The Sinhala version of ChatGPT, the popular chatbot from OpenAI, is now free to the Sri Lankan community. Uniquely, now one can search for Sinhala ChatGPT on Kapruka Free Community Tools and APIs. For this reason, the Sinhala version makes an invaluable tool for creating content in Sinhala. 

Sinhala ChatGPT in the words of Dulith Herath

Kapruka is the leading local e-commerce brand in Sri Lanka and the country’s largest online retailer. In general, through this ChatGPT initiative, Kapruka further solidifies its commitment to the Sri Lanka community. By all means, the founder and chairman of, Dulith Herath, is the brains behind this project. However, he is ably supported by his team of IT specialists in this venture. In essence, when prompted why Dulith launched this free service, he stated, “I wrote the Sinhala interface for ChatGPT”. He further said, “My work here is not a big deal.” In fact, Dulith has written only the necessary transformers and translators using existing open-source tools. Altogether, it does open up ChatGPT to Sri Lankans with limited English knowledge.”

Why Sinhala ChatGPT is easy to use?  

Using the ChatGTP on Kapruka is incredibly easy. All in all, anyone can go to and use the search bar to look up Sinhala chat GPT. The users are then brought to the ChatGPT page. In the “Start Your Chat” column, one can type a brief sentence in Sinhala about their preference. In any event, one can also type in Singlish, which is becoming more and more popular among young people. Finally, click the submit button, and the results will appear at the top of the page. To sum up, in response to prompts, ChatGPT in Sinhala can produce articles, essays, jokes, and even poetry.

Parting words

A few months after its global launch, ChatGPT, from OpenAI, is thought to have amassed over 100 million monthly active users. Ultimately, this has made it the fastest-growing consumer application in history. Meanwhile, Kapruka believes that their recently launched Sinhala ChatGPT will significantly aid the community. Above all, they comprise students, content creators, and anyone else in need of additional encouragement in Sinhala.