Kapruka charges Rs 350 to deliver a gift to Wattala

If ever you want to send gifts to Wattala think no further than www.Kapruka.com. Wattala is a popular suburb bordering Colombo, in Western Province. It is situated around 9 km from Colombo city and home to a multi-cultural, vibrant populace. Now you can send gifts to Wattala for Rs 350. So sending a birthday cake, bouquet of flowers or simply anything is hassle-free.  

Top 05 best – selling gifts for delivery in Wattala

Cakes from Rs. 1800 onward

Chocolate Bliss Gateau Cake

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Strawberry Gateau

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Oh! So Pretty Loaded Gateau

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A cake symbolises joy, love, appreciation, and even accomplishments. In effect, a cake is almost always made to honour or mean something to the recipient. After all, they are edible art, to be viewed and consumed with happiness on the most joyous occasions. For one thing, at Kapruka we have got the best options to satisfy your cake cravings. For example, now you can order 1.8 lbs. Kapruka cake for Rs 1800. Kapruka charges on Rs 350 to send gifts to Wattala.

Cakes delivered from 5 star-hotels and famous cake shops

12 Piece Mixed Chocolates(Hilton)

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12 Piece Alcoholic Chocolates(Hilton)

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12 Piece Non Alcoholic Chocolates(Hilton)

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In fact, there are more varieties of Kapruka cakes available at various price points. Whatever your budget and taste, at Kapruka we got an option suitable for you. In essence, now you can easily send gifts to Wattala. Of course, we at Kapruka will take the burden of delivering your gift. Simply visit www.kapruka.com and order cakes from all major 5-star hotels in Sri Lanka. Also, you can order cakes from famous cake shops like Kapruka, Java Lounge, Bread Talk, Fab and Gerard Mendis Chocolatier.

Kapruka Cakes

Every birthday girl or birthday boy awaits some festivity, decorations and by all means a fabulous cake on their special day. Simply log into www.kapruka.com and select from a vast range of Kapruka cakes geared to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Besides, we make Kapruka cakes freshly baked exclusively to satisfy cake cravings using the right blend of premium ingredients.

Kids toys from Rs 700

Cuddle Buddy Elephant Plush Toy - Cuddly Toy - 11 inches

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Pupstar Huggable dalmatian Plush Toy - 12 inches, plush toy

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Kids love toys. Rather, if you have any doubts about that, just take a child into a toy store.  Nevertheless, toys are more than just fun and games for kids.  Instead, most toys provide at least some opportunity for children to learn. On the contrary, the best toys engage a child’s senses, spark their imaginations and encourage them to interact with others. For this reason, show them your love as it is now easy to order a gift from Kapruka. You can send gifts to Wattala for Rs 350.  That is to say, even if you are unable to personally visit, you can send gifts to Wattala and let them feel that they are not isolated.

Fresh flowers from Rs 700

Funeral Wreath - A with Stand

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The biggest reason we give fresh flowers as gifts is to connect with an emotion. Consequently, whether its love, joy, affection, appreciation, sympathy or romance; flower-giving communicates the deepest feelings in the most elegant manner. Moreover, as a generic sentiment, flowers are a symbol of love and care. Therefore, gifting flowers can easily be better distinguished by tailor-making the gift for the occasion. After all, at Kapruka we got a vast selection of fresh flowers to choose from suitable for any occasion. Do log into www.kapruka.com to send gifts to Wattala, including fresh flowers.

Handbags from Rs 1200

Women`s Small Classy Crossbody Purse Top Handle Handbag - Red

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Cross Body Classy Ladies Small HandBag - Beige

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Cross Body Classy Ladies Small HandBag - Sky Blue

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A handbag is a time-honoured functional gift. By all means, most women don’t leave home without a bag. Indeed, any shape of handbag can be adapted and useful in a women’s everyday life. In essence, a handbag can carry a wallet, smartphone, handkerchiefs, house and car keys, make-up, magazines plus any other merchandise. Without a doubt, a handbag is suitable for well-defined tastes and special occasions. For this reason, handbags come in an infinite range of colours and offer endless possibilities of choice to give it character and personality. Of course, you can visit www.kapruka.com and choose from a wide selection of handbags at various price points.  As a matter of fact, a handbag can be gifted for any occasion.

Clothing – From Rs 1200 onward


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Sleeveless Linen Dress

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Navy Blue Solid Pocket Dress

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Online cloth shopping is very popular in Sri Lanka. Although there are a lot of retail clothes shops in Wattala, customers tend to do online shopping. This is mainly because of the convenience and availability of updated fashion trends. We at Kapruka, assist you to experience this benefit. In reality, you don’t have to worry about the cloth sizes and fit. Then again, we have mentioned the measuring scale together with the clothes we offer online.

The hassle of walking into a store to buy clothes

Driving to a retail store takes time, costs money for fuel, and there are parking fees too. It also takes time to browse the store, ask for help, get into a fitting room, try on an assortment of garments—and then to get undressed and dressed—again and again, and again. Whew! It makes you tired just reading about it, right?

Why choose Kapruka to send gifts to Wattala?

At www.kapruka.com we got a large selection of merchandise to choose from. For this reason, you can order from the comfort of your home. By all means, now there is no need to visit shops in sweating heat or in the pouring rain. For instance, if you are sending a gift such as a cake or a bunch of flowers you need to know two things. You have to be aware of the age of the receiver and the occasion when making the purchase decision. It’s that simple.

Located overseas

If you are a parent or relative living overseas it is not practical to ship a gift to your loved one in Sri Lanka. Besides, for one is may take months for it to be delivered by sea freight and second, it will be expensive to courier. Instead, the best option is to order from Kapruka. After all, when you order from Kapruka your gift will be delivered to the destination of your choice at the date you wish it to be delivered.

Ability to bundle gifts

Imagine you want to send a birthday cake to your loved one and along with it, you want to send a cute teddy bear. In fact, at Kapruka you can do both these things easily as we will bundle the gift and sent it to your preferred address effortlessly.

Buying online saves time

If you were to physically find gifts to your loved ones you’ll have to spend hours accomplishing this task. Certainly, this could be frustrating. Whereas, when you physically visit shops most often the item you imagined may not be available. Again, you end up visiting more shops and spend more time as a result. Then again, you can avoid this chore by easily shopping online at Kapruka. Additionally, as all items online can be delivered, it will save you valuable time and effort.


Whether you are shopping for cakes, flowers or simply anything, now you can easily send gifts to Wattala by relying on Kapruka. In essence, be it a birthday, anniversary or any other celebration we got a great selection of gifts to choose from. To sum up, think no further, all it takes is Rs 350 to send your gifts to Wattala.  

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