This season’s hottest toy.

Fidget spinners” are small, ball-bearing devices that can rotate between fingers. The momentum of the toy provides a pleasing sensory experience.

The fidget spinner has become the most wanted toy in these days.And kids are loving this so much,as well as the adults.

It’s so simple to use and they have a sturdy center-point with a disc(bearing) that holds paddle-like wings that can orbit between fingers. Much like a helicopter or a fan, fidget spinners can be spun on one’s finger for a couple of minutes at a time, which creates a pleasing and calming effect.

They are usually made with plastic and can have bits of metal and of course colorful and electric ones with lights. They are lightweight and easy to carry anywhere and can use it anywhere.

These fidget spinners were initially marketed as tools for anxiety, as they were designed for children with ADHD and autism.Many retailers praise them as a fantastic resource for stress relief, according to Time Magazine.

Types of Fidget Spinners.

A simple video to show how fun it is to have a one.