What is Kapruka Today

Kapruka is Sri Lanka’s first and largest locally-owned e-commerce enterprise. Through its website, Kapruka E-commerce (Pvt) Limited, the company facilitates the online purchase of goods for the Sri Lankan and expatriate consumer base. The company has successfully backward integrated and sells its own-label products, predominantly Kapruka cakes, flowers, value-added fruits, and vegetables, produced under the name Kapruka Productions (Pvt) Limited. The Group partners with over 500 high-end brands and executes order fulfilment and last-mile delivery for its online orders. Kapruka strives to provide a non-marketplace model and a superior online shopping experience for consumers.

Kapruka is also Sri Lanka’s 1st Listed E-commerce Enterprise. Trading under the symbol (KPHL)

Service Beyond Borders

The company caters to over 1.1 million expatriate Sri Lankan customers, predominantly in the USA, who regularly use Kapruka to send gifts to their family and friends in Sri Lanka. Further, the Group offers Sri Lankan brands on global e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart, becoming the exclusive e-distributor/e-commerce retailer for well-established brands such as Dilmah, Akbar, Link Samahan, etc. Serving expatriate Sri Lankan and global customers, Kapruka generates a dollar revenue stream. The company has its central office located in Colombo and has offices in the USA, the UK, and Australia.

Business Verticals of Kapruka 

E-commerce: Kapruka sells thousands of goods in almost all retail categories, including fresh produce. Its unique non-marketplace e-commerce business model carries over 5200 top-end Sri Lankan brands.

Cross-Border: Cross-border e-commerce focuses on selling local products on international e-commerce platforms. The platform is set up to promote Sri Lankan products globally. Kapruka is Amazon USA’s master seller in Sri Lanka and enables local producers to sell using Amazon.com. The stocks catering to overseas customers are sent to Amazon USA fulfilment centres by Kapruka’s global office. This is operating as a foreign operation.

Manufacturing: Kapruka also has a production arm that produces cakes, flowers, and value-added fruits and vegetables under the Kapruka brand.

History of Kapruka

Kapruka.com was founded in 2005 by Dulith Herath with a small capital of fewer than 1000 dollars in hand. It is a business that started with the simple idea of helping ex-pats buy things for their loved ones in Sri Lanka. By setting up a rose flower farm, Dulith made it possible for ex-pat Sri Lankans to send flowers to their loved ones at home. The success of the flower delivery service allowed Dulith to expand his business into what is known today as Sri Lanka’s largest locally owned e-commerce organisation.

Awards and Accolades  

The below awards and accolades are achieved by the Company and its Founder  

Eisenhower Fellowship – Mr. Dulith Herath received the prestigious Eisenhower Fellowship in 2017.

Online Brand of the Year Award – Kapruka won the prestigious SLIM Brand Excellence – Online Brand of the Year Award in 2015.

Asia Pacific Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award – Dulith Herath won the Asia Pacific Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2013.  Most Innovative Exporter Gold Award – National Chamber of Exports (NCE) awarded the ‘Most Innovative Exporter Gold Award’ to Kapruka in 2011.

Sri Lanka’s Best E-commerce Application: In 2011, the Information Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) awarded Kapruka, Sri Lanka’s best e-commerce application. Uniquely, this eSwabhimani award recognises excellence in digital content creation.

Entrepreneur of the Year AwardDulith Herath, the Chairman and CEO of Kapruka, was conferred with the Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year award at the 15th annual national awards held in 2010. The awards conducted by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL) sought to recognise the most successful Sri Lankans of the year.

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Kapruka Goodwill Foundation

This is a non-profit arm of Kapruka, set up in order to give back to the poor groups and underprivileged families in Sri Lanka.  Find more information here if you’d like to participate or apply for funding for your welfare projects via Kapruka Goodwill Foundation.

Director Board

Mr. D V Herath Chairman and CEO

Dulith Herath is an entrepreneur, web-technologies specialist, Founder and the Chairman of Kapruka.com, Sri Lanka’s largest e-commerce organization. He is widely credited for setting the bar for Sri Lanka’s online business strategies and web-based benchmarks. Dulith possesses strong technical skills that fuse innovation and new technology-based business models in Sri Lanka. He is also an advocate for improving government policies on tech start-ups and intellectual properties. Incidentally, Dulith Herath is a recipient of the prestigious Eisenhower Fellowship.

Before forming Kapruka, Dulith Herath served as a Development Specialist at Dell Perot Systems where he designed robust software/web applications for DELL client’s use with the aim of optimizing operational efficiency. Additionally, he also worked as an Application Architect at Microsoft. There he directed and designed new applications from conception to completion while overseeing the technical staff involved with development projects. Dulith is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, USA with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science.

Mrs. A Herath Non-Independent Non-Executive Director

Mrs. T Herath Non-Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. S Alexander Non-Independent Executive Director

Mrs. D P Pieris Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. T Subasinghe  Independent Non-Executive Director

Mrs. Manohari Abeyesekera  Independent Non-Executive Director  

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Management Team

Mr. Suresh Eranda – General Manager.  Suresh has over 11 years of experience in leadership, e-commerce functions, sales & marketing, brand management.

Ms. Gayathri Banneheka – Chief Technology Officer.  Gayathri has over 6 years of experience in Software engineering, E-Commerce technologies, Data modeling and database design, ERP systems, IT security, and Project management. She spearheads all the technology teams at Kapruka.

Mr. Manjula Kumara – Head of Internal Audit. Manjula has over 10 years of experience as an accountant and an internal auditor in Kapruka.

Mr. Dinesh Gamlath – Manager FMCG. Dinesh has over 20 years of experience in handling store-related functions. He holds a Certificate in Management from Brandix College. 

Ms. Thanura Kalehewaththa – Deputy Manager Finance. Thanura is a finance professional with over 15 years of experience.

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Our Brands

Kapruka has established solid partnerships with sought-after brands, offering quintessentially Sri Lankan and global products of the highest quality to its ever-growing customer base.
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