Matale is located 142 Km's from Colombo
Matale is located 142 Km’s from Colombo

Matale is a large regional city located at the heart of the Central Hills of Sri Lanka. It is located 142 Km’s from Colombo and 25 Km’s from Kandy. Matale is a beautiful city enveloping the Knuckles mountain range. However, as far as attractions go, it is mostly nature-oriented as Matale is blessed with endless vistas of nature’s bounty. However, when it comes to avenues for shopping, there’s a distinct weakness in the commercial fabric of Matale. If you walk in the town of Matale you’ll notice that there’s hardly any shops of repute offering branded merchandise. This is all the more reason why many customers use Kapruka to send gifts to Matale, Sri Lanka.  

Why send gifts to Matale, Sri Lanka?

# Lack of shopping arcades in Matale, Sri Lanka

It’s a well-known fact that the city lacks upmarket shopping arcades to cater to the demands of customers in Matale and surroundings suburbs. For this reason, the availability of gift items is very limited in the city. Further, due to this fact, the latest styles and designs and a wide choice cannot be found. In such a situation many customers use Kapruka to send gifts to Matale, Sri Lanka.

# Kandy is the nearest major city for shopping

Obviously for those who want to shop extensively in Matale, visiting Kandy is the only option. However, Kandy is 25 km’s away from Matale and a 1-hour drive. Mind you there’s traffic when approaching Kandy. For this reason, many use online shopping portals like to shop and send gifts to Matale, Sri Lanka.

# Ability to surprise your loved one

“In moments of surprise we catch at least a glimpse of the joy to which gratefulness opens the door. “    David Steindl-Rast

Customers can surprise their loved ones  in Matale thanks to Kapruka
Customers can surprise their loved ones in Matale thanks to Kapruka

For example, just imagine if you buy a gift as a birthday present and personally give it to your loved one.  After all, there is no surprise element here. On the other hand, if you choose Kapruka and send gifts to Matale, Sri Lanka there is a great surprise element in the process. In the first place, your loved one may cherish this gesture and be surprised in no uncertain terms. In the second place, the gesture could be a memory afterwards for years to come. Besides, considering you have to incur only Rs 900 to send gifts to Matale, it’s well worth the expense

# Minimum delivery fee to Matale, Sri Lanka

Usually, delivery fees always depend on the distance and the product type. In general, delivery charges vary from Rs 200 to Rs 600 based on the exact address of your order.Of course, when it comes to delivery, Kapruka hand delivers all products. This they do by using their own highly trained delivery agents. Likewise, all the delivery agents are monitored by a central team to give all Kapruka customers a first-hand experience.

# Kapruka knows “Best”, the business of gift delivery

Did you know that Kapruka has over 10 years of experience in gift delivery? Moreover, you can choose from a selection of over 20,000 gifts in over 300 categories. Additionally, all the gifts available at are from the best brands available in the Sri Lankan market. As a matter of fact, since gifts are available in various price points, it makes it easier to send gifts to Matale, Sri Lanka through Kapruka.

Top 06 best- selling gifts for delivery in Matale

Fresh Flowers – From Rs. 700 onward

Everybody loves flowers simply because of their natural beauty. Also, the receiver feels special when receiving a bouquet of flowers. Flowers are suitable for any occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary or wedding.  Similarly, if it is hard for you to select the perfect gift for someone, just offer some flowers.

Now you can shop online at Kapruka and select from a variety of flower arrangements to suit your fancy. Additionally, you have the option of customising the flower bouquets as you wish to give it your signature feel. At Kapruka, great care is taken when it comes to flower delivery. Furthermore, they ensure freshness, quality and have set very high standards. In effect, you may not get the same attention to detail if you order a bouquet of flowers from Matale.

“Special moments require special touches to make it special and truly memorable”

5 Star Hotel Cakes – From Rs. 1800 onward

Similar to flowers, cakes can make any moment, a celebration. Now you can easily order online from and get the best cake delivered to your preferred address. Especially Kapruka cakes are renowned for their fine quality and exquisite taste.

Above all, the cakes come with perfect finishing where attention to detail is paramount. In the first place browse online at Kapruka and see the variety of cakes offered to celebrate every moment of your life. In fact, Kapruka has also partnered with leading 5 Star Hotels like Mahaweli Reach Hotel to offer you the widest choice of cakes in Sri Lanka.

