With the online retail industry rapidly becoming the fastest growing sector in Sri Lanka, it is important to find out the increased inclination of customers and the reasons behind the trend of online shopping. In this article, we find out the latest trends in online shopping for children’s toys in Sri Lanka, where more and more customers are seen inclined towards safer and better quality toys and games.


According to the latest statistics, around 2.5 million users in Sri Lanka regularly access the internet from their mobile phones. The convenience that it offers with the simple click of a few buttons is what makes today’s e-commerce industry most attractive to millennials and internet users at large.

Although the majority of online purchases are electronic items, online shopping for children’s toys is growing fast. Kapruka, one of Sri Lanka’s largest online ecommerce stores offers a variety of toys and games for children, including electronic toys, dolls, games and video games. The availability of good quality toys available at affordable rates has led to an increase in the demand for toys and games throughout the year and across the country.

Toys and games ignite a child’s imagination and inspire them to think and create. Therefore, consumers looking for good quality educational and electronic toys, soft toys, sport items and games at great prices, regularly turn to e-commerce stores that offer them a convenient and stress-free shopping experience.

Online toy stores in Sri Lanka offer a wide range of educational toys that are not readily available at brick and mortar toy stores. Whether customers are looking for birthday presents or toys for newborns or toddlers, they can easily find better quality toys online and at the right price.


Children love dressing up as pilots, teachers, lawyers or doctors. No matter what profession your child is interested in, you can find all the accessories you need to introduce your child to their favorite profession. Sri Lanka’s largest ecommerce site, Kapruka, has a wide variety of educational toys, electronic toys, soft toys, games and sports items.


The ecommerce industry in Sri Lanka has greatly benefited from this rapid technological innovation within online shopping platforms. Not only that, the steady growth in online sales has also breathed new life into physical toy stores across the country by selling their products online. In addition to that, consumers are not spending more on online purchases, including toys and games. The ecommerce industry in Sri Lanka is relentlessly striving to be provide it’s customers more convenient and smooth shopping experience online.


More and more retails stores across the country are investing in digital technologies and trying their best to enhance in-store experience making it a convenient one-stop-shopping experience for their customers. Due to this, consumers are not able to purchase their favorite products online using their mobile phones.