Raja Jewellers is renowned to create exquisite jewellery, using time-tested manufacturing processors, employing the finest materials. Moreover, their unparalleled reputation is a result of their commitment to providing high-quality creations for generations of customers. By all means, Raja Jewellers prides itself by offering superior gems and jewellery, expertly crafted by their skilled team of artisans.

Raja Jewellers: History

Way back in time, 1928 to be exact, the late E.A. Fernando started a jewellery business, naming it as E.A. Fernando Jewellers. It was located in Chatham Street, Colombo. Back then, Chatham Street nestled business establishments of the highest calibre. Of course, during that era, particularly the businesses surrounding the present-day Cargill’s was patronised by the cream of society. 

Subsequently, in 1962 Raja Fernando, the son of E.A. Fernando, who mastered entrepreneurship and jewellery craftsmanship, changed the direction of the business. His leadership and management style bore fruit, and subsequently, the organisation was elevated to the next level. Consequently, Raja Fernando rebranded and changed the name of the organisation from E.A. Fernando Jewellers to Raja Jewellers. Since taking the business from Raja Fernando, in 1985 his sons, Athula and Ashoka Eliyaperuma aptly registered Raja jewellers as a limited liability company.

With outstanding customer service as its hallmark, Raja Jewellers have evolved to become a premium jewellery brand in Sri Lanka. The management team comprise of Athula Eliyapura as the Managing Director, Ashoka Eliyapura as Director representing the fourth generation. Further, the daughters of Athula Eliyapura, Nethmini and Ranmini Eliyapura give an added impetus to guide the business from strength to strength.

Raja Jewellers: The Monarch, of the gold world

For over ninety years, Raja Jewellers have earned an exceptional reputation from Sri Lanka customers for offering excellent craftsmanship. Known among the jewellery trade as the Monarch of the gold world, Raja jewellers is renowned for its customer care. By all means, for generations, the clients of Raja Jewellers, have endorsed the company for offering gold jewellery of the highest order. 

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Raja jewellers: Awards and Recognitions

Raja Jewellers has been blessed, with a series of noteworthy, awards throughout their business operation, particularly for their quality standards. In particular, the latest additions to their award collection were the four Presidential Gold Awards, awarded by the National Gem and Jewellery Authority of Sri Lanka. Notably, the awards were presented, for the Best Jewellery Manufacturer and the Jewellery Organization with the Highest Quality Standards. Additionally, it was awarded for the Best Gold Jewellery item and the Most Experienced Gem Cutter, reaffirming Raja Jewellers product offering.

Bridal collection at Raja Jewellers

The Raja Jewellers bridal collection is specially crafted, to make the bride extravagant on her wedding day while being adorned in fine jewellery. In particular, brides can choose from an array of gold jewellery at their showrooms. Further, they can personalise a selection crafted by their team.

Changing taste among brides

For Sri Lankans, gold is not simply, a precious metal; it is also a status symbol of repute, an insurance and an ideal investment. Additionally, gold is still traditional and much loved by Sri Lankans. Moreover, the advent of white & pink gold and diamond necklaces shows a change in trends among modern brides. Similarly, today, a small percentage of brides also prefer single statement jewellery piece of diamond, with matching earrings and bangles for that contemporary look.

Also, modern brides prefer diamond rings for engagement and gold ones for the wedding ceremony. Generally, gold rings embossed with the name of the spouse or the initials is the traditional preference. Although, diamond rings and platinum rings are gaining popularity over the traditional gold variety.

What is statement jewellery?

Statement jewellery affords both women and men to portray themselves and their personality through jewellery. Likewise, gold statement jewellery is bold and unique and helps the wearer project a persona through external appearance. On the contrary, wearing stylish and bold jewellery is not something practised only by modern societies. In the first place, ancient civilizations such as Egyptians used statement jewellery in ceremonies. Even in this day, and age, people from most countries, purchase gold jewellery to make an outward personality statement.

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Jewellery brands at Kapruka

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Raja Jewellers, over the span of decades, has become one of the most accomplished Jewellery brands in Sri Lanka. Their immaculately handcrafted works are renowned locally and across the world.  Moreover, their comprehensive range of jewellery available at their stores caters to men, women, and children. Furthermore, they are acclaimed for maintaining everlasting relationships with their customers who cherish gold, platinum, and silver jewellery. Additionally, customers could view their cherished collections from Raja Jewellery showrooms located in Colombo, Negombo, and Kandy.

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