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Miniso Sri Lanka, the Japanese inspired Chinese retailer of sophisticated, yet affordable “intelligent consumer products” keeps adding “Likes” to its ever-growing fan base in Sri Lanka.

What are “intelligent consumer products” available at Miniso Sri Lanka?

Well! If you happen to drop by a Miniso store, you’ll notice that the products sold in Miniso Sri Lanka are not cheap going, crude Chinese products. Yes! The products are affordable by all means, but the emphasis on the design element takes centre stage. From a simple earphone charger to cosmetics the products range and store ambience portray accents of Japanese design ethics. Simple yet sophisticated!

What can you buy in Miniso Sri Lanka?

Miniso offers affordable products ranging from creative home necessities, health and beauty products, fashion accessories and stylish gifts to office supplies, digital accessories, as well as seasonal products.

Plush toys at Miniso Sri Lanka

Girls simply love Miniso Sri Lanka as they stock a massive variety of cute plush toys suitable for kids, teenagers to young adults. Plush toys are a very popular gift item available at Miniso.

Cuddle Buddy Elephant Plush Toy - Cuddly Toy - 11 inches

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Pupstar Huggable dalmatian Plush Toy - 12 inches, plush toy

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Facts you wouldn’t know about Miniso Sri Lanka

Fact * No 1

At first glance what will flash before your eyes is the neatness and minimalism of the design cues. What seems like a neighbourhood gift store, in fact, has its roots firmly placed in the New York Stock Exchange. (MINISO Group Holding Limited started trading on the New York Stock Exchange on October 15, 2020)

Fact * No 2

Many assume Miniso Sri Lanka is a Japanese brand. Not really. The Founder and CEO Ye Guofu (a Chinese) gained the idea for Miniso while holidaying in Japan in the year 2013. While in Japan he found a number of stores selling high quality “Made in China” products. This ignited his thought process, and the brand was born.

Fact * No 3

Within a short span of time Miniso Sri Lanka has expanded its footprint in Sri Lanka (mainly in Colombo and Kandy). However, did you know that Miniso has now opened more than 4,200 stores in over 80 countries and regions? That’s an awful lot of stores mind you. Heady growth indeed as the first store was open in 2013. Speaks volumes of their product fit and being in line with the youthful aspirations of today’s youth.

Four Miniso products win at iF design awards!

The iF Product Design Award was launched in 1954 and awarded by the iF International Forum Design. The award, which spans multiple disciplines, has more than 6,000 entries from around 60 nations every year. In 2018, four Miniso products won the iF design award.

Red Dot design award 2018

The Red Dot Design Award, with a 60-year history, is a German international design prize awarded by Red Dot GmbH & Co. KG. There are prize categories for product design, brand and communication design as well as design concepts.  Incidentally, four Miniso products were awarded in 2018.

You can buy Miniso products on impulse

Kapruka tip: When you visit a Miniso Sri Lanka outlet and if you like something we suggest you buy it right away as when you come on a later date the item you wanted to buy may not be available.

Since most products sold at Miniso Sri Lanka are not steeply-priced shoppers can buy these products on impulse. Due to this, products sell fast and what you see today may not be on the shelf when you visit next time.(that’s why credit cards come in handy)

 Indian customers love Miniso

Miniso is on a roller-coaster ride in India. Even during the Covid pandemic, its stores keeps increasing. The most recent store was open on October 18, 2020, in Shubhash Nagar, Delhi, India. Presently, more than 140 Miniso stores are functioning in different districts of India.

Miniso Cooperates with Marvel Entertainment

Remember Spider-man, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain Marvel, Thor and Black Widow. Incidentally, Marvel owns all these superheroes. Miniso has penned a deal with Marvel gaining authorisation in 123 countries. Chiefly, the licensed products covered 13 product categories of Miniso. Marvel fans around the world are in for a treat as their products sold at Miniso would be affordably priced and of the highest quality.


Miniso Sri Lanka is a lovely little soft spot to purchase all the random things you want in one convenient place. They got the gadgets you always refrain from buying. Of course, you can now find them at Miniso at a reasonable price. It certainly is a fun shopping experience.