East or West, when it comes to glamming it up, sarees are the best!  Every time a famous actress struts on a foreign red carpet wearing the nine yards of fabric, our hearts just swell up with pride, don’t they? And not just that, the traditional saree, too, has evolved with time and still holds an eloquent place in any women’s wardrobe. But what about the humble companions of the sarees, the saree jackets? Don’t you think that it deserves a makeover too?

Saree jacket designs for inspiration in 2021

We, here at Kapruka, decided that it was time to put a fun, festive, and fashionable spin on traditional saree jackets. Charged with this creative impulse, we searched the Internet for inspiration and came up with a few fun and functional styles that add to the grace of the saree. At the same time, if you are looking to make a style statement with the traditional nine yards, take your inspiration from the styles given below and wow everyone with your look!

Saree jackets: Full-sleeved with a round neck – Sri Lankan

If you are thinking about why we would suggest a full-sleeved jacket, when a saree is just nine yards of plain fabric, we would like to draw your attention to the image shown. The sequined sleeves add an element of glamour to the plain saree, which uplifts the whole look. After all, go for this if you are looking for understated glamour

Organic Banarasi Saree

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Pink Color Different Vichitra Border Saree

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Peach Stylish saree with stitched blouse

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Saree Jackets: Deep V Neck – Sri Lankan

We have been crushing over this powder blue Deep V-Neck saree jacket from the moment we saw it. Embellished with mirrors, this saree jacket design will perfectly match your charm in the next party that you attend.

Saree jackets: Mirror work – Sri Lankan

This jacket covered with mirrors of different shapes and sizes work wonders with a plain saree. Additionally, this jacket is going to make you the centre of attention of the party as soon as you arrive. Sure eye candy!

Saree jackets: Sweetheart’s neck – Sri Lankan

Go basic and choose to show off that gorgeous neckline of yours in the sweetheart neck jacket design. Uniquely, opt for them in traditional or funky prints or even in solids.

Sri Lankan Saree jackets with Chinese-collared neck

While the Chinese collar jacket may have been inspired by our male counterparts, there is nothing more Sri Lankan than covering it up. Jokes aside, if you have a graceful, swan-like neck, go for this saree jacket to highlight it the sophisticated way.

Sri Lankan Saree jackets: Collar blouse back neck pattern

The otherwise simple jacket is given around a deep cut. This adds more beauty to this piece. Incidentally, the high neck blouse with a band collar is sleeveless. Moreover, this jacket back neck design can be paired with a plain saree or a contrasting colour saree.

Saree Jackets with a knot at the back – Sri Lankan

We decided to take a risk and brought you this naughty-yet-nice style. If you are looking for something that is flamboyant and flirty, then this is our pick for you! What better way to flaunt your beauty than presenting yourself as a present that is looking to be unwrapped! Recommended for date nights and candlelit dinners.

Sri Lankan Saree jackets: Simple and stylish back design with bow

This Sri polka-dotted printed cotton saree jacket has a nice bow at the back, due to this, it looks very feminine and girlish. Uniquely, it does reveal the vibrant side of your personality.

Sheer saree jackets – Sri Lankan

This is for those who are looking something for more flirty than daring. The addition of sheer panels creates an aura of mystery while maintaining the graceful air. Likewise, if you don’t prefer bareback blouses, this is the perfect solution for your “less-is-more” style needs.

Sri Lankan Knot backless neck saree jackets

The knotted back neck style is a very bold and trendy design in the category of saree jacket back neck designs. In this, you get a knot at the back of your jacket. You can also use multi knots to add some creativity. This sensuous looking blouse is best for fun times with your girl gang!

Sri Lankan Boat-neck saree jackets with a deep Back

Nothing spells elegance as much as this boat-neck style saree jacket. While the elegant front neck makes it a perfect choice for evening get-togethers, the deep back adds to the sexiness. This design makes it the perfect companion for a gorgeous saree worn for a cocktail evening or as a guest at a wedding.

Sri Lankan Embroidered Net Sleeves saree jackets

Embroidery has become an important part of today’s fashion. Embroidery designs like this one is a must-have in a woman’s wardrobe. Moreover, this saree jacket can be worn, to a wedding reception or for an evening function.

