Where do we can buy kids toys in sri lanka?

Over the past years, toys have become the focus of a massive industry,as a result, toys are commonly available to be purchased from supermarkets,toys shops and as well in case of in sri lanka, even in the small boutiques in the pavements.

But eventually we are in an era where everything is online.From the time we wake up and until the time we end the day and go to sleep,we are using various types of online services.In the most developed countries,online shopping  is a day to day activity.But in sri lanka the adaptive rate is bit lower.However online shopping is more fun than waiting at a queue in a supermarket.

There are many well known worldwide online shopping sites that are much famous in sri lanka like Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba etc. where can purchase almost anything you want.

But specially in sri lanka the well known a 100% sri lankan brand is Kapruka.com.There are other sites like Takas,Wow,Daraz etc.

Kapruka,is a good place to find kids toys.There are toys from Sri Lanka and other countries like Dubai,China,Japan and USA as well.There is a fine collection of toys that suites each and every age limit.


Kangaroo Drum Toy- Infant Toy

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Cuddle Buddy Elephant Plush Toy - Cuddly Toy - 11 inches

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Pupstar Huggable dalmatian Plush Toy - 12 inches, plush toy

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