 134-year old family business is now taken over by the 5th generation. Hence, it is a remarkable achievement for a family-owned business that has truly stood the test of time. In other words, Green Cabin is now managed by a new team headed by Revantha Devasurendra as its Chief Executive Officer.

“The brand Green Cabin is still one of the nation’s best-loved brands with its chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, pies and even their lamprais becoming legendary”

Order your favourite Green Cabin cakes through Kapruka

The new Green Cabin logo

Be it the Green Cabin Pineapple Gateaux, Chocolate Cake, Passion Fruit Tart or the Carrot Cake, you can easily order these cakes at www.kapruka.com.  Plus there are more Green Cabin cakes to choose from. 

Green Cabin Pineapple Gateaux

“Pineapple Gateaux is their most iconic cake. Sri Lankan’s living abroad are known to rush down to Green Cabin to indulge in a piece of Pineapple Gateaux”

Experience the nostalgic taste of heavenly Green Cabin cakes with this Green Cabin Pineapple Gateaux Cake. The cake is garnished with a generous topping of pineapple cubes on top of cheesy, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate flavoured icing. Surprisingly, this Green Cabin staple has hardly changed in decades. Now, www.kapruka.com in collaboration with Green Cabin offers a variety of Green Cabin cakes for the best prices. Therefore, you can now order 2 lbs. Green Cabin Pineapple Gateaux from Kapruka. It is affordably priced at Rs. 1,950. As a result, now you can give your taste buds a treat.

Green Cabin Chocolate Mini Cake

This is a bare-bones basic cake ideal to satisfy a chocolate craving. Then again you can serve Chocolate Mini Cake when friends and family visit your home casually. This authentic Green Cabin cake gives a moist, rich decadent chocolate taste. Surprisingly, the Chocolate Mini Cake is a popular one-pounder priced at Rs. 1,150.

Green Cabin Passion Fruit and Cheese Tart

The passion fruit is like no other. After all, it is sweet while being exotic, and a Sri Lankan favourite. Generally speaking, who can ever forget the pleasure of a passion fruit drink? When it comes to a Passion Fruit and Cheese Tart, the signature element is the generous topping of passion fruit jelly. In short, the jelly is brushed over the top of the cheese tart. This gives a glossy outlook to the tart. Subsequently, passion fruit seeds are added to the topping for a pop of colour. As a matter of fact, 2 lbs. Passion Fruit and Cheese Tart is priced at Rs. 2, 450.  Now, you can order it online through www.kapruka.com

Green cabin Ribbon Cake

When you talk about Green Cabin Cakes, how can you forget the legendary Green Cabin Ribbon Cake? Without a doubt, this is a Sri Lankan favourite celebratory cake consisting of three ribbons of sponge layers smothered with buttercream. Of course, it is soft, light, buttery and tastes absolutely delicious. Similarly, this is a super Green Cabin cake to entertain friends at home or simply indulge yourself. After all, a Sri Lankan ribbon cake is a classic that almost never fails to make an appearance on birthdays and special occasions!

Green Cabin Blueberry Cheese Cake

Baked cheesecake with a mixture of cream cheese topped with blueberry topping. Blueberry cheesecake is a wonderful dessert food made from cream cheese, sugar, eggs, and flour with a thin crust. With its luxuriously rich filling and real-fruit topping, this cheesecake commanded respect. One bite of this classic provided all the justification anyone needed. Go ahead and order your cake from Kapruka.

Green Cabin Nougat Crunch Cake

This Green Cabin cake consists of crunchy pieces of nougat layered on a traditional green cabin sponge. What more can I say? Just indulge with friends or family, or simply send it to your loved one as a loving gesture.

Why Kapruka is the best option to order Green Cabin cakes online

Today, almost everything can be purchased online. However, when it comes to delivery very few companies actually take the trouble to give a great service. Kapruka is one of these companies who takes special care of your deliveries. By all means, now you can easily celebrate the special occasions of your loved ones.  Obviously, your mind will be at peace as your order will be professionally handled by the Kapruka team.

Doorstep Delivery

Getting the cake delivered at your doorstep is a massive you receive when you order Green Cabin cakes through Kapruka. Above all, you don’t have to step out of the house as Kapruka will see to the delivery. Of course, now you can focus on other important things in life. Moreover, you can also plan a cake delivery at your friend’s place too.

Say Goodbye to traffic

“Now customers can order Green Cabin cakes using their mobile phones or computers”

No more long drives and finding a parking space just to order a cake. No more walking through crowded areas. Regardless, with Kapruka you can easily purchase Green Cabin cakes and get them delivered. On the contrary, there is no delivery charge in Colombo when you order through Kapruka.

More options to choose

Ordering cakes online will give you more options to satisfy your cake cravings. Besides, if you visit a cake shop to order, most often you will get to see a limited number of cakes on the shelf.

Green Cabin Ribbon Cake

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Green Cabin Lemon Cake

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Green Cabin Chocolate Surprise

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Green Cabin cakes have been a local favourite for generations. However, due to the present day busy lifestyle, it is taxing to personally visit a Green Cabin shop to buy cakes. Further, you might not find a Green Cabin outlet where you live. In these circumstances, the best option is to order Green Cabin cakes from www.kapruka.com