Shirt collar neck saree jackets – Sri Lankan

Shirt collar neck saree jackets are trending these days. The gutsy ethnic combo of the shirt collar neck is what makes it lovable by any women. This design is suitable as office wear too!

Sri Lankan saree jacket back design

Women who like a simple design with some modern touch can try, this saree jacket design. It encompasses a princess cut pattern with medium length sleeves. The jacket design has a back opening with multiple buttons. Incidentally, this back button saree jacket design can be teamed up, with your printed sarees.

Boat neck saree jacket back design – Sri Lankan

The jacket with full sleeves has rich and vibrant golden embroidery on black fabric. The back neckline has a triangular shape cut with a back hook. Besides, the boat-shaped neckline is truly enchanting that adds sophistication to this pattern

Sri Lankan Backless jacket design for sarees

If you are still shy away from the total backless jacket, then try this subtle version of a backless beautiful saree jacket. It has a single strap at the back. It is extremely modern looking and can be tried for receptions, cocktail parties and other functions

New fashion jacket back-neck design – Sri Lankan

This blouse is one of the best looking back neck design collections. It has both sheer and solid fabric with embroidery and patchwork. After all, try to copy this look as similar jacket patterns should be in vogue in 2021.

New style jacket back design– Sri Lankan

This fabric jacket design is a total beauty with pearls and white thread embroidery and lace design. It is perfect to go with all the cocktail and bridal reception parties. Of course, this is for the modern Sri Lankan woman.

Sri Lankan Cotton saree jacket back neck design

Another beautiful design of cotton jacket with the border is this one. It has keyhole neckline at the back with the tiny button to secure the blouse in place. In like manner, this simplest design is truly pretty for everyday wear.

Pink raw silk boat neck saree blouse – Sri Lankan

The saree jacket here is boat-shaped and has a golden lace around with sleeveless hands. Of course, the pink colour is very striking as well and will make sure you stay in the centre of attention. Uniquely, you can team up this blouse with a transparent saree if the event demands you to look and dress your best. Furthermore, for a casual occasion, on the other hand, synthetic or cotton sarees will look equally good with this jacket design.

Silver lace boat neck saree jackets – Sri Lankan

Take a look at this crop top style saree jacket. It is essentially a jacket, with a sheer top and white floral lace on it. Above all, the bosom is covered with white clothing, making this blouse a good option for parties and invitations that involve you dressing up in a simple yet sociable looking saree.

Sri Lankan One-shoulder neck saree jackets

The one-shoulder neck design is one of the hottest and trendy styles, and due to its trendy looks, it becomes the first choice for intimate functions. After all, this neck design works best with the net saree. Moreover, one can use a lace border to your simple jacket neck design to make your own style statement.

Halter neck saree jackets – Sri Lankan

For someone who loves halter necks, this one is the real deal. Halter necks are known for their sensuous designs and can instantly elevate any saree. Above all, the hook detailing at the nape of the neck adds to the uniqueness. On the contrary, if you want to show off your beautiful back– this is an interesting piece with all things amazing!

Deep back jacket with tassels– Sri Lankan

This extraordinary blouse back design is perfect for gatherings and even weddings. Here the back neck cut has a deep “V” shape which isn’t quite common. On the other hand, the noodle straps give it an extraordinary look. Further, the decorations with tassels are another elegant addition to this gorgeous blouse.

Bikini Inspired Saree jackets – Sri Lankan

Do we even need to say anything more? A sexier outfit than a bikini has not been designed yet. Then again, a jacket inspired from this is something you should own if you are keen on looking alluring in the next gathering. However, be warned as this is only for the daring!

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The saree jacket is an integral part of the saree, and the perfect jacket can enhance the look of the saree. Moreover, a jacket gives a rich look to the entire attire of a woman. For one thing, a perfect fit and captivating jacket can boost the look of the simple saree. That’s why it is very important to choose a suitable jacket design that will make you get compliments for your saree as well as your personality. By all means, unlike before, now you can experiment with modern saree jackets as there are many designs to suit one’s personality. So, if you want to become an eye-catching personality in your social circle, you can go for these stylish saree jackets.