Kapruka, the country’s largest online retailer, recently debuted its prescription medicine delivery on its online pharmacy platform. For this reason, customers benefit greatly from the efficient operation of Kapruka online pharmacy. Notably, now it is convenient for customers to buy their prescription medications online with just a few clicks.

How to order prescription medicine from Kapruka

Customers can now complete a full pharmacy transaction on their desktop or mobile device by logging into kapruka.com/online/pharmacy. Notably, this is a new feature made available on the website. In this case, a customer can upload a doctor’s prescription or an image of a specific pharmacy item they need. In general, prescription medicine can only be made available to a patient on the written instruction of an authorised health professional.

Chiefly, that’s exactly what a customer benefit from Kapruka’s online pharmacy. For example, the pharmacist at Kapruka will then source the medication and send the customer a quote via email. Accordingly, before checking out, the customer can pay for the transaction by selecting a payment method.

Benefits of prescription medicine delivery in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankans living abroad can now send medicine to their parents or relatives who live in Sri Lanka. Uniquely, to do this they can use Kapruka to order prescription drugs online. Additionally, senior citizens living in Sri Lanka can use Kapruka to order their prescription medications online. Likewise, as Kapruka, deliver them to their homes, it saves the trouble of physically going to a pharmacy to buy medications. After all, ordering prescription medications online can help save time, money, and effort while giving access to a professional service.

What prompted Kapruka to handle prescription medicine?

Dulith Herath, founder and chairman of Kapruka.com, said, “We designed the Kapruka online Pharmacy to put customers first”. In like manner, this new service brings Kapruka’s customer obsession to an industry niche that can be inconvenient and confusing. He further mentioned, Kapruka has tied up with top medicine importers and brand owners to give customers high-quality products.

Parting words

Kapruka’s primary goal is to provide world-class service to Sri Lankans who shop online. Uniquely, this online prescription medicine delivery platform is another step in this direction. Above all, customers can easily compare prices and buy prescription drugs for home delivery from Kapruka.com’s online pharmacy. For one thing, prescription refills are now just as convenient as any other purchase made through Kapruka’s website.