GOYO fitness tracker is the newest addition to the Union Assurance Family. Union Assurance is on the verge of creating a healthier and happier lifestyle for Sri Lankan’s. why do we need a healthy lifestyle some might ask, well the answer to that question can vary according to different different people but in general a healthier life style can reduce the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, Osteoporosis, and mental sickness.

Get in with the fitness trend by getting your own GOYO.  GOYO is a trendy new Sri Lankan based Fitness App and Wearable representing wellness and well being, with an eco system revolving around keeping fit, living healthy, cultivating healthy habits and looking good. when a persons looks fit and healthy their self confidence increases automatically. be part of the GOYO family and gain this self confidence


With the GOYO App and Wearable, you can accept specific challenges, monitor your progress and get rewarded for transforming into a better you. Complete specific challenges and get rewards for accomplishments through fantastic discounts & deals from our partners, including banks, insurers, restaurants, hotels, pharmacies, travel agencies, fitness advisers and lifestyle brands.


purchase your very own GOYO from Kapruka.com and be apart of this change. This change that can benefit your life both mentally and physically.

You can purchase your very own GOYO from the link below