Clothing – From Rs 1200 onward

Online cloth shopping is now very popular in Sri Lanka. You don’t have to waste your time in traffic or queues now. We understand how you feel when you don’t find a suitable dress even after trying several cloth shops. Although there are few cloth shops in Matale, customers tend to do online shopping because of the convenience and updated fashion trends.

Obviously, we at Kapruka, assist you to experience this benefit by making your life easy and comfortable. After all, now you need not worry about the cloth sizes because we have mentioned the measuring scale together with the clothes we offer online.

Kids Toys – From Rs 700 onward

Did you know the majority of the Kids Toys offered at Kapruka are hard to find in Matale? This is the main reason why most of our customers send toys to their kids in Matale. In a word, you simply have to browse online at and order any toy of your choice. In brief, Kapruka will deliver your gift to any address you mention.  Even if you are unable to personally visit and celebrate the best days of your children, never let them feel that they are isolated. Show them your love by ordering kids toys from Kapruka.

Handbags – From Rs 1200 onward

Kapruka is routinely updating their fashion offerings. Therefore, we suggest you browse through our catalogue of fashion goods and order as you wish from an updated selection. Without a doubt, the popularity of this category proves that our customers are getting what they deserve. Handbags are always handy when offered as a gift and a good choice to impress a lady.

Anniversary Gifts – From Rs 1400 onward

The range of anniversary gifts is one of the most sought-after product varieties available at Kapruka. As can be seen, Kapruka carries a wide range of anniversary gifts choices to make your special bond extra special. Ultimately, you don’t need to celebrate only silver or golden anniversaries. In effect, even the first year of marriage is worth a celebration, in this day and age. After all, love is all about the little things you do for each other, therefore, celebrate every moment before it’s too late.

Why choose Kapruka to send gifts to Matale, Sri Lanka?

Kapruka has a professional delivery team
Kapruka has a professional delivery team

Kapruka’s got a large selection of gifts to choose from. For this reason, you can order from the comfort of your home and get it delivered to Matale. By all means, now there is no need to visit shops in sweating heat or in the pouring rain. For instance, if you are sending a gift such as a cake or a bunch of flowers you need to know two things. Firstly, you have to be aware of the age of the receiver and secondly, the exact occasion when making the purchase decision. It’s that simple.

Gifting made easier thanks to Kapruka

Thanks to Kapruka now you can send gifts to Matale for as little as Rs 900. In this day and age, you cannot simply travel by bus, train or drive to Matale to simply see a friend or loved one. People are so busy. In such situations, the best option is to send gifts to Matale in Sri Lanka through Kapruka. All you have to do is select the preferred gift from and arrange it to be delivered. By doing so you’re loved one will share a special sentiment with you for years to come.

Online is the best option if located overseas

If you are a parent or relative living overseas it is not practical to ship a gift to your loved one in Sri Lanka. Besides, for one it may take months for it to be delivered by sea freight and second, it will be expensive to courier. Instead, the best option is to order from Kapruka and send gifts to Matale. After all, Kapruka is committed to sending gifts to Matale, Sri Lanka at the date you wish it to be delivered.

Now you can send bundle gifts through Kapruka

Imagine you want to send a birthday cake to your loved one and along with it, a cute teddy bear. In fact, at Kapruka you can do both these things easily as they will bundle the gift and sent it to your preferred address effortlessly.

Buying online saves time

Ordering online and sending gifts to Matale is easy
Ordering online and sending gifts to Matale is easy

If you were to physically find gifts to your loved ones you’ll have to spend hours accomplishing this task. Certainly, this could be frustrating. Whereas, when you physically visit shops most often the item you imagined may not be available. In such situations, you end up visiting more shops and spend more time. Then again, you can avoid this chore by easily shopping online at Kapruka. Additionally, as we can send gifts to Matale in Sri Lanka, it will save you valuable time and effort.


Whether you want to send cakes, flowers or simply anything else, now you can easily send gifts to Matale in Sri Lanka thanks to Kapruka. In essence, be it a birthday, anniversary or any other celebration, Kapruka’s got a great selection of gifts to choose from. To sum up, think no further, all it takes is a minimum delivery charge to send gifts to Matale in Sri Lanka.

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